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  1. the quote is by the guy behind the compilation shared by the official touched website It is posted by the guy who is behind the compilation, but it says "words by Alexander Shum" - who is not affiliated with Touched as far as i know jonas is right, it's just a quotation, that's all
  2. is it just me, or sdc mix is totally lacking of bass? :/
  3. guess, it will be video for some track from syro
  4. sleepy


    yep, you don't like his attitude, we get it. also you didn't like the performance itself. why so many posts, jev?
  5. sleepy


    loled at 'pizdets' 9:04
  6. sleepy


    thanks!!! woooooo!!!
  7. sleepy


    yay for recording!!! also i saw a guy with gopro, who recorded whole set
  8. my two cents - ae live last saturday was amazing and one of the most incredible music experiences i had in my life. the sound was just perfect, hair-trembling bass and stuff - loud and intense, but not over the top, so i haven't used my earplugs. loved that they switched tracks each 5-6 minutes. i wonder why they sped up at the end - like they wanted to show much more stuff, but got no time. in terms of music material - well, i really would love to hear it released, but there would be no such thing, i guess?
  9. "TDR has also created 'a disinfographic', listing all of the equipment used to make the album." awesome!!! don't like whole design thing though, seems too ae to me
  10. lovely record, thank you guys for making it available )
  11. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b03949dr - holden's 6 mix
  12. hey guys, thought it would be cool to share it with you http://dirtyowl.bandcamp.com/ my fresh album, also on vinyl here: www.sealt.su idm, electro and stuff. thanks!
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