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  1. Actually quite like this...have a feeling many won't though! Not my fav style from him but it's kinda what I was expecting, though the literal vocal samples were a bit of a suprise!
  2. Nah don't so. Reckon it's just that funeral director happens to have same name though is pretty funny coincidence
  3. Not sure but bet he shifts some units tbf and although no new album he has still pretty consistently released stuff..bet he does better than most other artists we discuss on here tbh! Though guess the fact he never plays out will affect his music income
  4. Nice suprise to wake up to! Only had 1 listen but very much enjoyed it so far Blackdown is worth checking out I enjoyed his Those moments album a few years back is that "weightless " ambient grime sound. Also been enjoying his recent Rollage series of dark 130 bpm rollers!
  5. Not sure but it definitely channels his spirit!
  6. These are so good strong contender for my fav release so far this year https://coh-official.bandcamp.com/track/soisong-broadcast-1 https://coh-official.bandcamp.com/track/soisong-broadcast-2 https://coh-official.bandcamp.com/track/soisong-broadcast-3 On 02.01.2021 truck drivers and winemakers in Bordeaux region, France, witnessed an unusual radio transmission on AM carrier frequency 1202.1 kHz. The signal was weak and contained no information except for what sounded like a radio call from an unknown station. However, two of the witnesses also reported hearing voices reading n
  7. Where the fuck is Dolphinz btw? Though Think its just going to be dark minimal ambient style jobby which I do enjoy from him but doesn't excite as much as his other stuff.
  8. Fuck knows how this passed me by..but pleased I finally listened as loving it!
  9. Erm..has anyone listened to the new Rook Vallade? Cause if not you should! think its my fav of all the rook stuff and seem to remember them getting fair bit of love when the 1st archival releases went up. Know I'm a bit of a broken record bigging up this guy stuff but this 1 really does feel like a lost classic 90s IDM album, and mad to think he just tossing this out now as a 7th archival release...so fucking good!!
  10. New Rook Vallade up!! Not listened yet but already purchased as know it will be amazing Strangely wasn't that into the rook releases at 1st as was more interested in his new shit but got well into them last year proper amazing before its time stuff and sure this will be more of the same cant wait to listen later! https://amhain.bandcamp.com/album/arcv-dts-91-98-vol-vii
  11. New seaes one is sounding awesome (well the bits I've heard so far! Looking forward to dipping in more) And still feel like I'm fully exploring the jan and end of last releases! So prolific, but its all so good!!
  12. Yep! Big fan and agree the new one is particularly good
  13. Ha! I kind off agree...yet still really like it!
  14. Feel like this is the kind of thing I would have written off as to middle of the road some years back, but have to say really enjoying it!! Maybe I'm just getting soft in my old age but is a really nice listen and can see it get lots of repeat plays from me.👍
  15. Thought he was taking a bit of a break but pleasantly suprised to see he's got a new 1 out and its sounding awesome! https://amhain.bandcamp.com/album/f-wr-sk Well recommended for the chilly dark January nights (or why not blast it in summer if you live in Southern hemisphere!) Though do find I personaly appreciate his work much more in the darker days...very much music to play in the dark for me...but the guys a treasure either way!
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