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  1. I thought this album was stunning. It's a meditative slow burn for sure, but the sound design is incredible. Subtle, yet super detailed. I also found it to have a pretty deep sadness, like floating through an abyss.
  2. Recorded myself playing a piano version of the Aphex classic. I programmed all the beats as well :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wydRPBDvxs8 There's a link to download the mp3 too if you are interested.
  3. Very nice and hypnotic. Love the texture of the beats and the gauzy synths. Could maybe use a middle section that changes the melody up a little, but that's just my opinion. Well done! Did you create the video yourself? Fits really well with the composition.
  4. Clips from new record REMNANT. I seriously hope it's a full LP. https://soundcloud.com/lorn/sets/remnant
  5. I think this is their best album out of the 3. They've found a great balance between the vocals and music, and it feels natural (unlike some of II, which I found a little awkward). It's also short and sweet. Also, that synth bend in Running is fucking crazy.
  6. Thanks for the feedback guys! Thinking of titling it "Crude Healing"
  7. New little track I just wrote, that I cannot seem to title. Maybe you guys can help me :) https://soundcloud.com/android_402/to-tame
  8. Really nice. Good use of vocals too. They definitely add to the texture. Sometimes sounds like a Bjork remix from the 90s, which is a compliment :)
  9. Really great stuff! Love the aggressive, rhythmic vocal manipulations of the first track. Really interesting percussion too. Very texturally pleasing.
  10. It's in 3/4, but it swings, so the subdivisions are triplets. So I guess a quick 9/8 might also be correct. The piano is syncopated, which can throw the listener off. Anywho, been listening to this track multiple times a day. It's my favorite thing they've written in a while.
  11. Thanks for all the positive feedback guys! Really appreciate it.
  12. Here's a track I just finished, which will be included on the next album. Any comments/thoughts are appreciated. https://soundcloud.com/android_402/building-the-monolith
  13. Really nice. Great breaks and acid. I also agree a little on the lo/mid. I'd recommend taking out some of the lo/mid just in the Twin Peaks synth, boost the highs a little, and maybe add a little reverb. I think it'll open it up a bit. Super cool track though.
  14. Good stuff! I love all the swirly panning fx, and the bass synth that comes in halfway through the first track is lovely. Second track gave me slight Tomorrow's Harvest vibes.
  15. Thanks, guys! I'm pretty excited about this video. And no real Theramin. Just a synth.
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