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  1. borai always brings it. have had this one on pre-order for a bit
  2. Smokers Delight 25th Anniversary Tour: 1st April Leeds, UK Town Hall 3rd April Berlin, DE Huxley's 4th April Amsterdam, NL Melkweg 16th April Brooklyn, US Great Hall - Avant Gardner 17th April Austin, US Mohawke (DJ Set) 18th April Chicago, US Metro 20th April Denver, CA Mission Ballroom 23rd April LA, US Wiltern 24th April Seattle, US Nectar Lounge (DJ) 25th April San Francisco, US Midway
  3. i haven't cracked the 5lp open yet. i still listen to the 4lp release. K&D will always be up there for me
  4. https://www.redeyerecords.co.uk/vinyl/118373-mbc001-bot1500--d'arcangelo--mause--jessica-walrus--fxbip--velum-break-v?1
  5. super solid ep. bandcamp only i believe. also check the label's first release by Zobol 1. utopia cloak - Channel 2. Yushh - That One Time At X-Mas Steps 3. Zobol - Moving Atoms 4. lee - Distant Drift https://scifact.bandcamp.com/album/creation-of-a-positron Yushh is a new one for me: Pressure Dome is her new label: https://pressuredome.bandcamp.com/
  6. just ordered from them for the first time recently and it went without issue
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