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  1. BCM

    gary numan

    dingformung and ivan ooze i totally love you both and i'm not really mad, i'm just being a silly billy. all is love and all is good.
  2. BCM

    gary numan

    also I like both tec and tim j. can you both stop fucking bickering.
  3. BCM

    gary numan

    don't be a dick mate, this sort of pretty squabbling is the reason i don't like it here any more. you could have said nothing innit.
  4. BCM

    gary numan

    jesus christ i hate this forum
  5. have you thought about getting a TR-707?
  6. yeah TR-626 is wicked. they're getting a bit pricey these days though I think, not 707 money but not peanuts either.
  7. A Calabrese I just had.
  8. lol really, shiiiit. maybe they've gone up in value.
  9. guys, can we stop doing the read the rules gag? it's really old and not funny anymore.
  10. i'm doing a kylie minogue thread next
  11. live Glastonbury version of this 100% better, but can't find a decent video of it anywhere [emoji22]
  12. fuck Madonna I'm all about Katy Perry
  13. why is everything I write i hyperlink?
  14. also wtf limpyloo?? you back? you been back for ages and I just haven't noticed? fucking limpyloo everybody. limpyloo.
  15. mostly done on an MC-505
  16. I was 6 when Borderline came out. Fucking wicked track.
  17. ^ oi not being funny or nothing but this is a fucking proper tune innit. also wicked fucking video.
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