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  1. He's got 50% off any releases on his bandcamp with code wuksr Just picked up the Rook Vallade archive vol 5 and 6 as didn't get them at the time, originally i sorta skimmed over the Rook stuff as was more interested in the "new" stuff but their fucking amazing going to have to re-listen to the lot
  2. Feel like everyone here forgot about Cex but he has put out some consistently amazing stuff over the years and this is one of his very best! http://mustfinish.bandcamp.com/album/doer
  3. Autechre ... (sorry missed all the earlier people saying this but bears repeating!) Anyhow quite enjoying the new sqpusher (though think NTS mix kicks its arse)
  4. Another new one! (Say's it will be last for awhile) full on ambient mode, haunting and beautiful https://amhain.bandcamp.com/album/lsnsp-plsns
  5. fuck... this is awesome! He really needs to put out a new album
  6. New 1 up and it's a particularly amazing one! Reminds me a bit Benach Drann Deachd (which is still prob my fav album by him) and prob made around the same time, as says this new upload is salvaged from 2010 http://amhain.bandcamp.com/album/01-2010
  7. Fucking love this mix... have a feeling I may end up playing this more than the new album! Though tbf not heard the album yet cause cant be arsed with the leak and so much other shit to listen to at the min
  8. Yeah big up Mr Douglas and hope he is OK. He has released so much amazing Music.. All the releases over the last 18 months are so are amazing, if you haven't already well recommend checking them out! https://amhain.bandcamp.com/
  9. Properly excited for a new sqpusher album for the 1st time in like 15 years, and don't even care if it is a disappointment (not that I think it will be) cause have the warp 30 mix in full qual and its melting my face off! 🙂
  10. You read his message on bandcamp? Really sad hope he alright.. love his music new 1 sounding awesome as per
  11. Bet some people that shelled out over 200 quid just for that 1 Burial Track are pretty disappointed! 😉 Having said that I quite like it for what it is.. and works quite nicely at the end of my little Burial Ambient playlist
  12. Btw Starlore rip is out there... sticking this on my little playlist with subtemple beachfires and stateforest Not my favourite flavour of Burial tbf but find his forays into dark ambient style pretty cool
  13. Even more satanic its from James blunt! Well think it maybe a sample from a youtube cover of this song.. But yeah I've cained all the tunes on this new comp to death over the last decade but still v much enjoying them in this new contect Also love old tape more and more..been listening to that and the Luke Slater Love remix loads recently
  14. Oh and new Actress (or young paint full length) he was meant to have something out this year I thought but no sign of it, so mayhap something early 2020?
  15. Took me quite a few listens to get into violent sleep of reason but for me was a big grower and is now one of my fav Meshuggah's! But yeah ready for something new. Also Was listening to Monolake last night and thinking he must be due something new soon, so hopeful for a release next year
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