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  1. I'm so out of touch am even late to the - "thought this was just hipster shite with a stupid name, but just listened and its really good" club! Really loving this album can see me playing this a lot this summer.
  2. Loving this on first couple of listens, I enjoyed her 1st 2 albums but this sounds like a proper step up again.
  3. Really thought they would just drop the album without any announcement/ waiting bullshit.. oh well at least its on its way and what's a few more months after all this time! New songs sound really fucking nice!
  4. Surprised how enjoyable this is! Also this is made me chuckle! but also surprisingly good., prob shits on some of mozza's own recent stuff to be honest! Morrisey mixed with Amazon P90X reviews:
  5. Cool, enjoyed his 1st album so will be checking this out
  6. Wasn't really in the right head space for Stage 6 when it came out but really got into it this week, a fitting and beautiful ending. Am homebound recoverying from surgery so took the opportunity to listen to all 6 stages back to back today.. awesome journey! Works really well as one big album descending into chaos and listening to it all in one go made the blissfull ending even more emotional
  7. Yeah its April.. that means 2 hours of Ae every Thursday again right? ;) Though am off work after herina op with time to kill so might do full 8 hrs NTS marathon today.. always meant to try listen to the full thing in one go and never really had time till now.. so bring it on!
  8. Is no one else loving IOS' 75% version just as it is? Been my go to driving music recently
  9. kirm

    Autechre and Melody

    Listened to this for first time in awhile the other day and had forgotten how beautiful the melody is ♥
  10. The bonus albun is lovely.. not actualy listened to Stage 6 yet waiting till I can give it my proper attention RiP Caretaker thanks for all the amazing music! And Looking forward to whatever Mr Kirby comes at us with next
  11. Lux is one of my fav albums by him and I also really enjoy Reflection when in the right mood. The tom rogerson collab alum Finding Shore he did other year was nice to. Though as much as I love Eno his discog is huge and there still loads of it I haven't heard, so not sure if am best placed to comment!
  12. I am the only one that loved rodent? Didn't get it at first but it grew on me and really like it But then again I love rival dealer and think this is one of the best things he has done.. Some of his other recent stuff hasn't quite hit the mark for me but he still has it!
  13. Seems bit odd to start a new release thread just to diss it but whatevs;) Personally am very much looking forward to this and enjoyed the new track.. holly's a boss
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