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    Thee GAK CD

    GAK CD & LP in my bag !! :grin:
  2. Here exactly the copy which I sells today > http://www.popsike.com/php/detaildata.php?itemnr=4711357804 I it bought at this price at the time and it is indeed this vinyl
  3. Simply because I have 2 copies! I am an insane collector of Aphex Twin and the other copy which I have contains of WARP-documents sent with the promos at the time. the two copies which I have were bought on Ebay. I saw on Discogs that you also you have a specimen of this Test pressing! I will not have already bought you something on Ebay? Concerning Aphex Twin of course...
  4. :grin: Ok no problem... French attitude
  5. Arf ! Moi qui suis nul en Français, ça fait du bien de parler un peu en Français !!
  6. RDJ interviewed in the French magazine "Trax" indicates to leave a new album within 1 year or 1 year and half, it indicates that there will be other exits on WARP!!
  7. I sell it on ebay http://cgi.ebay.fr/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=4865354706
  8. Ok it's an error, I will correct that and add releases in my collection I bought it on Ebay, it is an original, not problem :wink2: >>> Argh !! I can't edit my original post !!
  9. :omg: wohh !!! I want to see this video !! I have a copy the USA of the cassette but it is not compatible with my video tape recorder Europe!! :confused:
  10. Look --->>> http://www.discogs.com/release/611166 http://www.mattscdsingles.com/acatalog/Onl...hex_Twin_4.html A mysterious Warner Japan promo CD !! It's a fake ??
  11. :omg: Thanks Joyrex !! But Japanese is indescribable for me!! :ermm:
  12. I will like to have more information concerning the music which passes right before windowlicker in the mix... it's fabulous!! Thank you for your assistance
  13. Thanks AlexPallas ! :laughing:
  14. http://www.angelfire.com/electronic/hunaph...ndowlicker.html Hi ! Please anyone can indicate me where I can find this Japanese version ? I will like to buy it but I do not find it, thank you for your assistance!! :on2long: sorry for my bad English...
  15. what do you think of this? >> http://www.discogs.com/release/620653
  16. for me Analord is the best thing than I ever heard, I will never weary myself any.
  17. Squarepusher big loada Squarepusher budakhan mindphone Squarepusher burningn'n tree Squarepusher do you know squarepusher Squarepusher hard normal daddy Squarepusher maximum priest ep Squarepusher music is rotted one note Squarepusher my red hot car Squarepusher square window Squarepusher ultravisitor
  18. Pitbulle

    your µ-Ziq collection

    µ-Ziq bilious paths µ-Ziq bluff limbo µ-Ziq ease up µ-Ziq in pine effect µ-Ziq lunatic harness µ-Ziq my little beautiful µ-Ziq phi*1700 µ-Ziq salsa with mesquite µ-Ziq tango n' vectif µ-Ziq the fear µ-Ziq Vs. The Auteurs the auteurs vs µ-ziq
  19. Boards Of Canada geodaddi Boards Of Canada geodaddi promo Boards Of Canada hi scores Boards Of Canada in a beautiful place out in the country Boards Of Canada music has the right to children Boards Of Canada peel session Boards Of Canada the campfire headphase Boards Of Canada twoism
  20. Ad Vanz vs. Gescom / Foehn split series #2 Autechre amber Autechre anti Autechre anvil vapre Autechre basscad,ep Autechre cavity job Autechre chiastic slide Autechre cichli suite Autechre confield Autechre draft 7.30 Autechre envane Autechre gantz_graf Autechre garbage Autechre incunabula Autechre lp5 Autechre ep7 Autechre peel session Autechre peel session 2 Autechre splitrmx12 (promo) Autechre tri repetae Autechre untilted Autechre whe r are why Autechre & The Hafler Trio æ³o / h³æ Autechre & The Hafler Trio æo³ / ³hæ Gescom gescom ep 1 Gescom gescom ep 2 Gescom Iss: sa ep Gescom keynell Gescom keynell (remixes) Gescom minidisc Gescom motor Gescom that Gescom the sounds of machines our parents used Gescom this
  21. AFX 2 remixes by afx AFX analogue bubblebath 1 AFX analogue bubblebath 1 AFX analogue bubblebath 2 AFX analogue bubblebath 3 AFX analogue bubblebath 3 AFX analogue bubblebath 3.1 AFX analogue bubblebath 4 AFX analogue bubblebath 5 AFX analord 01 AFX analord 02 AFX analord 03 AFX analord 04 AFX analord 05 AFX analord 06 AFX analord 07 AFX analord 08 AFX analord 09 AFX analord 10 AFX analord 11 AFX chosen lords AFX hangable auto bulb AFX hangable auto bulb ep AFX hangable auto bulb ep promo AFX hangable auto bulb ep 2 AFX Smojphace ep AFX/LFO 4 tracks ep Aphex Twin 1992 tapes Aphex Twin 26 mixes for cash Aphex Twin 26 mixes for cash (radio promo) Aphex Twin 2 mixes on a 12" for cash Aphex Twin 51/13 singles collection Aphex Twin analord 10 (limited edition) Aphex Twin classics Aphex Twin come to daddy Aphex Twin come to daddy promo CD Aphex Twin come to daddy remixes Aphex Twin come to viddy Aphex Twin donkey rhubarb Aphex Twin donkey rhubarb promo Aphex Twin digeridoo Aphex Twin digeridoo (1rst edition) Aphex Twin digeridoo Aphex Twin drukqs Aphex Twin drukqs (limited edition) Aphex Twin drukqs 2 tracks promo Aphex Twin drukqs 5 tracks promo Aphex Twin girl/boy ep Aphex Twin girl/boy ep Promo Aphex Twin girl/boy ep Promo Aphex Twin I care because you do Aphex Twin I care because you do Aphex Twin I care because you do promo Aphex Twin Icct hedral Aphex Twin on Aphex Twin on (test pressing) Aphex Twin on remixes Aphex Twin remixes 1 Aphex Twin richard d. james album Aphex Twin richard d. james album advance Aphex Twin richard d. james album promo Aphex Twin run jeremy's window licker Aphex Twin selected ambient works 85-92 Aphex Twin selected ambient works 2 Aphex Twin selected ambient works 2 promo Aphex Twin ventolin Aphex Twin ventolin promo Aphex Twin ventolin remixes Aphex Twin windowlicker Aphex Twin windowlicker (original demo) Aphex Twin windowlicker (video) Aphex Twin words & music Bradley Strider bradley's beat (2nd release) Bradley Strider bradley's beat (part one) Bradley Strider bradley's robot Caustic Window compilation Caustic Window joyrex j4 Caustic Window joyrex j5 Caustic Window joyrex j9i Caustic Window joyrex j9ii Curve falling free (aphex twin mix) Gak gak Gak gak In-store Ambients aphex twin / the black dog a sampler Mike And Rich expert knob twiddlers Polygon Window quoth (TVT) Polygon Window quoth (WARP) Polygon Window quoth Polygon Window surfing on sine waves Power-Pill pac-man Power-Pill pac-man (yellow promo) Universal Indicator blue Universal Indicator green Universal Indicator red VINYL IN BLUE + Other CD with exclusives tracks or unofficial releases, remix... >> http://www.discogs.com/user/Pitbulle
  22. hello, I am the happy winner of this bidding! :on2long: I am French, excuse me for English translated by Google (oops!) I am very satisfied to have bought this wonder, frankly, I think that indeed that can make expensive but at this price there I never thought of acquiring it! Especially that 6 months front, it had been sold on Ebay for approximately 550 €... "That was Flea of the Chilli Peppers who bought it" I know... it is not very reasonable
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