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  1. Ukraine is my new favourite I think
  2. Ed DMX for Iceland there
  3. We've got a fucking darts player or something. Some fat cunt wearing loads of massive gold chains.
  4. well it's Russia so far for me
  5. sorry lads, look I'm really not an anti vaxxer or anything. I believe in them as a general rule, and would advocate for children getting the usual measles, mumps, rubella etc vaccine. I realise the hypocrisy of my position, as I do indeed take over the counter medicines - paracetamol, aspirin, cough medicine etc - without thinking twice. they could be putting anything into that shit... but still, but still... this particular vaccine, this particular pandemic. it's a fucking odd one you've got to admit. this whole fucking thing - it's like, bit sus innit. isn't it? maybe it's just me but fucking hell boys, like what the fuck.
  6. so we do actually PAY for the NHS you know. i pay around £600 per month in national insurance. that's a whole lot more expensive than a private health care plan would be, and you don't get the choice to opt out. so it's not selfish to fucking use a service you have paid for (and paid a lot) for many years. also, thankfully for the vast majority of people, the disease is mild and will not require any medical intervention. so i agree that those with co-morbidities, the vulnerable and elderly should be vaccinated, but it's still got to be a choice. how can you argue against someone having a choice as to what to do with their own body? i bet a lot of you agree with the right to die/euthanasia for those with debilitating conditions etc - those people should have a choice what to do with their own body and life. how is this different?
  7. jesus fucking christ there's no hope. listen to what you just said - read it back in your head. fuck me... anyway, good luck to all.
  8. drome has many completely valid points and is right to be concerned. there is no reason to castigate and vilify him as some kind of "UNBELIEVER!!" (pitchforks out). why are you so against a healthy debate and sharing of ideas and concerns? surely it's OK to question this? like, does none of it seem just a leeetle bit suspicious to the fervent vaccine proponents? you can't see anything in all of this that makes you slightly worried? i mean, jesus christ guys, i thought this place was supposed to be frequented by free thinkers? something very very odd is happening to lots of you - e.g. many of you would associate with the left side of politics and would position yourself as generally against big business, hyper-capitalism and government control etc. but by and large you're pushing for everyone to imbibe a product produced in a novel way, sidestepping many of the usual checks and balances, by big pharma, which is going to hugely increase their revenue and power. do none of you see the hypocrisy in this? i feel like i'm taking fucking crazy pills!
  9. jesus christ look out, here comes rubin farr with his bulldozer of banality
  10. Bill Gates.wav
  11. I was there back in '95 with my 20" bottom Bleu Bolts, N.A.S.A. jacket and L.A. Gear Air System kicks
  12. security camera on your street will be all your local council and nothing to do with central government. labour are traditionally much more "big government" and nanny state proponents, and implemented much of what now comprises the surveillance status quo - remember the ID cards thing they wanted to bring in too? so this is certainly not a tory-specific issue, but I feel any administration would be now enacting stricter surveillance, curbs on freedoms we used to take for granted and campaigns of fear. this is the new world we are living in, this is the great reset that all mainstream political movements have signed up to. doesn't matter who you vote for, left, right, centre - it's ALL a total fucking sham.
  13. quite a stretch to claim this, but whatever - so by what metric will things actually be "normal" in your opinion? zero covid? it seems many of you never want to return to what we used to think of as normal. i don't understand why but too many of you appear to be revelling in all the restrictions and want to keep lockdowns, masks etc ad infinitum.
  14. you think many people are unaware at this point?
  15. UN-UN-TCHA, UN-UN-un-TCHA = electro UN-TSS UN-TSS UN-TSS UN-TSS = techno
  16. yeah exorcist 3 is probably better really. i just like that hypnosis scene in 2.
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