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  1. Deep, like it!
  2. Sorry, and thanks for letting me know; this should work: https://soundcloud.com/encymlll/new-river-edit-4
  3. Hi all, Just uploaded a new track, bolted together from various guitar recordings..... Enjoy
  4. Very pleased to hear, thanks!
  5. .... and here's more: Live looping with a Strat & the Chase Bliss Audio Mood.
  6. Hi all, Here's a new mix of the most recent tune posted. Enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/encymlll/no-inst-gratfcn
  7. Cheers! How about new music though? But yes of course:
  8. Hi all, This is brand new, enjoy! (derived from poetic intervention, obviously).
  9. New stuff incoming: Thanks for listening1
  10. Thanks guys. This is a mixture of ancient & brand new, please tuck in:
  11. Thanks, much appreciated! Here's a brand-new track, a combination of something I dug up from my sample library (a complete track in this case, which provides a new basis & ample sample fodder that I slowed down considerably) with new recordings (guitar) and minimal-ish slices of that re-used & re-pitched again, and more of my own sounds layered on top of everything. Hope you like it!
  12. Thanks, glad you like those. "Tether" is my guitar recording, soloed, for a Plaid remix from a while ago, check it out here:
  13. ... and more along the same lines:
  14. Hi guys, something new/old: Enjoy!
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