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  1. Only recently got around to giving this a listen and it's great! I preferred the first two beatier albums to the more ambient stuff, but this is a nice return to form for me.
  2. Good lord Fourth Rendezvous is a cheese overdose. Jarre can't help but serve up a slab of cheese on most albums. Funny because most of Rendezvous is quite dark. That track is totally out of place!
  3. I went to see them in Melbourne in 2010, and before the gig started I overheard some people talking about how they were looking forward to hearing "Autechno". I could tell that the whole group of 6 had no idea who they were and had just seen the name somewhere, hoping for a nice night of club music. I had a bit of a chuckle to myself and thought these poor bastards have no idea what they are in for...
  4. Have you guys heard the Brahma and Ooblo albums from back in the day? I quite like Brahma actually. I like the lyrics and vocals.
  5. You'll get no hate from me! Metamorphosis is definitely overlooked and very solid. Clearly a lot of effort poured into that one, compared to some of the later releases which are lacking in attention to detail. For me Oxygene, Equinoxe, Zoolook, Rendezvous, Metamorphoses are my favourites.
  6. It's not very good, nor was the last album. The first 3 albums (plus Max Normal TV and Constructus Corp) were all good times but they've moved away from fun ravey stuff to dull trap beats. Time for Die Antwoord to go away and a new project to emerge. The lyrical well has been empty since Tension. I miss the clever raps of the early releases.
  7. I saw him/them a couple of years back. Was a good show. The crowd was interesting, very young. I'm 35 and felt like an old man. The show was also sold out, which is cool for a place like Brisbane Australia where I had no idea he had any reach at all. Gives me hope for the youth of today!
  8. I like the first few tracks, but then the energy levels drop right off and he gets a bit mumbly. I quite liked The Ooz but it was pretty bloated, at least this is a bit more concise. I've only listened a few times mind you so it's still percolating.
  9. Saw these guys live a few days ago, that would be my fifth time. It was certainly a better show than they've put on in the last decade where they seemed a bit tired/bored so I'd def recommend checking them out if you get a chance. The new tracks translate very well live, especially Pneuma. It hasn't changed my mind on any of the strengths and weaknesses of the album but it was a positive experience. Danny is a beast and definitely the mvp. Oh they played 7empest as well which was good fun!
  10. Ah sometimes hard to parse intention with message boards, think nothing of it! I've been revisiting the other albums as well lately. I was a big fan of Innerspeaker when it first came out, and didn't like Lonerism quite as much. I remember that getting some album of the year awards and kind of not understanding why. Currents has some great tracks, but I find it a bit patchy. My feelings about those albums hasn't changed after revisiting, so this might actually be their best album for me. It's very solid.
  11. I hope you're not implying I'm a hater, sir. I'm already on record saying I like the album, especially the sumptuous production.
  12. I already have... Just trying to drum up some enthusiasm. But it really is difficult for me to work out why some things get plenty of discussion and others fly under the radar. Luck? Accessibility? Exposure? Probably all of the above.
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