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  1. https://www.redeyerecords.co.uk/vinyl/118373-mbc001-bot1500--d'arcangelo--mause--jessica-walrus--fxbip--velum-break-v?1
  2. super solid ep. bandcamp only i believe. also check the label's first release by Zobol 1. utopia cloak - Channel 2. Yushh - That One Time At X-Mas Steps 3. Zobol - Moving Atoms 4. lee - Distant Drift https://scifact.bandcamp.com/album/creation-of-a-positron Yushh is a new one for me: Pressure Dome is her new label: https://pressuredome.bandcamp.com/
  3. just ordered from them for the first time recently and it went without issue
  4. looks like this is bandcamp only?
  5. @gated any idea why redeye hasn't filled my order?
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