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  1. lol you mean flip it and move the dog over to the left a bit?
  2. wow i need to play these levels wanna play em vanilla tho, whats a good doom port that doesn't fuck with the game any?
  3. well recently germany pressured facebook/google/twitter/etc to have them crack down on user posts that may go against the agenda. so to me this just seems tied in with germany's now decades long running idea that cracking down on free speech and employing censorship in general is a good way to run a society. especially when you can use it to shut down opposing ideas you can't tolerate. this guy is getting made an example of. they have a deal with turkey now. don't say anything bad about turkey or their leader.
  4. he said he recorded syro to 2 track tape which means it was mixed by him after being meticulously programmed/sequenced. so, according to him, he sequenced all these synths and everything and when he was done hit play, recording to tape, and that was that. no edits or anything. and i'm pretty sure he probably has all the 'proper high end gear' someone needs to do a mix. or doesn't actually need, depending on how you look at it.
  5. yeah dude i mean, you could buy some cheapie deck and maybe luck out and end up with a cool way to process stuff, but it'll only be 2 head and you'll have to do the normal rewind, play to re-record to digital and there will be drift and the length of the re-recorded one won't match up to the original so you'll have to edit or stretch or something if you want or need it to match back up. that can still be good tho, and maybe the deck lasts you for years. but there's always a pretty big risk that you spend some money on one and the belt breaks or melts or something else goes to shit, a chann
  6. i like my tascam 122mkiii because it's direct drive which means there's no belt to worry about, ever melting or getting brittle and snapping. replacing belts can be a megabitch, depending on the deck. but i got lucky with mine and only gave 70 bucks because it was untested. i've been looking at these for a while, thinking that if i ever got another tape recorder this would prob be the one: http://www.audio-ideas.com/reviews/analog-sources/marantz-pmd430.html prob a few others in the pmd line that are good too. you shouldn't have to worry about amplifying the signal if it's line level
  7. for me its not some big spiritual decision, i either edit or don't. i also keep in mind that nobody else is gonna give a fuk
  8. was gonna say pimplypoo but someone else already did. so thats at least 2 votes for pimplypoo
  9. great stuff. has clear influences but still manages to be pretty unique (imo). hollow kingdom is prob my favorite, then sunburnt nitro. my only criticism would be that i feel that some of the tracks maybe should have built up to a more climactic/dramatic ending or have a serious standout moment (like a radical synth solo or something). doesn't apply to every track tho, like medieval frog i think is perfect as it is. anyway love the style and execution is slick, no issues with the mixing for me, and i would def consider buying an album of this stuff
  10. ok so i put a hopefully improved mix of that last track up. https://soundcloud.com/rad-velocity/main-reverbhu8
  11. this is kind of an experiment with processing bits of modular jams with image line's harmor resynthesis https://soundcloud.com/rad-velocity/main-reverb4
  12. a lot of the analord tracks are repetitive and dont really progress or go anywhere and just seem kind of lazy and boring to me. then there are a handful of them that are great tracks. when i say boring for the other ones i mean in the sense that i can't sit down and listen to them, with all my focus. there just isn't enough there. however, for having on in the background when i'm doing something else, they're great. almost like SAW 2 in the sense of the repetition and great tones, and the melodies are still cool even if repetitive.
  13. being a cuck and going to www.watmm.com
  14. well it is a matter of fact that the absolute objectively best snes soundtrack is the one for Super Castlevania IV, but Super Metroid, Zelda III, Chrono Trigger, and prob dozens of others also had great soundtracks (including the donkey kong country games which you mentioned).
  15. maybe moog can and do charge a premium for their products because of their name but good luck finding a good eurorack osc, HP/LP filter, VCA, external input (yes you'd have to buy a module for that), noise source, LFO, ASD envelope generator, buffered mult, VC mixer (with crossfading), and sequencer/keyboard for $600. you won't. especially not with that type of build quality. on the other hand, about every one of those features is seriously gimped compared to what you could get if you bought each thing separately, but you'd be spending waaaay more (and it wouldn't be moog brand, if that ma
  16. yeh ive been mixing down lots of synth layers to mono before recording, lately i mean, the entire basis for the whole track is just one mono recording.. lately
  17. i thought it was said somewhere when analord was first released that it was all analog signal path all the way to the vinyls. and it seems like it would be pretty silly to use all analog synths, and everything else, for what was then a vinyl only release, but then actually record to something like minidisc. so needlessly contrary when i'm sure he has several reel decks. why do that
  18. https://soundcloud.com/rad-velocity/untitled-work-in-progress modular jam i've done some editing on, added some reverb to and resynthesized some bits of using harmor which i just got into and love. thinking i might use harmore to transpose/pitch the main bass thing up and down a bit so it's less monotonous
  19. yeah i think its relevant that he is running for president mainly on a vehicle of him being good for cybersecurity, while going on tv saying he could hack this phone in a half hour
  20. seems to me that everyone is maybe being a bit dishonest here. a) apple claims the gov wants them to install backdoors which would allow them to break into all phones b) apple claims that if they could have cracked this one phone, they would have c) apple says that if they do install back doors allowing the gov to get into this phone, it would allow them to get into all phones and the gov would abuse that maybe i'm misrepresenting one of those points? seems like i've seen these statements made. seems to me that b and c contradict each other. how do you install a back door after the fact
  21. i just dont agree with his assertion that 'taking music seriously' = learning theory
  22. i never said there's nothing to be learned from the past. not even in the context of music. but the fact of the matter is that since you seem bent on this idea that you're somehow going to change the world with music, maybe you should consider the fact that the people who actually originated those theories had way more influence and impact than you ever will merely by applying their ideas.
  23. some people actually dont like music or really care about it enough to get into it beyond what's on the radio or what's packaged in a flashy way that appeals to them i just dont think that simply because i like music, it must be the center of the universe but one thing i definitely know is that the world isn't going to be changed either way, depending on whether i read about music theories concocted by some asshole a century ago and apply his ideas to my music instead of maybe trying to come up with something more my own. nobody is going to care.
  24. or maybe music is herpes and you got it bad
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