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  1. alien dating profile alien selfie anatomy by junji ito lisa frank junji ito studio ghibli food buffet ghosts chilling at the studio ghibli food buffet
  2. posting in a brian trageskin thread
  3. Damn it Salv, you sexy motherfucker 💔
  4. Glunk

    Clark - Death Peak

    Saw him at Simple Things in Bristol the other week. Really fantastic live show. The dancers were there. We stood on the balcony which ended up being a great idea because it was so visual.
  5. with the weed in there? wonder if you can get high from banging a chick who has weed stuffed in her popola. like a weed tampon. wow, weed in a tampon. the possibilities. *drinks more battery fluid* there's weed lube you can get for that
  6. love u for making this thread. love this show so much. bae and i watch it and quote it all the time. rupaul is so tongue-in-cheek about it being a reality show and is probably the only person on the face of the earth who can make product placement funny. paris is burning is so good too. venus xtravaganza standing next to a boombox is one of my fav scenes ever.
  7. actually i take that back, he was great in young hercules
  8. THANK GOD it's a sequel and not a remake. i don't really like ryan gosling that much though
  9. he is right that it’s the sort of comedy that was more acceptable 10-15+ years ago aka before social media blew up. having douchey fans is harder to get away with in the internet age. charls new vid is great. you can’t spoil a good day with bad berries! https://youtu.be/gVtHvItwjHs
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