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  1. Hopefully, someday in a relatively distant future, my now 7 month old baby girl Delia, will attend the festival. I'll sure go with her ;)
  2. @Richie Sombrero thank you so much ! Synalegg just published an hypnotizing video for Mace Plover (also made with Pure Data). You can watch it on his IG or on VT's Bandcamp release page. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CY3pBRkF4wJ
  3. Fluidity, FieldOS, Shackamaxon and Traction are my favorite I'd say. And...
  4. Killer material by the algo maestro !
  5. The very same tracks, made with piano rolls / trackers etc... would have been equally fantastic musically. But, the fact that VT is entirely generative is 1000% mind-bending.
  6. Don’t want to go off topic but we have stunning stuffs in the pipeline for 2022. Ecz and I are immensely honored to work with such talented human beings. I’m genuinely excited / impatient to share the upcoming releases with the world 😉 I feel like each new release adds « value » to the previous ones. 3OP is artist-centric, so all the merits goes to them. It’s so heart-warming to read your feedback ! Synalegg’s is a personal favorite, I’ll add I love to listen to Computer Series then VT in a row. It’s fascinating to hear the evolution of his patch.
  7. His BR set is absolutely fantastic, I'd pay for the flac instantly if it was for sale.
  8. He teased the tunes last year via his IG, super funky deconstructed additive synthesis madness. Preordered.
  9. ENG Synalegg is a French computer artist. I discovered his work when “Beating the Odds” was released on Conditional, and have been obsessed with his music since then. Raw yet refined and deliberate, concise and luxuriant all at once, what I heard teemed personality and singularity. “Computer Series”, released last September via OOH Sound, was another musical slap in my face. A proper technical tour de force : for that record, Synalegg has built his own generative compositional system (using Pure Data) and has used it exclusively for all his audio needs. To oversimplify a complex process, his custom patch can synthesize, compose and produce a fully fledged, release-ready piece of music by clicking a button. Unaltered autonomous computed art at its finest. “Violynt Tropiqs” relies on the same system, yet Synalegg has refined his approach here. The workflow remains identical, but the rule set to channel his system has been tailored towards a more curated result. And the 7 tracker here is nothing but breath-taking and deceptively human-sounding computer music : the music totally steals the show, no matter how it was done. A masterpiece, if I may. Such emotional depth and musical finesse completely overshadows the yet thoroughly impressive, clever programming. As usual, I’ll let you discover the music yourself, and create your own connection with it. Grab the archive, download the hi-res files and enjoy. And play it countless times, just like I’ve been ever since Synalegg shared the tunes with us. n. - FR Synalegg est un artiste informatique français. J'ai découvert son oeuvre quand "Beating the Odds" est sorti chez Conditional, et suis depuis obsédé par sa musique. Brut et pourtant aussi raffiné que délibéré, concis et luxuriant tout à la fois, ce que j'entendais dégageait une personnalité et une singularité rare.. "Computer Series", paru en septembre dernier via OOH Sound, fut pour moi une nouvelle gifle musicale. Un véritable tour de force technique : pour cet album, Synalegg a conçu son propre système de composition générative (en utilisant l'environnement de programmation Pure Data) et l'a utilisé exclusivement pour tous ses besoins audio. Pour simplifier à l'extrême un processus complexe, son patch sur mesure peut synthétiser, composer et produire un morceau entier et fini, prêt à paraître... par l'action d'un clic. De l'art informatique, autonome et sans altération, à son meilleur. "Violynt Tropiqs" compte sur le même système, et pourtant Synalegg a ici affiné son approche. Le processus reste identique, mais les règles pour canaliser son système ont été restreintes et redéfinies pour atteindre un résultat plus spécifique et cadré. Et les 7 pistes sont simplement saisissantes de beauté et confondante d'humanité, aussi informatique soit la musique : celle-ci éclipse totalement la prouesse technique, qu'importent les moyens mis en œuvre. Un chef d'œuvre, si vous me le permettez. Une telle profondeur émotionnelle et finesse musicale relaient au second plan l'impressionnante et intelligente programmation informatique. Comme d'habitude, je vous laisse découvrir davantage la musique par vous même, et vous créer votre propre connexion avec celle-ci. Achetez l'archive, téléchargez la version numérique qualité master et profitez. Et écoutez Violynt Tropiqs encore et encore, tout comme je le fais depuis que Synalegg a partagé les morceaux avec nous. n. released January 14, 2022 Written and produced by Synalegg Mastering by Nil Hartman Artwork by Andrew Bates TL;DR : Fully generative masterpiece. Quite an immense record IMO.
  10. Huge fan too. While I love Pillowland, some new new "fully eletronic" tunes would be lovely. I suppose you're already familiar with his ACT! projet ?
  11. "In 2013, Steinberg stated that it would no longer maintain the software developer’s kit (SDK) for the VST2 plug-in format, but the SDK would still be available as a subset of the VST3 SDK. Then in May 2018, Steinberg announced that starting in October, the subset will be eliminated." https://www.sweetwater.com/insync/vst-2-4-vs-vst-3-0-who-cares-you-do/ (not the most recent article but quite thorough) FWIW, I've switched to VST3 a while ago and haven't looked back. I've used them with Live 10/11, Reaper 5/6 and Architect on both OSX and Win10. Not a single issue in sight. I want my sessions to be futureproof. Note that Setinberg no longer delivers licence agreement for VST2 to new developers. Now, I'm very curious to see if this new format will take off https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=574861
  12. Peter Van Hoesen also has tons of total bangers that would 100% match the topic. Rrose has a few too.
  13. The whole EP in my signature
  14. Could be a publishing deal too.
  15. I forgot to list : Logos - North Vol.01 https://boomkat.com/products/north-vol-01
  16. Thank you so much ! I'm pretty sure I've listened to the tunes more than anyone else on this planet hehe (preparing the release, mastering it etc...) and Fluidity's an astonishing grower of an album. A true pleasure to work with William too.
  17. Confirmed Gabor Lazar's upcoming LP Huerco S - Plonk µ-Ziq - "Lunatic Harness 2" Mark Fell's book all the singles Mosca is likely to release next year the whole 3OP 2022 catalogue, obviously ;) Wishful thinking Ae RDJ Rrose (isn't a new LP rumored to be ready ?) Aisha Devi Barker MBV True Widow (I believe they've teased upcoming release at some point this year ?) Kelela Won't happen but eh Squarepusher - Methyl Orange
  18. Yeah I saw the IG story too. Talking about his IG stories, he shared few snippets of upcoming material over the year, and they were sensational : much funkier and more luxuriant than Source / closer to say Unfold... but with a very fresh new and expanded take on it. Super impatient. Aside from the obvious huge, huge bangers on Source, I didn't listen to it as much as I thought I would. I'd also love him to release bits of his stellar live sets.
  19. u-he Bazille & Mutable Instruments Elements= Oversteps Harmor = Kindohm Plogue OPS7 & Chipsynth MD = Egyptrixx (obviously talking vibes too)
  20. Tidal Cycles can manipulate tempo and time signatures in the most creative ways if you want.
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