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  1. I know few people have said this could be continuation of onesix sound but based on absolutely nothing at all, I have a strong feeling this album will be them handing us a new bunch of parameters and sound very different from last few releases!
  2. Awesome news!! I know lots of people excited for a normal length album but i love the longer form Ae, kinda worried that am going to listen to this wishing every track was 20 mins long! 🤣 I quite like the cover art, but not that keen on the title... but who cares, new Autechre!! Can't wait to hear it
  3. Its on his Youtube channel as him as well though.. but fuck knows whats going on 😃 Maybe this is young paint gone solo!
  4. Fuck this is really good! Btw as much as normaly prefer to use bandcamp when poss if anyone is after the digital it is a bargin on bleep! They have priced it like a 3 track ep when it's clearly an album in 3 parts.. but not complaining! ☺ https://bleep.com/artist/148293-shackleton-zimpel
  5. Nice.. not listened yet but it involves Shackleton so know am going to love it!
  6. Weird to tag it as him on spotify, youtube etc if its not actually him!? Think he just fucking with us, but not complaining loving all the recent activity and looking forward to Karma & desire!
  7. What is going on!.. not sure what to male of that on first listen, very sketchy and basic but kinda fun!! Is it available to download anywhere?
  8. Apparently the new mix tape is not actually Actress! 😃 it is worth a listen though! https://xlr8r.com/news/download-a-new-beat-tape-by-actress/
  9. New mix tape is lush, diff style from him full on smoked out hip hop vibe but really enjoying it!!
  10. Echoing the love for this! So good Also think I will prob end up liking this more than the "proper" album but hope he manages to prove me wrong!
  11. Right makes sense, password pretty obvious now you say it but I was to dense to figure out so thanks for the link @species8472 🙂
  12. This is really nice! What's the who is actress site all about though? Anyone figured out the password? This is bonus freebie me think the karma & desire album still coming in oct
  13. I'm loving this so much but still kind of intimidated by the length of it! Been listening to it pretty much constantly last few days and still only like 2/3s through the source album! Got really into long ass albums recently but even then this feels almost to much.. Interested how others suggest listening to this monster, am still not sure whether to curate my own album from it (which would take effort in its self) or just dip in and out when I fancy listening, or drop in and play on shuffle or something? Anyone got any insight on how best to enjoy such a huge body of work?
  14. Had heard bits of this before but had it in my head it was one of his lesser releases for some reason.... But fuck me if it isn't brilliant! And am only like a 10th of the way through the behemoth!
  15. Ohh missed this when it came out and just came across it on bandcamp. Top stuff just what i needed for this mornings working from home! ?
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