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  1. Thank you so much!
  2. Hi all -- New transmission on the encym SC: #enjoy #naviarhaiku #ambient #meditative
  3. https://www.erasedtapes.com/release/eratp132-ben-lukas-boysen-mirage https://benlukasboysen.bandcamp.com/album/mirage-2 #erasedtapes
  4. Just to keep everyone in the loop:
  5. Brand! New!
  6. More news -- a new collab with Oxford Ambient Collective: #ambient #oxfordambientcollective #ambientguitar #foggy #
  7. In other news, I'm delighted to share the news that "New River" is included in the new Neotantra compilation. As this is a preview of upcoming releases, expect bigger news soon! 😉 Here's the link: https://neotantra.bandcamp.com/album/t-ntr-ii
  8. Glad you did! Thanks for listening.
  9. Hi all, A new live looping guitar improv, checkit: https://soundcloud.com/encymlll/thebuildingat55 Enjoy! #livelooping #guitar #ambient #guitambient #fennesz #eivindaarset #davidtorn #electronic #improv
  10. Enjoyed this one loads! Cheers
  11. Nice crunchiness to that track!
  12. .... and there's more, with beats this time:
  13. Hi all, a short new ambient tune (guitar only) is online Enjoy!
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