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  1. Yamaha HS5s. DrumStation, the yellow first revision kind.
  2. Thanks! I took this photo just after putting the studio back together, before using it again... I've got the two modulars patched up again now, so it's somewhat messy again, heh... Nah, they're Canford. Much nicer than the previous ones I had too.
  3. SH-101 many many years ago, to pay rent. I missed it until I got an A-100. Oddly, I never missed the TB-303... I'm on my third DrumStation, so I guess that's one that's borderline worth selling/keeping. Even for digital sounds, twiddling knobs beats browsing samples (at least for me), it's just I usually end up making my own patches on the modular instead. Not that you can really get rid of it, but I kinda miss the tracking days too... But I like my current setup too much to get back into it...
  4. Nearly there revamping the studio...
  5. That looks like a really interesting sequencer, cheers!
  6. Necromancing this thread because I always wondered whether he used Notator or Cubase, given those were the two main MIDI sequencers on the Atari ST in the early 90s... And it turned out (at least for Analogue Bubblebath 3 opener .215061) it was neither. There was a more obscure MIDI sequencer on the Atari ST called Dr. T's Tiger, and he used the cut down version of that, Tiger Cub. You joke, but I happened to use a toaster in my last track... Hell, I'm listening to .000890569 right now, and that starts off with a vacuum cleaner...
  7. ZoeB

    Studio tour

    Aww, yeah, I think they got me good and proper there... ?
  8. ZoeB

    Studio tour

    Might be interesting...
  9. I still maintain he needs to hire an assistant to help out with things like digitising his old tracks, so he can concentrate on actually making music.
  10. I tried that at the time of the CWLP, but Richard/Grant weren't interested... Thanks for asking back then, it was worth a shot! Yeah - I tried to convince them to do Melodies from Mars (aka CAT087) but Grant insisted Richard had 'plans' for it, and likewise for the ABB5. It's a hell of a long trip to Mars, innit? Huh, well that'll be nice if he does ever get around to it. It's certainly a good reason for saying no to releasing the existing version, that he's hoping to make an even better version instead.
  11. I tried that at the time of the CWLP, but Richard/Grant weren't interested... Thanks for asking back then, it was worth a shot!
  12. ZoeB

    Crack Magazine

  13. So can we look into crowdsourcing this like with the Caustic Window LP..?
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