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  1. Rakataz


    I think the placement on the album is perfect. You've got 4 tracks full of evolving greatness and then comes 180. i welcome it cause a little bit of monotomy is the right thing. It doesn't overload you. It flushes your mind. After that, the CIRCLONTA thing starts and you're right back into the mindfuckery that comes.
  2. After several listens i began to love that album. this album came at the right time in my point of life. It gave me something I've missed from music. I listen to a lot of stuff, metal, hip-hop, classical, electronic stuff, there are always mind blowing things to enjoy (like that last Meshuggah-Album, love it) But once in a while there comes something around that touches you deep inside and awakens something. Something that kick starts you into a mode where you get more productive. Since I've first heard it on spotify on Friday, many things happened in those days to me personally in a good way, and syro is the soundtrack to that period that fit perfectly. I will listen to it maybe for a few more days, but then i have to shelve it. Don't want to OD on it.
  3. Defenitly a grower this album. After several listens i realized that this is the album i wanted to hear.
  4. the synth part at 2:05 reminds me a bit of a Kraftwerk Melody
  5. Rakataz


    i've heard that track a few weeks ago on a tuss-youtube-playlist while i was homecleaning. then came the previews from bleep and i recognized the track and i was looking through my listening history on youtube, but the track was deleted since then. i hope he releases an album full of bangers like this.
  6. Just listened to it. Took a walk through the woods with my headphones for minimal distraction. Right now i don't know really what to think about it. Expectations are dangerous. There is to much going on. Right now, it feels a little dissapointing but that could be because i've listened to minipops to much (which is right now still my favorite) 180db was the bomb. I saw some horses nodded with their heads in sync with the track. Cool experience. I wait for a second turn til i get the vinyl for a good listen on my system with some absinthe and a big fat doobie in my hand.
  7. I don't have the right tools at hand (read "i'm lazy") but i wonder what happens if you overlay this cover over Exai's.
  8. It's one of my favorites from nin. It doesn't beat "the fragile" and espacially not "downward spiral" But i like how trent turned his sound upside down and made it look like he wasn't even away with nine inch nails. I liked the ep from " How to destroy angels", the full length left me worried as i've heard that a new nails record is coming out. But it turned out better than i expected.
  9. This is one hour from here where I live. Never heard of this story but when you consider that this takes place in the french speaking part of switzerland i'm not surprised.
  10. Nice... A lot of cool ideas in here. I like how the beat is marching like it's prepairing for a battle in a circuit board. I didn't notice the beat change in the latter half and when i was fully immersed it was sadly over. A little short for my taste but definitly a banger.
  11. just downloaded that thing on itunes. i'm on a break just listened to fleure. sounds good but i will listen to the rest after work on my soundsytem. hard to resist.
  12. i like his podcast. i've discovered many artist and bands through him. sure his reviews are pretty subjective but like you said, you get a feel about the sounds of the records he reviews.
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