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  1. Hi fellow WATMM members, Just released this today -- my track Trajectorize plus a handful of great remixes. Check it out here: https://encym.bandcamp.com/album/trajectorize-ep Hope you like it!
  2. Hi all, Tried my hand at more meditative vibes for Naviar, see below. I will be performing at their Haiku Fest at Cafe Oto, London, on 7 December: https://www.cafeoto.co.uk/events/naviar-haiku-fest/ Would be great to see some of you Londoners there!
  3. Hey doggs, Here's the latest from me: + a pretty happening remix:
  4. Hi all, Long time no post.... so here's the latest, this is me getting back into intricate beat territory. Hope you enjoy it ------>
  5. Really beautiful stuff! Love the multi-layeredness that's going on in "tiberian gates".
  6. For what it's worth.... some new bits and bobs: (I made the last two done in the consistently brilliant, inspiration-fuelling Forester 2022 software by Leafcutter John 😉)
  7. Really great worlds unfolding there! Nice one.
  8. Really lovely work, @Syashdown, especially "Paper Dragon".
  9. Sounds amazing mate!
  10. Lovely -- both releases, but particularly the ambient one!
  11. Fantastic all round, thanks for posting! Great tracks from KMRU, eczem and many more...
  12. This is fantastic. Short but sweet!
  13. Thank you so much, @ArtificialDisco!
  14. New release alert // Not altered in any way: https://encym.bandcamp.com/album/mtlc-rchtctre
  15. New, ecstatic & uplifting ...... enjoy!
  16. It's been a while...... Enjoy!
  17. Sounds wicked, @auxien!
  18. Hi all, Here's a new jam, me and a couple of (stomp)boxes. Enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/encym/polyloop #ambient #improv #ambientimprov #improvisation #ambientguitar #electronicmusic #abstract #nomelody #experimentalmusic #oasthouse
  19. Beautifully done! I like the development and choice of sounds and the cinematicness, if that's even a word. Thanks for sharing.
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