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  1. Yeah v true. Descending in particular is clearly about the end of the world but also shout out to this prob being the end of tool. Also think the line all hail our lethargy is bit of a swipe at his band mates taking their sweet time! If this is Tools last its a very fitting Swan Song.. but am also kinda hoping this will invigorate them and they knock another album out in a couple of years! Would actually love to hear what it would sound like if they all just recorded something quick and raw together.
  2. Hmmm.. This made me chuckle ๐Ÿ™‚ https://thehardtimes.net/music/new-tool-album-sounds-exactly-the-same-played-backwards/
  3. Yeah Descending is my favourite at the minute, so good! Love the whole album and defo think its contender for their best album. Still early days but think I might prefer it to Lateralus. Will prob be hard for it to dethrone Aenima for me though.
  4. Yeah think Danny Carey solo album could be pretty cool!
  5. kirm

    Late 80s Tape

    Yeah was confused there wasn't more discussion on this, but as you say maybe got lost in all the warp tapes hype! Is an interesting listen and sounded legit to my ears! Defo sounds like what they say they started off doing and think if someone was going to fake early Ae it wouldn't sound like this but would be more trying to sound like Incunabula /amber
  6. Loving this more with each listen. Is far better than I expected and may even be one of my fav albums by them, but time will tell! Also agree (and suprised) that the interludes are good!..Well apart from mockingbeat which feels a bit pointless after the beast which is 7empest!
  7. Yeah really liking it so far (think i might already prefer it to 10,000 days) I actually quite liked the more chilled and minimal use of vocals. Think it suites the vibe of the album and really enjoying the instrumental sections.
  8. Random question but where the fuck do you buy decent quality none electronic digital downloads!? Is mad seems like this is only available as stupid overpriced physical or shitty itunes/amazon. Oh well guess I will end up just listening on spotify or stealing off the internet! Has full digital version with all the tracks leaked yet? (Although fuck knows why I'm bothered about the interludes as normaly theirs are dog shit! So cd version may be way forward! )
  9. Yeah I've been listening to this recently, didn't spend much time with it when it first came out... so good!! https://amhain.bandcamp.com/album/12-12-12 Be interested to see what other people favs are of his stuff from past 18 months, there are so good but there is so much of it (and its all a pretty dense listen) so not sure which ones to re-listen to next!
  10. The 2 new releases are awesome! Think this will set me off on another Chris Douglas Binge.. Started re-listening to the other Amhain albums last night and had forgotten how good they were, he released so much last year I still need to spend more time with it to properly appreciate it all.
  11. Nice.. downloading these 2 new ones now
  12. Awesome! Is this getting digital release though? Be gutted if its vinyl only ๐Ÿ˜ž Edit- Sorry just read the boomkat link all good, is digital 2! When saw this announced earlier on another site i couldn't see any mention of digital so was getting worried!
  13. Reading these reviews made me moist! 7empest sounds like its going to be amazing
  14. Yeah love Isis.. Oceanic is still my fav but do agree you can make the case for tthem getting better as they go. I get the tool comparison and guess there may have been some cross over influence wise.. but Tool didn't give rise to Isis, they more came from post-hardcore, Neurosis and that
  15. Think you fuckers need to transmutate your leaden grudges into gold
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