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  1. New collab with muterial incoming... Enjoy! #muterial #experimental #ambient #noiseish #improv #guitarambient
  2. https://twinkle3.bandcamp.com/album/minor-planets
  3. Thank you so much! Any just a heads-up, a new collab has just been released. I think it turned out rather well:
  4. Cheers, glad you like it!
  5. Excellent stuff on there, thanks for the heads-up.
  6. Thank you so much! BTW this is an expansion based on the same foundation:
  7. Severely beat-oriented stuff incoming. Enjoy!
  8. Lots of enticing sounds in these, thanks for sharing!
  9. Did I mention there's new stuff? ---> ---> --->
  10. Hold on, it's always a bit weird to try and re-engineer what happened .... That's electric guitar --> recorded, with a touch of CBA Mood wet channel, straight into the machine --> fed through a Valhalla reverb, with side-chaining added occasionally, obviously... By the way this is how it sounds now, after more fiddling:
  11. Thanks! Is it this one by any chance?
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