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  1. Well lads! Released my second single there today. Was wondering if anyone would like to take a listen and tell me what you don't like about it. Not exactly IDM but its influences are no secret. Hope you like it, even if just a little. Cheers! https://open.spotify.com/track/25sHtD0gUFwYOHTpzxixzR
  2. Lads, not going to lie, this has me terrified. Someone please convince me everything will be alright.
  3. Couldn't be happier that these guys have come back to sort their unfinished business. I adored their debut album way back in 2012. Excited for their followup album due out in March! https://store.partisanrecords.com/sister https://ffm.to/ultraistamusic.oyd
  4. It seems the majority of women on these apps mistake an opinion on whether pineapple is an acceptable pizza topping for a personality trait. Also, women calling their dogs their children. *Presses eject button*
  5. Thank you for listening zoix and for the feedback. I had a few arguements with myself about the section you mention, but decided I wanted to keep it as hypnotic as possible in that particular part. Also, after working on it for so long, I kinda stopped hearing everything in isolation. But I can totally see where you are coming from and can easily agree. Also agree about the drums, but I could never get them to sit right with the vocals when I tried to push them higher in the mix. It always began to sound like the drums were a bit disembodied. The original video has been remove
  6. I've finally released my debut single after years of doubt, insecurity, anxious preoccupation and procrastination. This is an absolute labor of love. I would be honoured if any of you would take the time listen. Thank you for the years of Gen Ban.
  7. The writing on this show is starting to get a tiny bit unrealistic for me.
  8. Just bought it, glad they addressed it head on and didn't make a big deal about it.
  9. It's quite an amazing amount of material. There's around 30 unheard Thom Yorke solo acoustic demos and another 10-15 or so unheard band jams. Also a live studio session of the famous 11 minute version of Paranoid Android. Also, God bless Nigel Godrich.
  10. Anyone else going to Glastonbury this year? This maybe around the 3rd or 4th act on the lineup I would actually like to see. Also, the way the poster is formatted, it looks like Carl Cox and Tom will be collaborating.
  11. Sorry, I meant in terms of the British public accepting a second referendum to go ahead, and then counting on the turnout to reverse it. I know it was a very close vote on the first referendum, but I feel the leave voters will be emboldened if there was a second referendum. On the other hand, all the potential young voters that weren't arsed voting the last time might be bothered this time. Would love to see it. This whole thing is a fucking disaster. EU jus fukn wan u bak bbz.
  12. You had us Irish boarder dwellers well worried for a minute, thanks for the heads up. But honestly though, I'm afraid I don't think rolling this shit back is as easy as you are saying.
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