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  1. bcm's tits what about that time bcm posted his tits
  2. woah that is a terrible track
  3. just biked in to say i hate all of you.
  4. that offends me because i have an ass. mods please delete my account.
  5. what a silly sausage. it's always a choice to be offended by something.
  6. guys stop. the above is inaccurate. the whole emailing lopez thing was about something totally different, and it was GWC who emailed lopez (i think). but nothing to do with this release. let's look forward to this not back.
  7. worst idea for a business ever
  8. wimp. you should go to wimpy. HAHAHAZAZAZZJJJ
  9. dirty half pound cheeseburger from my local kebab shop. surprisingly delicious. more evidence
  10. BCM


    the picture in my mind as to what ET looks like is very close to that Macaulay Culkin pic.
  11. BCM

    I like Katy Perry

    that Ariana Grande song is rubbish, really annoying. Taylor Swift is mostly extremely boring but Shake It Off is probably her best one. thing is though, i wasn't really talking about Katy Perry's music (i only really like Swish Swish), wasn't taking about her sex appeal either. i was talking about Katy and that she's alright and i like her.
  12. BCM

    I like Katy Perry

    what the fuck are you saying?
  13. BCM

    I like Katy Perry

    guys i'm disappointed that this thread is mostly about whether or not you would have sex with katy perry. i didn't mean it to turn out like this. she is a beautiful woman certainly but let's look past that please. thanks.
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