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  1. i think you are misogynistic and sexist and should discuss it with a therapist.
  2. BCM

    Studio Pics

    rewired and rearranged. added sofas and a beer fridge.
  3. i do not identify as a bitch-ass ho. saying that, i do actually own a hoe.
  4. yeah the drive needs to be used subtly, however it's noisy with or without it. the delay is almost unusable due to noise as well. but even with no drive or delay i still get a significant amount of hiss and hum.
  5. Fuck yeah Love 7
  6. analord is my absolute favouritest aphex. nothing to do with any personality cult or worship or whatever. i think aphex is a cunt.
  7. BCM


    nonsense https://soundcloud.com/envmod/dbomdm
  8. really thin drums are definitely not part of UK Garage style. UK Garage is about phat bass rattling bass-bins in a customised Renault 5 Turbo. watch yer bass-bins.
  9. BCM


    kinda looks like it says twat
  10. BCM


    yeah those are some bad number 2s
  11. it's hardly banging...has a relaxed vibe. did you actually listen to it mr?
  12. BCM


    cheers boys
  13. shot him out a message today, you never know...
  14. ordered! such a good label, needs more love.
  15. woah that hasn't aged well
  16. BCM


    lol at that twitter clip. woman is a right loony.
  17. BCM

    Game of Thrones

    just watched it...pretty meh yeah. meh. looking forward to The Adventures of Arya.
  18. BCM


    they don't only encourage the rich to pursue a degree though...i believe attendance at university from all income levels is rising and tuition fees are not seen as a huge problem by most. personally i don't agree with them and would bring back the grant system, but i don't think tuition fees are some kind of attack on the working classes or whatever.
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