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  1. Great album, Songs of Forgiveness is pretty decent as well... I need to listen to more Drumm, I've only really heard Sheer Hellish Miasma and a couple other random tracks
  2. I'd have to revisit it but I remember liking the Struck EP, gonna have to check this out.
  3. Officially started the new job today at the casino, seems like it's gonna be pretty good gig, spent the day mostly doing secondary role A/V stuff, since I haven't been trained in yet on what will become my primary role doing graphic design for the A/V team. Even the A/V labor was much more enjoyable than the last company I did A/V tech work for, the pay is much better and my team all seems like good guys. Only qualm so far is the 7am start time, but I'll get used to that and it gets me out early enough to enjoy the afternoon/evening.
  4. Where'd the themes go? I had the Tomorrow's Harvest theme selected, and now suddenly I don't and can't find the option to change again?
  5. Tomb Mold is fuckin' great!
  6. looks like the same artist that did the cover for Bell Witch's "Mirror Reaper"
  7. yeah, I have both Magic & Return compiled, I'm just wondering about more projects with similar aesthetic.
  8. Oh another cool grab I forgot to mention, one of the shops had a handful of old Heavy Metal issues from 1978-1981, grabbed some of the cooler looking covers, the magazines themselves are basically collections of short horror/sci-fi comics and stories, featuring a TON of well known comic artists throughout the decades:
  9. Yeah, it is. I've been flipping through that as I progress as well, really impressive the amount of research that was done, super interesting stuff.
  10. Earlier Mogwai and Godspeed are absolute post-rock essentials, here's some other reccs Post-Rock: This Will Destroy You, Toe, Mono, World's End Girlfriend, Talkdemonic, Miasma & The Carousel of Headless Horses, Samuel Jackson Five, Zombie Western Math Rock: Don Caballero, Battles, Dysrhythmia, Tera Melos, Ruins,
  11. Yo someone recc me more shit like this... I love this stuff:
  12. lol... I just went through my music on one of my old laptops on Friday and deleted a bunch of random grindcore I had in pretty shit quality mp3s.
  13. Started making kinda downtempo IDM, made a handful of dubstep tracks, instrumental hip-hop, some techno, more idm experimentations etc.. most recent stuff has been rather noisey... probably gonna continue to go down that road, only incorporating guitar manipulations and analog wankery, we'll see thats kinda an in progress thing.
  14. That would annoy the fuck out of me^ . . . Went to a gathering for my wife's-uncle's-parent's 50th wedding anniversary. Her uncle Ahmet and his parents are Indian, so it was quite an ordeal, singing, dancing, speeches etc. It really wasn't that bad, but my SFW complaint right now is that HOLY FUCK, I'm so god damn full of food right now... I'm sprawled out on the couch and I'm afraid to move too much or I might puke. There was SO MUCH food at this event and I was pretty much obligated to eat some of everything as to not offend the family. Honestly I was full just off of the appetizer
  15. Today was Free Comic Book Day here in the states, grabbed some freebies and made some discounted purchases at various shops... East of West #42, which I've been keeping up with, a Spawn related off-shoot miniseries... But the thing I was most happy to get was a hardcover collected volume of From Hell, been meaning to read this one for forever now, but the complete collection never seemed to be in stock. The hardcover looks awesome, looking forward to getting deep into this one.
  16. Mozex, buddy for real... you gotta relax a bit man. You're catching hate because you're WAY too sensitive about this stuff, and you try to come off like an already prolific artist. Your music is okay for a beginner, but you gotta recognize you've got some techniques to master still and it sounds like you still haven't quite discovered your own personal sound. You gotta mess with the presets and make them your own at least, if not building patches from scratch. Don't take criticism so personally, keep making shit, try different techniques, get weird with it, go mad scientist mode. If
  17. Found a new job finally! Graphic Design at one of the larger casinos around here, and then helping with some AV shit when I'm not busy with graphic stuff to fill out hours, most money I've been paid for a job to date. Also still managing to make my severance from my previous job last ?
  18. Feeling cute, might by a new interface later idk...

    1. chronical


      whatchu getting? got an 18i20 gen2 a while ago, lovely piece of gear but i think my 2011 laptop+old hard disk are too slow for it e . e

    2. ghOsty


      looking at the 6i6 probably

    3. chronical


      got my 18i20 2nd hand for 200$, be sure to check local sites and things for one before you spend the sheckels. focusrite seems like a good deal though, no matter the format

  19. Really don't like the checkboxes either but "table view" seems to solve that, also needs a darker theme
  20. damn this new site is ugly

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      these colors are not conducive to late night browsing


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