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  1. Plus I've been uploading scores of new tracks, this is one of them:
  2. Hi fellow WATMM members, Just released this today -- my track Trajectorize plus a handful of great remixes. Check it out here: https://encym.bandcamp.com/album/trajectorize-ep Hope you like it!
  3. Hi all, Tried my hand at more meditative vibes for Naviar, see below. I will be performing at their Haiku Fest at Cafe Oto, London, on 7 December: https://www.cafeoto.co.uk/events/naviar-haiku-fest/ Would be great to see some of you Londoners there!
  4. Hey doggs, Here's the latest from me: + a pretty happening remix:
  5. Hi all, Long time no post.... so here's the latest, this is me getting back into intricate beat territory. Hope you enjoy it ------>
  6. Really beautiful stuff! Love the multi-layeredness that's going on in "tiberian gates".
  7. For what it's worth.... some new bits and bobs: (I made the last two done in the consistently brilliant, inspiration-fuelling Forester 2022 software by Leafcutter John 😉)
  8. Really great worlds unfolding there! Nice one.
  9. Really lovely work, @Syashdown, especially "Paper Dragon".
  10. Sounds amazing mate!
  11. Lovely -- both releases, but particularly the ambient one!
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