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  1. It wasn't though Everyone's "just joking": http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/trump-claim-russia-hacked-dnc-help-him-joke-n616266 https://mediamatters.org/research/2016/07/27/right-wing-media-claim-trump-was-joking-about-russian-espionage-national-security-experts-aren-t/211959 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3405315/Trump-insists-joke-claimed-Chinese-invented-global-warming.html http://www.politicususa.com/2016/08/12/trump-furiously-peddles-claims-joking-obama-founding-isis.html http://www.philstar.com/headlines/2016/08/24/1616743/duterte-threat-leave-un-just-
  2. i don't think the anti-semitism is what anyone has a prob with
  3. that's what i like to do, just do jams and record them and try to figure out ways to forge that into a track later. maybe sample bits and pieces. i've been using image line's harmor plugin for resynthesis which i really like for pitching bits up and down and also messing with harmonics and mangling sounds in a ton of ways. that allows me to then have some ability to resculpt what i recorded from the modular, into something more suiting a track in a daw, later. i also like using modular to process sounds from my pc, using different LP/HP/BP filters, distortions, modulation effects, and i ha
  4. high road? lol. what would that be, maybe go join a (soros funded) riot?
  5. i had a novation a-station years ago and thought it was pretty good for a va
  6. ive had ascension millennium randomly pop in my head every once in a while for the past ~3 yrs
  7. or they could just have more synthesis controls in there for things like frequency modulation etc, allowing you to actually make the sound you want, instead of having a ton of circuits pre-rigged to provide fart sounds
  8. exactly. so tired of all these drum machines doing knockoffs of knockoffs of the TR sounds, after 30yrs. where are the mutated drum synth machines? if you have to post process to get different sounds whats the point? the sounds this thing has seem good for what they are though, so for someone who does want that sound, it might be ok for the price. def 100x better than those akai offerings
  9. i think they acted too hastily when they pulled the plug and did the stream admitting it was all satire, even if wu was threatening to sue them. she was threatening to sue fictional characters. if they had just held the course a while longer it could've payed off huge, but instead they wimped out
  10. i'm surprised the other guy they mentioned in that article never got the attention he (imo) deserves. haven't seen anyone around here talk about "Jace Connors" aka ParkourDude91 aka the man behind Deagle Nation but that buzzfeed article (and the one they link to that they did all about jace) illustrates exactly why deagle nation's body of work is doomed to obscurity. the left wing idiots at buzzfeed (and across youtube as evidenced by comments still left on their vids to this day) couldn't see the blatantly obvious joke behind it, and ironically missed the point that deaglenation was creat
  11. do what the butthole surfers did in the 80s and show penis reconstruction surgery films
  12. so to you, the skit in the first episode where the girls hire mde as pretend emotional boyfriend prostitutes is 'womyn r cuntz'? why? because it had women in it? because they ordered male prostitutes?
  13. i liked it. wish it were a half hour show charls throwing the football prob was the best part
  14. yeh if its really 12 voice, which to me seems like overkill unless its multitimbral. i think a multitimbral analog is a bit tricky to pull off, so if it has that too then it'd almost have to be $$$
  15. is that another thread where a bunch of lefties gang up on anyone who dares to have an idea that isn't in lockstep with the sad idm echo chamber we have going on here? don't think im the one with the problem anyway i think way back early in this thread i said an all female GB might somehow work. i still think it's theoretically possible but i just don't think hollywood (one of many left wing industries that has routinely objectified women for decades) is capable of it. and after having seen the trailers it looks like they made it into basically the female equivalent of a zany dick and fart
  16. yeah i definitely agree. in fact i think people overlook envelopes and vcas when it comes to using stuff to get analog 'color' and always focus on filters. imo a vca and envelope lends almost as much color as a filter does in some cases how cool would one of these be though? http://mysterycircuits.com/newmelloman/newmelloman.html also the drumsette that guy made is just amazingly cool, how it works
  17. heh sorry, i guess that was way overly wordy just to say 'with external audio you're only getting amplitude envelopes out of this thing'. which would still be useful, moreso if you have a gate source. but imo just isnt the main attraction here also i thought it'd be a lot more expensive. seems like a decent price if you're into the idea of buying lots of tapes and recording note drones to them. suppose you can get more experimental and record loops and other stuff on there too. i might have to keep an eye on this nice find
  18. not trying to be a dick but the whole idea is that it adjusts the speed of the tape player to give you the different pitches. says on the site you can run non-tape external audio into it but all that does is let you use this thing's volume controls. so essentially you'd be buying this thing just to use it as an (expensive) volume control. well, it has attack and release so you'd essentially just be using this as a VCA+AR envelope combo, which isn't really exciting or anything. it's pretty basic, simple functionality that's been around for ages in a ton of stuff. it would be a handy bonus featu
  19. i thought the answer was loads of LSD in the drinking supply
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