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  1. look at how you wonderfully tolerant left wingers surround someone (who, beautifully enough just so happens to be one of you) who dares to post some things that go against your incestuous group think, and pounce like a pack of dogs. www.hugboxes.com www.safespace.com to answer your question yeah maybe some of them are now finally holding bill responsible for a few things, on blogs or forums. but will still vote for his wife who was 100% behind him when he did those things. that's how you people work. just to illustrate, someone else in this thread mentioned how terrible it was that w
  2. will everyone who i disagree with just shut the fuck up already? stop expressing opinions contrary to the lefty intellectual safe space hive mind we've created here and cut your dicks off and watch this movie and pretend to enjoy it. you oppressed women, you owe them. women are literally being payed less to do the same exact work as men. and no i'm not talking about the middle east i'm talking about western so-called 'civilization', the true cess-pit of the world. i mean dear god, this is 2016 and men are still actually ATTRACTED to attractive women and can't help but express that sometimes! O
  3. MisterE


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyicTMMkxP8 (thread should be titled illusions imo)
  4. i think it'd be hilarious if some other company came along and made a cheaper 1:1 copy of behringer's synth with flimsy(er) housing and cheap(er) internal components
  5. yeah i dunno, seems like warp might have something to say about it tho, is all im saying should prob change my wording to 'warp might have some say about it' which is to say, if they chose to
  6. would the fact of a bleep store prob being aphex-centric (WARP) conflict with the AFX stuff being reflex? seems like bandcamp would be the simplest route to me
  7. ive been thinking how ods and ccai2 didn't have tracks that were for whatever reason as memorable, for me, as the eps from the 90s including ventolin and come to daddy mainly. both of those eps had a lot of pretty simple tracks on them that didn't show off loads of technical wizardry but were still great. which i think is mainly down to the melodies. just after a couple of listens to cheetah ep i feel like some of these tracks are closer to that level imo he's obv become focused on using these old analog synths and drum machines and honing his use of them, paring back a lot of ornamentatio
  8. seems crazy that rich doesn't take the bit of time, or even have someone else to, to put his rephlex tracks up on bandcamp
  9. feel like theres more of a focus on nice melodies on this one and i approve
  10. some really nice sounds in that track
  11. who wouldn't want an unelected NWOesque group of elite banker types to have power over their country? it's not at all exactly what a bunch of really smart young occupy protestor types were out there protesting against just a few years ago. rich banker elites running things? naw doesn't at all sound familiar. and the fact that they are trying to floating out governing regulations that have nothing to do with the economy shouldn't at all be alarming, not at all a sign of more things to come. censorship is totally cool now. because it's good censorship. old people are stupid. they don't smoke eno
  12. tri's journey to the dark side is almost complete
  13. you ban one of us, and two more grow back stronger than before
  14. i wasnt a big fan of the track on sc but it has grown on me a lot each time i hear it, recently.
  15. no wait its this one, i'll prob use this one and delete the last one. heh https://soundcloud.com/rad-velocity/render2
  16. feel like i might slowly work towards some kind of collection of drone tracks. think this will be the basis for the first one. might apply some fx or fades or something to give it more variety tho. prob edit down the first half a bit also https://soundcloud.com/rad-velocity/ren3
  17. i had a really weird private chat from him. all i can remember is it was something about outer space and the galaxy or galaxies or.. something
  18. I would've purchased it to play it on the deck, but after seeing the price (+ shipping), I'll just wait for the CD to appear at my local shop. Notice Recordings (label) sells tape recordings on chrome and cobalt tape stock for approx. $8 apiece.. same with Drag City, for more novelty items (DC uses normal tape stock)... paying upwards of $30 for a novelty just isn't realistic. Cheers to all y'all collectors complaining about the price of a limited Aphex release kek whatever it costs it's gonna sell for twice as much. There's no losing money. It's an investment its not an inves
  19. MisterE

    elseq 1-5

    well, i can firmly say that the ae brothers have reinvented hip-hop yet again
  20. maybe if this thread stays pinned and grows big and fast enough, aphex feels pity for all and steps in and releases saw 3 and buys the art and uses it as the actual cover. OR maybe sagan is with warp and this is some crazy next level viral marketing thing and that really is the cover for saw 3 which is really about to drop! or maybe autism! i mean not! maybe not!
  21. it really does surprise me how there arent more products out there catering to microtuning since synth stuff is supposed to be where all the experimenting is.
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