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  1. There was some rumour on Twitter where random producers said he had been sampled for Burials new album due out in December...taking it very much with a pinch of salt (while also holding out hope!)
  2. Think he may have had a problem with the old drink and drugs, sure I remember reading him saying something about it (or I could just be basing this on the below video! 😉 ) So this might explain some of his dickish behavior! I spoke to him briefly after show in manc many years ago and thought he seemed sound, but maybe it was me that was the fucked up nob then! 🤪 Would like to hear some new stuff from him though, the Kids got skills!
  3. Actress - Karma & Desire (and shout out to 88!) Auteche - Sign / Plus Chris Douglas - Every thing he has done this year but particular shouts to these 3 https://amhain.bandcamp.com/album/01-2010, https://amhain.bandcamp.com/album/lsnsp-plsns, https://amhain.bandcamp.com/album/nov-20-59 Cex - Doer Steve Roach - A Soul Ascends /Tomorrow Deftones - Ohms Puscifer - Existential Reckoning Nine Inch Nails - Ghosts V Monolake - Archaeopteryz Shakleton & Zimpel - Primal Forms Vennart - In the Dead, dead wood Charles Webster - Decision Tim
  4. After my initial dissapoitment that the burial collab is just a very slightly diff version of the remix, I have ended up falling in love with this album just such a nice chilled vibe Perfect sunny autumn Sunday morning music! https://charleswebster.bandcamp.com/album/decision-time
  5. kirm

    SIGN or PLUS?

    As much as I enjoy PLUS after living with them both for a bit can confirm SIGN is by far the better album for me. Think as others have said SIGN is so much more cohesive as an album and think its kinda a landmark release in the evolution of the sound, PLUS is fun but feels bit more like random collection of (awesome) tracks and don't think it brings much new to the Ae party..but fuck me its still an amazing party!! Thx for both Shean and Rerb!!
  6. Is hard to recommend when he has done so much and depends which flavour of his you like the best That being said this has a special place in my heart but might just be cause this was when I first fully got in to him https://steveroach.bandcamp.com/album/trance-archeology
  7. Money shot is still prob my fav by them but new 1 might just knock it off top spot! Was also bit underwhelmed 😉 by singles when I heard them in isolation but love them now in context of the album, though tbf think it is an album a lot of people on here wouldn't enjoy, but I love it!
  8. Yeah would be up for album by them 3 the witness track is pretty nice. Also still hoping for a Danny album of synth and drum jams at somepoint Btw don't think it has its own thread but new Puscifer album is awesome..couldn't really be much further away from Tools sound but personally I'm very much enjoying it
  9. Think I've played this about 20 times now.. and I think it's fucking brilliant!
  10. Really enjoying this and think its a nice update to his sound, liking the more colourful almost 80s tinge to some of this. And the sound design and fullness of the sound is top notch.
  11. shit.. also forgot this was due out, lots of new music to get enjoy this lockdown weekend ! 🙂
  12. Nov one is up.. is long one as well! Listening now and sounding amazing so far... love all his stuff but think this might be a particularly special one. https://amhain.bandcamp.com/album/nov-20-59
  13. Listened to SIGN + PLUS all in one go earlier.. worked better as 1 long album (flow-wise) then I was expecting! Also was kinda funny that while SIGN was playing I was thinking PLUS is good, but this is so the better album... but then into PLUS I was like, wait a min maybe not! Interesting idea..So going to try in that way round as well!
  14. Its really good.. has kept growing on me with repeated listens and think this may displace RIP as my fav by him Very strong contender for aoty which is pretty impressive in a year where Ae have dropped 2 amaxing albums!
  15. Yeah also getting ep7 / Confield vibes from this... sooo good. X4 is the one right now
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