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  1. Erm..has anyone listened to the new Rook Vallade? Cause if not you should! think its my fav of all the rook stuff and seem to remember them getting fair bit of love when the 1st archival releases went up. Know I'm a bit of a broken record bigging up this guy stuff but this 1 really does feel like a lost classic 90s IDM album, and mad to think he just tossing this out now as a 7th archival release...so fucking good!!
  2. New Rook Vallade up!! Not listened yet but already purchased as know it will be amazing Strangely wasn't that into the rook releases at 1st as was more interested in his new shit but got well into them last year proper amazing before its time stuff and sure this will be more of the same cant wait to listen later! https://amhain.bandcamp.com/album/arcv-dts-91-98-vol-vii
  3. New seaes one is sounding awesome (well the bits I've heard so far! Looking forward to dipping in more) And still feel like I'm fully exploring the jan and end of last releases! So prolific, but its all so good!!
  4. Yep! Big fan and agree the new one is particularly good
  5. Ha! I kind off agree...yet still really like it!
  6. Feel like this is the kind of thing I would have written off as to middle of the road some years back, but have to say really enjoying it!! Maybe I'm just getting soft in my old age but is a really nice listen and can see it get lots of repeat plays from me.👍
  7. Thought he was taking a bit of a break but pleasantly suprised to see he's got a new 1 out and its sounding awesome! https://amhain.bandcamp.com/album/f-wr-sk Well recommended for the chilly dark January nights (or why not blast it in summer if you live in Southern hemisphere!) Though do find I personaly appreciate his work much more in the darker days...very much music to play in the dark for me...but the guys a treasure either way!
  8. Also haven't heard original but enjoying the remix drums sound awesome
  9. Yeah lack of low end bothers me a bit but think its an aesthetic choice..he is going phone speakers on back of bus stylee...infact reminds me more of listening to shitty quality rave tapes with mates on bus to school on shitty Walkman one earphone each! Ahh good old days Also seem to remember it got a lot of hate at the time but recommend pairing this with his inner city life remix for more of that vibe! Ohh and agree on her revolution being a grower...starting to really fall in love with it now (still not really feeling the other track though)
  10. "Sorry I'm a dick" part keeps me making me grin. Maybe thats him apologising to all you new school Burial haters!
  11. Yes!!..very much enjoyed on 1st listen.. wtf on wait for 2nd track though!? But like someone says above maybe its not even finished yet! And oh well at least confirmed new burial track for 2021 Do get the impression he likes just prick teasing & drip feeding odd bits and bobs, wonder if he is really is done with the album format
  12. Yes! Meant to post this but forgot plus everyone here seems to have forget about the Cex man 😞 very diff flavour from him but very much enjoying it you all also need to listen to this beauty from earlier this year if you haven't already https://mustfinish.bandcamp.com/album/doer
  13. Holy shite! needed this right now, thanks so so much you beautiful bastards!!
  14. Dec one up! And yet another excellent release, the quality and quantity from him has been mad, props once again to Mr Douglas https://amhain.bandcamp.com/album/dec-20-60
  15. There was some rumour on Twitter where random producers said he had been sampled for Burials new album due out in December...taking it very much with a pinch of salt (while also holding out hope!)
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