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  1. i don't know, i kind of like it the way it is. in my opinion, if you add variations and such in there, i think it should be done sparingly.
  2. i'd say that these are a little too simple for my taste. not just simple but simple and long. and when i say simple i mean they're very minimal and repetive. don't get me wrong, i like some stuff like that, like selected ambient works 2. but if a track is going to be like that, the sounds that are there need to be more grabbing. i'm not saying these are bad, but with so much electronic music out there nowadays, stuff has to really stand out for people to want to listen. i'm sure other people would like it, but i have too much music to listen to and too little time to listen to it in. your
  3. yeah well i don't believe it. i don't believe it at all. i think kanakori IS richard. him, or that Anchio Arch io guy. or me. or all of us. maybe we're all richard and just don't know it. maybe he only exists as a figment of our imagination, some kind of collective delusion. or maybe the atoms in our body are made up of particles that are really just millions and millions of tiny little richards. or maybe richard is really someone else and we just thought he was richard. maybe his new album will come out and it will suck. AH i just thought of a prank he could pull on us, that would be
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