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  1. Album's Cex - Cave Paintings Robert Rich - Tactile Ground Ae Live Ae - Warp Tapes 89_93 Holly Herndon - Proto The Caretaker - Stage 6 & Everywhere, an empty bliss Rod Modell - Captagon Thom Yorke - Anima Tool - Fear Inoculum Tunes of Negation - Reach the Endless Sea Floating Points - Crush Caterina Barbieri - Ecstatic Computation Steve Roach - Trance Archaeology Ep's Scld - Feall Beul Amhain - Alesolepsnenvejvos Burial - Claustro / State Forest Shackleton - Furnace of Guts North Bed Mancs - Gaz Ohm Eater Joy Orbison - Slipping Andy Stott - It Should be us
  2. Listen to a session each week on the same day/time to re-live the A(e)pril 2018 experience!
  3. Yeah did it enjoy it to be fair but haven't listened to it for awhile think it may be time to give it another spin Looking forward to the new album in 2020!
  4. This is really nice rhythmic tribal ambient stylee..and it's pay what you like for another 24 hrs on bandcamp I think https://steveroach.bandcamp.com/album/trance-archeology
  5. Yeah this is awesome and also see it as a return to form.. i did enjoy his recent stuff but didn't quite have the same magic as what came before, feels like its back here
  6. He is well appropriating fox culture though the bastard
  7. Yeah they do, they live in that culture and society and benefit from its power structures which still mostly benefit white males Thought from a purely aesthetic point of view she rocked them tbf!
  8. Thats not true though is it? As well as the individual there is culture and society.. and society still has power structures built on the same systems of oppression both consciously and unconsciously. Having said that total agree people can have whatever hair do they like and most calls of cultural appropriation are complete bullshit Nina's response to the discwoman lass was pretty stupid though, but in general the level of discourse on internet and twitter in particular is awful.. people love calling shit out as problematic for no reason
  9. Yeah prick teasing bastard! Could have at least dumped some unrealsed older stuff Though hopeful this might mean something else on the way in the near future
  10. Fuck this is really good.. wasn't expecting it to be quite so "idm" but this sounds really works for him and still with his own jazzy style..very impressed
  11. If you have found Shacks more recent stuff too weird and prog, there is a fair chance you wont like this! 🙂 Personally I love it, but having said that would be interested to hear some more dancefloor orientated stuff from him soon, furnace of guts was in that style and was nice to see he can still deliver on that front as well.
  12. This is out now... and sounding as crazy and psychedelic as the art work would suggest!
  13. I also like to bust some b-boy moves to Glos ceramic!
  14. kirm

    the Coil thread

    Put off getting Swanyard as thought it's just more backwards demos.. (which it is tbf) But now i finally got it enjoying it much more than I thought i would.. some really good stuff on it. Worth getting just for this alone actually!
  15. Think it was in the other thread about lack of classic chorus or something? But I could be mistaken, anyhow its fair enough you not enjoying it and understand your reasons, I was just messing really.
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