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  1. don't know if this is analogue but it's so damn warm. play v loud for maximum warmth
  2. can you share the track listing please?
  3. can you repost the link it doesn't seem to work. thanks :)
  4. I’m finding it difficult to understand how the app makes ‘generative music’, it’s discussed like a black box in the press releases and interviews. Are you able to give an explanation or link to something that I can read online that explains how the algorithms implemented in the app produce 'generative music'?
  5. Enjoyed this mix a lot, thanks. Did your friend ever make the tribute for Yokota's house material?
  6. Read Energy Flash a while back and I think this is the shorter version. It's no masterpiece in terms of insight or eloquence but I certainly enjoyed reading it. Reynolds seems well informed and writes with a consistent flow, so I'd recommend it for some nuggets. I'm sure Eno's epiphany moment is covered in most of the books mentioned but here's an abridged version straight from the horses mouth (an extract from Audio Culture): http://ciufo.org/classes/114_fl11/readings/Eno_ambient.pdf
  7. really great video, and agree with what others have said about viewing the track through a different lens to give a completely different impression nice work
  8. Does anyone know of any decent recorded interviews with Chris? I'm seeing him tonight and want to listen to him speak on my drive up.
  9. Daxx

    Sparkle Motion

    Great thanks! Listening now
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