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  1. I've never been to a university, so I'm merely speculating about what goes on within their walls. Listening to my girlfriend describe her experience in music lessons in high school, however, it sounds like, at least at that level, they've got it all backwards. Schools teach you to make music that's technically correct. The private sector -- record labels -- want you to make music that will be popular. Schools therefore have it backwards when it comes to training people to service the needs of the industry. This is understandable. It would be very difficult to objectively quantify how c
  2. I think modey and marf have it right: songs with proper lyrics are always more popular than instrumental music. Most people need that meaning to latch onto in addition to the emotion and sound exploration of music. Given a vocal for the lead, I suspect PWSteal.Ldpinch.D could possibly have charted, or at any rate definitely have been much more popular than it was. It's already very accessible due to its four-to-the-floor beat. Conversely, if you took, say, Girls Aloud's The Show, removed the vocal, and chopped up the percussion, it would probably have appealed to the IDM crowd.
  3. Each of The Tuss's songs (Alspacka, for example; feel free to check all the others if you have way too much spare time) lists him as the only composer. For contrast, see the version of Icct Hedral which Philip Glass co-wrote (as in orchestrated).
  4. Thanks, those all sound like good tips. Ha, I think that's true of pretty much anything -- it's easy to do it badly, and hard to do it well. "90% of everything is crud," as Sturgeon's Law says.
  5. Thanks for pointing this out! I ended up making a track out of some string samples played far too slowly on purpose and it sounded really beautiful. Do you have any other tips for neat things to try out in ambient music?
  6. Well yeah, it's been pretty well proven that Richard D. James wrote this, whatever he wants to call himself this week. If I had to guess, I'd imagine the vocal might be some regular speech from an audiobook or film. I like the idea it might be his wife though. I remember someone here managed to work out what the vocal was at the beginning of Milkman, hence getting an account here to ask about Synthacon 9. :) (Or, for that matter, any other tracks. There seem to be a few other vocals sprinkled throughout Rushup Edge.)
  7. Does anyone know what the vocal is in Synthacon 9 that starts 2:27 into the track? The best I can make out is the following: love to the love to and now i will explain what i need and all i could tell you is aphex twin and cold but one day, unexpectedly you glance a glance you glimpse all razor sharpish floating in the clouds you begin to melt around his body round I'm sure most of this is wrong, but not which bits. Presumably it's a quote from a book or something, but I've had no luck working out the source so far. Thanks, Zoe.
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