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  1. Well its been a blast, thanks for the link Keltoi, even though your a fucking idiot. This thread could have stopped after the second posting. Just remember MCPETE, I pity the kid, if ever one squirts out of your cock hole.
  2. First of all. Not sure what school system you were in , but at 13 they dont have recess, my kid isn't 5. Are you ignorant to think at the age of 13 meth doesn't come up. I don't live in the ghetto by any means, but drugs know no boundaries. Drugs come up b4 that. Here I thought you guys were a bunch of self-proclaimed geniuses, but nah, its just the drugs talking
  3. Overblown scare tactics! Not sure if you have been around people on meth, I was unfortunately was. How she is acting is what they fucking do. Those are characteristics of a meth user. Scratching, digging, paranoria, twitiching, uncontrolled body movement. That is being honest. Thanks for stating the obvious " just because their peers do something doesn't mean they have to." Think I have basically said that already. Im not going to sit down and say watch this, leave them room, then come back when its done, and look him in the eyes and say "ok?" Its a fucking video, Im talking to him as
  4. Wow, even with the admittal of not following simple instructions, I can appreciate such comments. If you don't have kids, why are you bothering with any comments, you have NO PLACE. These comments aren't directed at you carthief. In general who cares how you turned out, who cares if your drug free and werent exposed to these realities as well. We are not all clones of one another. Different locations, different friends, different upbringings, call for different measures. Geez MCPETE your a real cunt, really. Just stupid comments from no one who has anything worthy to say.
  5. You've got to be the biggest fucking moron. Nice comparison. Because those problems are so prevalent in teens these days. Your a sad excuse for having a legitimate arguement.
  6. No perhaps I knew you were a bunch of druggies, so I was thinking you would know where all the cool and latest vids were at. Like inspirational shit you guys watch.
  7. Yes...Yes... lets show him after he has doped up. Brilliant! Keep wearing those condoms
  8. INTENSE! DO YOU HAVE KIDS? I am not afraid of showing my kid the realities. He may not be around drugs when it comes to my family or anyone close to him, but school nowadays. A LOT OF FUCKING PRESSURE. Im not going to tie him up, staple his eyes open, and force crap in them, but just educate him a little on the matter. Their is to much influence from everything, be it movies, music, pictures, school, ... whatever. So I should put him in a vault and not let him be around any of it? Geez aren't you a lovely boy from not being swayed into the life of drugs and such. Your parents should be
  9. Jesus, is that what's being suggested? OP: If you're not trolling then DON'T let your 13yr old watch Requiem for a Dream, idiot. Well, 13 is probably pretty close to being able to properly understand and disseminate that film. Maybe 15+ to be sure. At the very least they probably need to have already tried drugs (whether just weed or something else) to really get into that film. Uh, so yeah, in a couple of years get your kid stoned and put them in front of Requiem for a Dream? me an idiot? Is this thread on drugs, because the stupity is overwhelming. Don't care to show m
  10. Thanks much appreciated. what are you saying? sounds like you're on some meth rant, yourself. you're not making sense. at least this thread does not any sense to me. don't do meth ? Did you even bother reading the shit I wrote. Im sorry was it not at college level. Get the fuck out of the thread You have kids? If not who cares what you think. Second, showing him the reality of such decisions are important. Sorry there are no fucking Barney on meth videos around. Also did U even read my post? Oh, thanks because everyone is the same. Perhaps you were to fucking stupid
  11. My kid is 13, never been around drugs, or presented with them....as far as i know. I feel little late perhaps on a discussion in such matters. I am not looking for input to this request, advice, or anything, give it your your own kids if you have any, or grab a random one off the street and preach. Anyways i wanted to stress meth the most, and quite awhile ago there was this vid up here with a woman freaking in her yard, she was twisting and turning, scratching the fuck out of her body. Very disturbing. Any link or upload to here would be stupendous. Thanks
  12. http://www.break.com/index/this-is-just-embarassing-2289832
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