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  1. Really loving PLUS right now, when they came out I thought sign was by far the better album (still do think it's my fav of 2 tbh) but I actually ended up not listening to Plus much, so rediscovering it now is a bit like having a new Ae album to get into all over again!! Listening to it without comparing it to its brethren has really opened up this album for me.
  2. You no what I haven't actually heard Koch! Will get on it!
  3. I listened to bits of the earlier eps when they came out but didn't really grab me at the time...but now this is out as a full album I'm fucking obsessed by it! One of my fav albums this year for sure
  4. Also not sure! Though think it's a mixture old stuff new stuff and mixes of other people's stuff.. I like the fact its ambiguous though fits the whole spooky broadcast vibe..really is like tuning in to some haunted radio station from another dimension!
  5. 7 up! Feel like these just keep getting better as well https://coh-official.bandcamp.com/track/soisong-broadcast-7
  6. At last! Hyped for this still play his stuff regularly also thought he had fucked off for good so well Pleased he is back!
  7. Really good stuff.. just listening to vol 2 and asteroid beach is beautiful 😍
  8. Awesome album..agree as good as his Collabs are its nice to have a solo album from him
  9. I love that bit! but my tolerance to that sort of shite is pretty high 🙃 Tbh when I first heard the album was worried it was a little to nice and inoffensive so do get people criticisms of it..but I fucking love it now & can't stop listening! Excited to hear the new ross from friends album as well, think both these guys are awesome & aren't really lofi or gimmicky at all anymore but still keep a little of that vibe from the lofi house thing...whatever you want to call it these 2 are making some of the most enjoyable music for me right now
  10. #6 is up on bandcamp! https://coh-official.bandcamp.com/album/soisong-broadcast-6
  11. New 1 up Not listened yet but sure to be quality as always! The one from last month was particularly good as well..bandcamp day as well so good time to lob some well deserved cash to the man https://amhain.bandcamp.com/
  12. Amazing news!!! Not listened to the 1st track yet...but no need to, insta buy for sure & pre order in. The only question is do I wait for full thing to be out to listen 🤔
  13. Yeah also big fan of this, not listened to all that much of his stuff but I absolutely love this and the place where the black stars hang...really should check out more by him
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