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  1. I actually think Mezzanine has great song writing to go along with the production. That's where 100th Window falls down... Half the tracks there just meander (still got some good stuff) and the lack of input beyond Del Naja is sorely apparent. Everything after that has been pretty mediocre. For me Mezzanine stands up better than any of the Tricky albums, and might even be more consistent than the Portishead albums (though Portishead as a band are easily a cut above for me). Time has made the weaknesses of many of my old favourite albums readily apparent, but Mezzanine still hits the mark for me. I also largely prefer playful music these days, but there's a time and a place for music that so fully commited to creating a certain atmosphere/mood
  2. What the hell are you guys smoking? Must be the wrong stuff, because this album is basically a front to end masterpiece. The production still sounds excellent to this day, so not sure what the remaster will bring.
  3. Saw them live in November last year supporting King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizzard and indeed they were great fun!
  4. Last night was off the chain. Great sound. I recorded a couple of mins on ny phone and it actually sounded pretty good. Should have recorded more. Where's the best place to upload from a phone?
  5. Welp, they killed it in Tassie tonight! Friend who saw them in 2016 was struck by how much more intense this was. Not very "beaty" but definitely far from ambient.
  6. I'm in Hobart, getting amped for tonight! Pretty disappointed about Haxan Cloak pulling out for tomorrow night. Would have been a nice double header but at the end of the day I'm here for Autechre no question! Very interesting that this is closer to what people expected from the 2010 tour. That set was pretty hard and dry. Looking forward to hearing the other side of the coin. Haven't listened to any 16 bootlegs, so going in fresh. I'll try and record a bit on my phone, it's an LG V20 so has reasonable recording capabilities. Will still sound like arse no doubt, but better than nothing!
  7. Most importantly how was the gig? Hehe.
  8. Modey you are going straight to the slammer, you droog fiend! Anyway, the situation in NSW is dire. Even previously popular places are dead by 10pm. What is that all about? Total crack down. A sad fucking day when Brisbane has more to offer on a standard eve.
  9. Just eat some mushrooms instead. Ain't no dogs smelling those... Unless they're truffle dogs I guess. Anyone here hitting Dark Mofo? Autechre on Friday, Haxan Cloak saturday I'm stoked. Would be cool to meet some people and get some chin strokes going on.
  10. Tassie show is in a week, yes indeed! If anyone comes across set times please post them here. I'm keen to hit up Night Mass on the Fri or Sat depending on set times.
  11. I dunno, her last album was a couple of years ago and has a similar sound. I think it should age just fine!
  12. This forum is totally sleeping on Aisha Devi. She's pretty bloody amazing, really. Swiss-tibetan heritage, which really shines through in her music. She has an amazing voice, and makes for some deeply disconcerting and hypnotically transfixing electronic music. Her second album DNA Feelings came out recently, and if you are looking for something fresh and interesting I highly recommend checking her out! She's like a more out there version of Bjork or Fever Ray. If you were disappointed by the latest Fever Ray release, I'd recommend checking her stuff out!
  13. Well shit, this is a hard one! Chiastic Slide LP5 Tri Rep EP7 Confield NTS (?, still digesting) Exai Draft Amber Oversteps Untilted Elseq Incunabula Quaristice Yeah... Maybe... I don't know. Best eps are Cichli, Envane, Garbage most definitely. EP7 is an album to me.
  14. I decided to go for Tassie, so I can hit Autechre on Friday night and Haxan Cloak on Saturday. Lineups for both of those nights look excellent. Looking like I'll be traveling solo so I'm in for some sort of WATMM meet up.
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