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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-mwl7iXEVBk
  2. So happy for the new album!.. Maru sounds an absolute treat! Don't like the orbital mix much.
  3. Just downloaded... Nat is sounding great to mine ears! Thanks Plaid!
  4. Great Detroit track from Mr. Hanson, but it doesn't really remind me neither of Whirling of Spirits. It should be apparent that only Balil can make tracks like The Whirling of Spirits, Choke and Fly or Merck. Many have tried all have failed.
  5. I doubt the heights of Shambala will ever be repeated. But this will do for now, hearing them together again gives me a little hope.
  6. Get stuck into those early to mid-nineties labels from east london.
  7. I don't want to sound a knob, but, just get digging mate. They're all there to find. You might not find all the tracks at first but after repetitive searches and time you'll be rewarded with all those gems. It's well worth the effort... anyway it's fun to dig.. ya dig?
  8. Good to hear Andy and Ed together with Kirk Detroit'io again.. been to long. I like the remix, sounding tight and heavy.. da way me likes it :)
  9. Yeah this is an older track... great to see it released! Min-Y-Llan you're doing amazing work.. thank you.
  10. Odica......... tuuuune!
  11. No it's not perfect for myself either, i'd have liked a few of the tracks longer pushing the length time to 1hour. And i do miss those lush bolts and taks... but, all in all i enjoy the album very much.
  12. Got the 3xlp today... Great to have these tracks on vinyl! Nice gate fold and pretty good job with the selection. My vinyl does have a few pops though.
  13. Related to an electronic band, don't be silly. We just rate the album.
  14. Went to Wales biking the weekend, my friend and i played the album on repeat for most of the time on the road. It's a bit of a tradition that began with Spanners, we take the latest (usually just come out) Plaid album with us. Once again the sounds of Ed&Andy was along for the journey driving through the Welsh hills and vallies... just amazing! Classic Plaid all the way!
  15. I grew up on John Carpenter movies and music... loved em. Hate this.
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