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  1. I already imagined it in my car while listening to it I am almost sure that WH06 is Sound Synthesis! This is why it makes you think of Microlith : https://www.discogs.com/fr/Microlith-Sound-Synthesis-Electronic-Travellers/release/15102761
  2. I don't think, I imagine more EOD or ... MNLTH ? Curious to know...
  3. First unmasked WITHHOLD03 = The Jaffa Kid
  4. New stupidity on Ebay : https://www.ebay.com/itm/Aphex-Twin-Alberto-Balsam-Ultra-Rare-12-Picture-Disc-Japan-LP/353084114925?hash=item52357407ed:g:o2IAAOSw0t1eyAAE “Very Rare” ?
  5. Utopia Cloack - Ultra Classy Mix https://utopiacloak.bandcamp.com/album/ultra-classy-mix Side A: INTRO AFTER THE GENERATOR DIED ADAPTATION* PULSE[ORIGINAL] NONA'S CASIOTONE AUTUMN* BY THE SEASIDE* (Brainwaltzera locked groove remix - contains a sample of Brainwaltzera's locked groove from the bewplum vinyl edition - with thanks.) JUST RESTING BOOGIE SUMMER HOLIDAY '98* TABLE* ONE HOUR PHOTO* WORK(REWORK)* E.G. I...* INTERLUDE* OUTRO Side B: HAZE* NNNIIIICEEE BORING GOOD VERSION ABLED* PULSE REPLACEMENT CB FIVE WE KNOW FURTHER MONO TAPE TEARS OK BUNGO GETTING DRUNK AND FALLING IN LOVE GOODBYE, I LOVE U (OUTRO)
  6. DOUBLE LP & T-SHIRT PRE-ORDER / FUNDING CAMPAIGN : FR : fr.ulule.com/stazma-shapeshifter-2xlp/ ENG : www.ulule.com/stazma-shapeshifter-2xlp/ https://stazma-the-junglechrist.bandcamp.com/album/shapeshifter _____________________________________________________ It's been a long time coming to say the least but here is the first Stazma full length album in more than 10 years. "Shapeshifter takes it's name from my will to move forward. Trying not to repeat the same formula over and over, giving new shapes to my music whilst retaining a breakcore attitude. This album is an exploration of all the music that I have enjoyed the most over the last five years. I had to digest a lot of different influences and let myself break from my habits to create all those tracks." From the cold dubby echos of "Glimpses", to the heavy dark ambient drones of "ENd...", this records it is to be taken in it's full form, it has been thought as whole "story". We hope you will be enjoying this and that it will draw more attention to Concrete Collage, so we can bring more exposure to new and less well-known artists. credits releases April 1, 2020 Music : Everything by Julien Guillot aka Stazma the Junglechrist Artwork : - Original drawings and sculpture by Teddy Ros : www.ros-teddy.com - Photos by Sebastein Cugnez : 500px.com/sebastiencgz - Layout by Tristan Spella : entre-chien-et-loup.com
  7. https://drive.google.com/file/d/143IAA5x-sDrnQ5E3uzhxfaOJqP0Cvars/view
  8. Hello, where i can download it please ?
  9. https://bleep.com/release/131130-north-manc-beds-gazohmeater-ep
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