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  1. I didn't go to rehab, I just met a great girl who helped me sort my life out then married her which is what this album is about! 🙂
  2. Hope you guys like it! You can get the whole thing on Spotify too. I made it when I was 18, but never thought of releasing it.
  3. well, fuck it i don't know. just found a few that i like and they don't look old. haven't used pluggo since about 2007 so i'm a bit out of the loop.
  4. anyone got any links to good recent pluggo plugins that are compatible with just the pluggo run time environment?
  5. i felt like a bit of a prick playing that guest slot since everyone thought it was gonna be aphex.
  6. I'm really considering getting a proper permanent soundproofing job done in the room in my apartment that the studio was in before, I really miss having it at home.
  7. It's really not as bad as it looks. When sat infront of the monitors it's fine and the mixdowns of the tracks I've made in there don't sound any different from ones I've made in previous studios. I am thinking of moving again though. I miss carpet and low ceilings.
  8. Which I suppose what I'm saying is that I like being oblivious to the damage I'm doing to my monitors haha. The reason I replaced my KRK's was because they started to sound a bit shit (after about 3 years) and I like getting used to new monitors and a new room at the same time.
  9. When I say distracting I mean it's annoying because it clips at levels MUCH lower than what I was used to with my previous monitors.
  10. They are really nice, but the clip LED on the amp is a bit distracting, although helpful I suppose. Had KRK and Alesis monitors before and would make the cones on them wobble like fuck without caring because there was no LED telling me it was bad. The acoustics in this new place aren't great as you can probably tell. Only moved in there in September. Still better than not being able to make music because of noise problems after I just moved into the apartment I'm in now. The place I was before for about 3 years was amazing, but had really bad mold problems so had to leave. That new studio is in an old mill. Most of the other rooms are band practise spaces. The fucking shite I have to listen to is ridiculous, luckily when sat infront of the monitors I don't really hear them. I'm on an iPad and a bit smashed too so sorry if that reads weird
  11. this stuff is the bomb shizzay, i love you dave.
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