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  1. From an interview in 1993.
  2. ZoeB

    Studio tour

    Aww, yeah, I think they got me good and proper there... ?
  3. ZoeB

    Studio tour

    Might be interesting...
  4. I still maintain he needs to hire an assistant to help out with things like digitising his old tracks, so he can concentrate on actually making music.
  5. I tried that at the time of the CWLP, but Richard/Grant weren't interested... Thanks for asking back then, it was worth a shot! Yeah - I tried to convince them to do Melodies from Mars (aka CAT087) but Grant insisted Richard had 'plans' for it, and likewise for the ABB5. It's a hell of a long trip to Mars, innit? Huh, well that'll be nice if he does ever get around to it. It's certainly a good reason for saying no to releasing the existing version, that he's hoping to make an even better version instead.
  6. I tried that at the time of the CWLP, but Richard/Grant weren't interested... Thanks for asking back then, it was worth a shot!
  7. ZoeB

    Crack Magazine

  8. So can we look into crowdsourcing this like with the Caustic Window LP..?
  9. Ah, cool. I hadn't noticed it before. Thanks.
  10. Has this been mentioned here yet? https://aphextwin.warp.net/release/85662-afx-analord-07 I saw someone add it to MusicBrainz.
  11. He had a Roland R-8 early on (including the SN-R8-04 card for TR-808 samples, and Simmons tom as on Green Calx). At least, that's what I'm inferring from what DRN said. So perhaps the acoustic samples are from that too, distorted a little, with reverb from the QuadraVerb? I'm not sure, they're not the most interesting sounds he's used... I know he used the VCS3 a fair bit during the ...ICBYD/Ventolin era, I think for things like ring mod... And he'd do things like flange white noise, probably with the QuadraVerb... And he said he sampled hitting an ammo box from the inside with a wireless mic, if memory serves... Though for nice metallic drum hits, personally I like sending a brief burst of noise to a spring reverb... Things like ring mod can work well too... He also sort of confirmed using an aerosol as an open hat, like in S'Express. Just think laterally and you'll do fine. That's all I have off the top of my head right now. I briefly had a QuadraVerb the other year, and you know what? It was just regular effects, awkward to program through a fiddly menu. It's not the equipment you use (or only to a certain extent, at most). Work out what weird things you can do. SAW 85-92 still sounds great, and that used TR-808 samples, not the real thing, and was premastered to Compact Cassette. Make do with what you have, be creative. Otherwise it's a cargo cult emulating the specific examples of another person's lateral thought.
  12. Thanks! Yeah, it's almost all hardware. The only samples I used were of the Mellotron. Everything else is my Doepfer A-100 through an AnaMod ATS-1. (I think that's right, anyway. I could be wrong, I've made a few more tracks since then and my memory's terrible...) What am I using exactly? Let's see... I think that about covers it!
  13. We should make a compilation of classic IDM tracks fixed by Watmm, with phudoshin's Coathanger edit and whatever else Albums "fixed" too. I am so ready for this! Selected Ambient Works 85-92 only i and Green Calx are now Sam's Car.
  14. :Unicode thumbs up emoticon that IP.Board censored in its infinite wisdom:
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