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  1. This is truly sad news, salv was a funny and talented dude and a staple to the CHATMM crew, wise beyond his years. RIP
  2. Here's this year's annual Halloween setmix. Now on it's 8th year, with just over an hour of blended dark and noisy/heavy rhythms, and haunting reverbs. Get spooky and enjoy! Tracklist: Index - Countdown // Katsunori Sawa - Strange Hell // Shifted - Sharpen Your Senses // The Fear Ratio - Captive // Karim Maas - Trama Doll // Nocturnerror - Fake Useless Dialogs // Pessimist - Paian (Simon Shreeve Mix) // Overlook - Sleight of Hand // Clarity - Taking Effect // Ploy - Keys In The Dark // Regis - Cracked Earth // Maenad Veyl - Armature // JT Whitfield - Forensic Evalutation // Krikor - A She
  3. Made a playlist loosely inspired by COVID-19, about 8 hours to shuffle through of riffs about plague, disease, infections, sickness, decay, etc... check it out! https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3ctxdZBnNeW04oqw0sap16?si=9jYdlOlfSAarYL3FXCARyg if the link doesnt work search “COVID is brutal” on Spotify
  4. thanks for listening, glad you enjoyed!
  5. Had a lot on my mind lately, between being on furlough for COVID-19 since mid-March, to watching a revolution start in my hometown after cops murdered an innocent man in broad daylight, while meanwhile our fascist president gives zero fucks. Disenchanting times for sure and I wanted to create a mix that captured this current zeitgeist, with all the uncertainty and instability through broken & off-kilter rhythms, hazy synths, and disenchanted rhymes... In the end I'm really happy with how this mix turned out. Tracklist: Yamaneko - Kalimotxo // Zekeultra - Thru Her /
  6. Genghis Tron has been teasing a reunion on Facebook this week!!!... Hopefully this means new music coming soon, I've fucking missed these guys! https://metalinjection.net/news/genghis-tron-appears-to-be-teasing-a-reunion?fbclid=IwAR03zjIOaFjutZ601lRN0EgkPctkBo-lZcXrtiYZuDzBZvZfyk2akJJ3Fb4
  7. yeah good work all around everyone, this is a really solid comp
  8. Claimed the bottom codes for Face I Deserve and Circlejerk... eagerly awaiting tapes
  9. Sunn O)))'s great, I really hope I can catch them live sometime, they've eluded me thus far.
  10. Feel better mix. Get some sleep and then go talk it out with the therapist...
  11. Oh nice, gonna have to jump on this. His first LP had gotten heavy rotation from me.
  12. Been reading a lot of Wrightson's Swamp Thing lately, and also managed to snag this book pretty cheap
  13. Casino I work for decided to extend the corona closing beyond the initial 2 weeks (obviously), not sure if I'm considered essential enough to go back on Wednesday or not. 'spose I'll have to send an email...
  14. amen, I'm enjoying Eternal so far though, the platforming is a little overdone though... reinstalled spider-man on ps4, not gonna bother with the garbage dlc or side stuff as much this time but will be nice for a replay on the core game.
  15. bit more of a goth/blackened edge than straight hardcore, but ive been diggin raspberry bulbs for years, new one is pretty good:
  16. your horses just dont understand psychology the way we see it.
  17. today is leaning more eastward
  18. Bought an ounce off a friend who gets from a grow op upstate just before the whole virus really took off, im good
  19. due to coronavirus im on paid leave til april 1st, ive done nothing since wednesday but, play video games and my guitar, smoke weed, eat food, and go to the grocery store yesterday. this trend will probably continue through next week.
  20. work is shut down cause of corona virus and all i have to do is play vidja, guitar and, smoke copious amounts of weed... i think boo's getting a little annoyed lol.
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