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  1. Dodeccaheedron from Xylem Tube EP.
  2. Ut1-Dot and (Untitled) from Surfing on Sine Waves D-Scape from On EP
  3. Great album. I probably burned myself out with TROG when it came out so it was nice to come back to his stuff after a long period away. Sample spotting is one of the fun parts of listening to VHS Head for me. "Enter the Devil" (check 1.47) samples the synth stab from Ulli Lommel's "The Boogeyman" (at .46 seconds in the video) throughout the track. [youtubehd]M5-D3ENBxl4[/youtubehd]
  4. Not until Q-Chastic turns up on Ebay misspelled and under "Classical" for a fiver.
  5. Over the moon to finally have and hear this, Thanks to everyone involved, brilliant album and well worth the wait. Hearing all sorts of little moments of brilliance. Did anyone else notice the percussion in "Mumbly", especially when it's solo around 5m is really really close to the percussion in 'Schottkey 7th Path'? A bit higher but very similar. Wonder if it came from that era. Revpok is brilliant, very Polygon Window-esque. Lots of listening to do with this album.
  6. Thought this was worthy of a bump. I just came across this youtube video of an early Rez Beta and excitingly,it has actual audio confirming stage 2 was going to be "Come to Daddy" by Aphex, (starts at .22 secs) as teased by the original beta image in this thread. It's a looped Midi sample, never thought I'd actually hear this. [youtubehd]_wceQFqlPdo[/youtubehd]
  7. Besides the whole thing, I'm looking forward to hearing any potential SAW 85-92 and Polygon Window outtakes re-assigned to the Caustic Window Moniker the most. The speculation and guessing to what ones they are on the album will be fun!
  8. A few atmosphere laden horror films I can think of. Let's scare Jessica to Death. Kairo Shutter (Both this and Kairo had terrible American remakes) Dark Waters (Mariano Baino 1994- not to be confused with Dark Water from 2002) Dark as fuck, lots of Nuns and weird kids, amazing remote island setting, Argento influenced visuals mixed with Lovecraft and a brilliant soundtrack. Legend of Hell House The Innkeepers (didn't get much love but I thought it was great) Who can kill a child (aka Island of Death) One Dark Night Don't go in the House Axe Home Movie Horror and Desecration (both by director Dante Tomaselli) Ghostkeeper Noroi: The curse Inferno Any of the BBC "Ghost Story for Christmas" M.R James adaptions
  9. New Dissolved album out now. Free or pay what you like. http://dissolved.bandcamp.com/album/paradox-hues 1.Flame Colourants 2.Superfluity of Jeweled Bitterns 3.Eighties Ghost Books 4.Sheet Ice Communion 5.Opaline Karstic 6.Night of the Spicers 7.Imperial Dye Donor 8.Sea Leveled 9.Pyrite Beaches 10.Melting Scope.
  10. Ha, yeah that'll be Jan Svankmajer's work "The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb". Surrealist Czech Film maker who uses amazing stop motion mixed with live action in his films. Some very dark, funny and twisted stuff. Especially his film "Little Otik".
  11. Haven't heard that mix in ages. Fallen in love with it again today. I'd say you're right, its got many elements, especially the plate reverb and filtered synths that could easily tie it in with SAW 2. [youtubehd]3JpE5BEQscU[/youtubehd]
  12. An anniversary Re-issue would be most welcome. I've always wondered about extra tracks and outtakes from Saw 2.The timelessness of the music has always been interesting and I always wonder how old or new the tracks on there were. 'Quino-phec' from Surfing on Sine Waves always felt like it could easily fit on the album or that it was somehow related to the work.
  13. Aphex Twin's Metapharstic intro sampled by Panacea on his noisy D+B classic "Low Profile Darkness". [youtubehd]TdBYxbKufMk[/youtubehd]
  14. I'd Concur with this, it's easy to tell roughly what era Melodies originates from. Just listen to Ventolin-Crowsmengegus Mix and you can hear some startling similarities in the technique, playful melodies and that warm bedroom mix aesthetic. It really feels like it comes from the same period, Melodies from Mars is most certainly not immature or his earliest work. You can tell it's Richard having fun but it's a deceptively simple album, finely tuned and those kind of melodies don't come from not knowing anything about music.
  15. People born before Autechre, who listen to the 1970's, manifest yourselves.
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