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  1. I'm loving this so much but still kind of intimidated by the length of it! Been listening to it pretty much constantly last few days and still only like 2/3s through the source album! Got really into long ass albums recently but even then this feels almost to much.. Interested how others suggest listening to this monster, am still not sure whether to curate my own album from it (which would take effort in its self) or just dip in and out when I fancy listening, or drop in and play on shuffle or something? Anyone got any insight on how best to enjoy such a huge body of work?
  2. Had heard bits of this before but had it in my head it was one of his lesser releases for some reason.... But fuck me if it isn't brilliant! And am only like a 10th of the way through the behemoth!
  3. Ohh missed this when it came out and just came across it on bandcamp. Top stuff just what i needed for this mornings working from home! ?
  4. True.. but just saw people tweeting about it on my normal timeline so honestly thought it was about the real Ae for a few mins!!
  5. Saw people tweeting about x æ a-12: and legit thought it was the new Autechre album announcement.. was gutted when I realised it was just some rich twats baby ?
  6. Yeah also picked it up on the 1st..(good old bandcamp day! ) but didn't listen till last night Is really good, not always a fan of remix albums but thought this worked really well as a chosive album and kept the spirt of the original while also sounding very different.. surprised its not come out till now
  7. Remixs of his Some best friends... album. I loved the original album and this is equally brilliant!! http://maxtundra.bandcamp.com/album/best-friends
  8. New Mogwai Soundtrack and it's pay what you like for limited time (though they giving half to charity so chuck some readies at it if you can!) https://mogwai.bandcamp.com/album/zerozerozero
  9. Yes! Need new Actress in my life Was kinda hoping for a young paint full length as well, loved that ep Thought his think with the london orchestra was underrated as well, really good album
  10. Forgot to add Ghosts V and VI to my list. Love them both but yeah V is where its at!.. Much prefer them both to the original Ghosts, top stuff from Trenty boy!
  11. Fuck, see what you mean.. that was a pretty intense 1st listen! Awesome album
  12. Thanks for reminding me this is out! Love her stuff, looking forward to listening
  13. More like quarter year, but anyhow.. Steve Roach - Still Point Secs - Doer Dalglish - _01_2010 Amhain - Lsnsp Plsns Aclds - Anam Dubh Marbhtach Biome - Nostalgia Autechre - OneSix
  14. Nice little e.p, think i prefer vibe of this than the album tbh Sound giving it away for people that bought the album, the IDM super stars really coming through for us during this lockdown (just awaiting something from the BOC bros! ? )
  15. kirm

    AE_STORE Is Live!

    Yeah is so strange how the sets are kinda relaxing and groovey at the same time as being proper sinster and intense.. going to be so much to explore in these fuckers looking forward to spending some serious time with them, making lockdown much more bearable!
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