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  1. watmm used to be well more entertaining. fuck my stupid life.
  2. if you had a vagina, what would you stuff up it to represent society?
  3. our environment is changing because we're changing it, which is entirely in keeping with human nature, thus perfectly natural. there are those who are adapting faster than others. this is evolution.
  4. actually, if you look at the etymology of the word, it contains the stem' nat' like natal, native, innate etc. all refer to a time or a state of inception.. so i guess natural in its truest useage would mean 'in the same state as it was when it was created/born' unfortunately 'unnatural' has come to mean 'different' and is often unwittingly used by the less linguistically able to mean 'beyond my understanding' or 'beyond my levels of tolerance'. and it usually comes with a nasty dose of judgement i completely agree plantre.
  5. By following this logic, silicone tits are natural. of course they are. how could they not be?
  6. the semantics point clearly stands (as it does with many of the common misuses of language), but i have an issue with where people draw the line between. especially if they are using the term 'unnatural' to rail aginst a point of view they disagree with.
  7. i now have a bunch of blank analord vinyls due to an especially effective virus scanner.
  8. (inspired by that troon thread about skynet) just always makes me smirk a bit when people use the phrase 'it's unnatural' to justify their point of view about something not being right. my pov is that everything, even your 19" flatscreen and your wee plastic lighter are natural. mankind has it in its nature to produce tools of this sort, it's no less natural than a dog wiping its arse crack on some rough grass. all are products of the evolution and nature of the universe, thus natural. 'unnatural' as a state is impossible. i have not, as yet, had anyone give me an adequate explanation of the term 'unnatural' discuss.
  9. sorry mr ashpool, you misread me.. i'm up and running with CUBASE sx2. rather use a daw that i've known since its inception than learn a whole new one... reaper was the alternative if i couldn't get cubase up and running. as i said earl;ier, it's for a portable rig, so i don't need all the bells and whistles of later cubase releases. pissed off i can't get wavelab to work properly though. i haven't used sounforge in a decade. *digs out manual*
  10. don't be a dick. i've been using cubase since it was steinberg pro24, 20 years ago.
  11. all good. up and running now with sx2 and soundforge. all 32 bit plugs working fine, 64bit asio soundcard drivers from m-audio. 14ms latency. cheers folks.
  12. cheers for all your advice guys. i manged to get an older version of sx to install and soundforge seems to be holding up just fine. have downloaded reaper though. it's small cpu footprint appeals. ta.
  13. cheers for that. will probably just use my soundcard asio drivers. any hints, tips or issues anyone has, post them here. ta.
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