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  1. In the past couple days, I noticed some posts come up on my Facebook Newsfeed via Jodey Kendrick's account that it appears his wife Heidi, who recorded as Heidi Lord, has passed away from cancer. :( It's so sad to hear it finally got the best of her. It just adds yet another layer of emotion now when I listen to her album English Electric, and to EDM E1: Mount Vernon Soundtrack. Fuck cancer.
  2. Ha! Thanks. ;) It'll be slightly cooler in the winter, and the UV index is gonna be noticeably lower. Although the average highs are about the same, Tampa proper has never hit above 99. I'm gonna miss the bay's cooling effect on those 100+ days. And I'mma miss the fact the average annual snowfall here is 0 inches. :P
  3. So, I've suddenly landed a new job that's in an entirely different state and gotta figure out some cash to make it up there. Thus, I've got up a variety of records and CDs up on Discogs that might be of interest to folks here. It's mostly split between various electronic and metal genres. https://www.discogs.com/seller/amphetadex/profile I've set everything up so people can make me offers on what things are worth. I've only got a few seller ratings on Discogs, but over 500 on eBay if anyone needs further assurance. :) Thanks for shopping!
  4. What's to say teletext aesthetics couldn't be the next big thing in *punk?
  5. Even if not a Colundi level, getting definite Colundi vibes from those melodies. Those plus these beats have me very stoked for this.
  6. Yeah, definitely underrated. At least it will always be remembered as his only film to win the Palme d'Or. :P But that films captures the absurdity of the American underbelly better than almost any "realistic" depiction of it put to film. I love it.
  7. I mean, the French have generally been willing to suck his dick for a movie every now and then. Did they deplete their Lynch film funds?
  8. The use of cracker down here is really weird. It's actually got its own etymology distinct from the use of "cracker" in the rest of the country, and is used to specifically refer to (generally white) folks down here who've got roots going way back, and generally tied to the historic cattle farming and industry in the state. And it's used by those people to refer to themselves as "crackers." Wikipedia seems to have a decent page on it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Florida_cracker That's definitely what it is. I've lived in NC, OH, IN, and PA as well, and they all can have similar levels of batshit but it never gets reported on as much.
  9. Was that the tour revisiting Pink? So sad I missed that. They were amazing when I saw them with Michio Kurihara.
  10. New Boris album due out this year on Sargent House. Based on the single, definitely on the heavy side of things. Not sure of the lead single's relation to the original "Absolutego," but this new one is delicious; real thick guitar and bass riffs, and although predominantly uses Takeshi's vocals, Atsuo actually kicks in with vocals in the latter parts of the song, which is the first time in over a decade we've heard his, if I recall correctly. Article below has tracklist and the video for "Absolutego." http://exclaim.ca/music/article/boris_detail_dear_lp_share_video_for_absolutego
  11. i think there are enough people mic'ing up glass shattering and pots and pans to a delay and distortion pedal as it is Do Pharmakon and Prurient qualify as this? They seem to lead the "p4k noise" crossover trend, much like pitchfork placed a bunch of hype on Deafheaven over other metal acts. Anyway, seems like a decent comp, AS has always put out good releases. Definitely see Melt-Banana live! I know others in here have already sung their praises, but it's really just an incredibly fun, super energetic live experience. Can't speak for the Prurient stuff Pitchfork has been jizzing over, but his random stuff I heard back in the day was just as harsh and loud as Incapacitants, C.C.C.C., etc.
  12. Sadly I've got bills to be paid and downtime on the employment front for the next month, so I'm biting into my music collection to try and stay solvent. I've got the following records (plus one CD) for sale on my eBay account, and while I've tried to put fair prices based on my research on eBay and Discogs, I've left the "Best Offer" open on all to haggle! mu-Ziq, Somerset Avenue Tracks 2xLP Photodementia (Dave Monolith), Fig. 03 12" Photodementia (Dave Monolith), Fig. 04 12" Black Narcissus X (Jodey Kendrick), self-titled LP Death Grips, The Money Store record store day limited (1000) black/white vinyl Electronic Explorations 12" sampler (feat. Akkord, Milanese, Kahn, Ruckspin) Boris Performing "Flood" limited (500) tour CD Napalm Death, Utopia Banished 2012 remaster on limited (100) "slime" colored vinyl Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Arc 12" on limited (200) white, gold, and aqua merge vinyl Smashing Pumpkins, Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness deluxe 6-disc set (dinged up box, but plays great)
  13. Was curious if there actually was a band under this name before, but I'm having no luck finding them lol. This stuff is pretty darn cool from what I've listened to so far, very surprising entry in the series, but I'm digging the new territory. Feels weird to not be waiting on it as a physical release, though....
  14. Got my stuff in the post today, which is excellent! But, I realized I'd never download the 3 new tunes in the last e-mail...and now the WeTransfer link doesn't work. :( Any chance someone could help rectify this?
  15. If those are coming from RIAA numbers at all (consequently, Billboard numbers as well, which use RIAA if I recall), that's actually reflecting their methodology: they count double-disc albums twice (if they total over 100 minutes, if I recall correctly).
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