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  1. 21 hours ago, pizza said:

    also has the benefit of zero distractions

    Totally!  Even my main setup has helps with this, using a separate computer to record on.  If I get bored while recording a part, I don't check social media sites, I start messing with the oscillator's footing or the filter's cutoff point, adding little flourishes that make the track idiosyncratic and mine.

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  2. 10 hours ago, Wunderbar said:

    What made u go for an atari instead of a tracker like renoise?

    I still haven't got around to properly trying out Renoise, in my mind trackers are sequencer+sampler combos...  As for the Atari ST, I'd like to occasionally try composing without any modern DAWs as it seems like the change might be somewhat inspiring; I thought it'd be fun to try out the combination everyone was using back in the day (ST + S1000); I have this theory that the tech you use, especially the sequencer, affects the style of music you make, so I wanted to try out various now-free old MIDI sequencers (Tiger Cub, anyone?); and given that I often tend to make one or two sections and essentially mute/unmute their tracks in buildups to make whole pieces of music, I wanted to try out Creator, which seemed to be designed from that viewpoint.  Creator in particular seems to bridge the ideas between MIDI sequencers (a single long list of MIDI events, grouped into tracks) and earlier digital sequencers (patterns chained together into songs), with muting being automatable.

    I mean, it was good enough for Fatboy Slim, the Future Sound of London, and Orbital...

    Curiously, my first track with Creator sounds (to my ears, at least) just like my teenage Impulse Tracker music, only now I'm adding delay and reverb in the mix.  Which is nice.

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  3. On 7/11/2021 at 11:25 AM, Rubin Farr said:

    What did you use to hang your patch cords? I made a wooden rack attempt and it was fugly.

    Ack, only just noticed this reply, sorry!  It's a Voltcraft ML-1 OR.  My partner had some spare, and she was kind enough to screw one into the wall for me.  I gather they're intended for electronics engineers to use, but they're just about a perfect fit for 3.5 mm cables too, although these braided ones are slightly pushing it.  Anyway, yeah, I recommend them to Eurorack users.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Wunderbar said:

    What speaker are those ?

    Yamaha HS5s.

    18 minutes ago, TubularCorporation said:

    Drum Station or Super Bass Station on the upper right?  I can't tell for sure.

    DrumStation, the yellow first revision kind.

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  5. 4 hours ago, Silent Member said:

    Oh wow, that's the nicest cable arrangement I've ever seen. Super clean.

    Thanks!  I took this photo just after putting the studio back together, before using it again...  I've got the two modulars patched up again now, so it's somewhat messy again, heh...

    1 hour ago, psn said:

    Are those the IKEA shelves made 19" racks?

    Nah, they're Canford.  Much nicer than the previous ones I had too.

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  6. SH-101 many many years ago, to pay rent.  I missed it until I got an A-100.  Oddly, I never missed the TB-303...

    I'm on my third DrumStation, so I guess that's one that's borderline worth selling/keeping.  Even for digital sounds, twiddling knobs beats browsing samples (at least for me), it's just I usually end up making my own patches on the modular instead.

    Not that you can really get rid of it, but I kinda miss the tracking days too...  But I like my current setup too much to get back into it...

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  7. Necromancing this thread because I always wondered whether he used Notator or Cubase, given those were the two main MIDI sequencers on the Atari ST in the early 90s...  And it turned out (at least for Analogue Bubblebath 3 opener .215061) it was neither.  There was a more obscure MIDI sequencer on the Atari ST called Dr. T's Tiger, and he used the cut down version of that, Tiger Cub.

    On 12/1/2011 at 10:32 AM, noise said:

    a toaster

    You joke, but I happened to use a toaster in my last track...  Hell, I'm listening to .000890569 right now, and that starts off with a vacuum cleaner...

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  8. On 11/30/2019 at 2:13 PM, donquixote said:

    does anyone know what desk(s) Rich had in Lannerlog or Clissold?



    I don't know why, but I'm anti-big mixers, for some reason. The mixer I record with at home is only about so big; it's 8-channel, and I've got a 16-channel one which is even smaller. I don't know what it is. It's got no writing on it - I found it in a second-hand shop... I think it was home-made, and some of the pots were a bit dodgy, so I've changed it around. I just really like small things. Big mixers are a rip-off. I can't imagine spending £100,000 on a mixer for 20dB less hiss. Turn the treble down at the output and you've saved yourself a hundred grand.

    From an interview in 1993.

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  9. I just bumped that thread saying “please” and he replied a few minutes later:


    “would love to sort it, unfortunately I can only do one thing at a time, so if I do that then I have to stop with making new stuff, I try to go to it when I can.”


    I still maintain he needs to hire an assistant to help out with things like digitising his old tracks, so he can concentrate on actually making music.




    So can we look into crowdsourcing this like with the Caustic Window LP..?

    I tried that at the time of the CWLP, but Richard/Grant weren't interested...


    Thanks for asking back then, it was worth a shot!

    Yeah - I tried to convince them to do Melodies from Mars (aka CAT087) but Grant insisted Richard had 'plans' for it, and likewise for the ABB5.


    It's a hell of a long trip to Mars, innit?


    Huh, well that'll be nice if he does ever get around to it.  It's certainly a good reason for saying no to releasing the existing version, that he's hoping to make an even better version instead.

  11. He had a Roland R-8 early on (including the SN-R8-04 card for TR-808 samples, and Simmons tom as on Green Calx).  At least, that's what I'm inferring from what DRN said.  So perhaps the acoustic samples are from that too, distorted a little, with reverb from the QuadraVerb?  I'm not sure, they're not the most interesting sounds he's used...  I know he used the VCS3 a fair bit during the ...ICBYD/Ventolin era, I think for things like ring mod...  And he'd do things like flange white noise, probably with the QuadraVerb...  And he said he sampled hitting an ammo box from the inside with a wireless mic, if memory serves...  Though for nice metallic drum hits, personally I like sending a brief burst of noise to a spring reverb...  Things like

    ring mod can work well too...  He also sort of confirmed using an aerosol as an open hat, like in S'Express.  Just think laterally and you'll do fine.  That's all I have off the top of my head right now.


    I briefly had a QuadraVerb the other year, and you know what?  It was just regular effects, awkward to program through a fiddly menu.  It's not the equipment you use (or only to a certain extent, at most).  Work out what weird things you can do.  SAW 85-92 still sounds great, and that used TR-808 samples, not the real thing, and was premastered to Compact Cassette.  Make do with what you have, be creative.  Otherwise it's a cargo cult emulating the specific examples of another person's lateral thought.

  12. Crisp AF. I could tell it's hardware even I didn't know that you were into that kind of stuff. Unless it isn't hardware of course please point the way to the vst. Though there's a crispness to it that I wouldn't expect a vst to be able to emulate out of the box.


    What are you using exactly?



    Thanks!  Yeah, it's almost all hardware.  The only samples I used were of the Mellotron.  Everything else is my Doepfer A-100 through an AnaMod ATS-1.  (I think that's right, anyway.  I could be wrong, I've made a few more tracks since then and my memory's terrible...)


    What am I using exactly?  Let's see...








    I think that about covers it!

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