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  1. looks like this is bandcamp only?
  2. @gated any idea why redeye hasn't filled my order?
  3. i'll pass and keep my fingers crossed for an "italian cardboard" version
  4. couple of tunes here https://nebulaerecords.bandcamp.com/album/ic-4406 i was getting some microlith vibes and it makes sense now some info from @gated:
  5. this is tidy https://scifact.bandcamp.com/album/zobol-foreign-objects
  6. i ordered the tape, but i do not have the tape. unfortunately, i had to eventually open a paypal claim. great release though--at least i have the digis. obvs some billy b vibes on the a side
  7. Oneohtrix Point Never reportedly set to score Adam Sandler movie fuck, what a headline
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