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  1. Check out "The Jericho Records" which is one album, but there's some real bangers on there: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t35SGLjjgoE
  2. https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/8496518/trst-gone-destroyer
  3. Yeah, this is part of a double album, the second part is scheduled to release in November
  4. This article explains a bit about how it works, and has some hilarious examples when they fed it other genres and mixed the data with amazon reviews and such: http://cdm.link/2019/04/now-ai-takes-on-writing-death-metal-country-music-hits-more/?fbclid=IwAR1xYCiQVZgSSprlpKMzbdWnBJAI6IsAfcYUkigzx9S2g3q3bNDOV3SHkhs Morrisey mixed with Amazon P90X reviews: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=130&v=BtybvwLJC30
  5. In a post-apocalyptic world, one survivor makes his way across the country from the Midwest to California to reach his dream of going to Disneyland, not a lot happens on the way there, just having to switch cars every so often. Everytime he meets someone and they ask his plan for survival he just answers "I'm going to Disneyland"... Eventually, he gets there, but of course there's no power and he can't really do much, so he just sits there at the gates for a bit... roll credits.
  6. That video is something... IDK if it's good though? I think Flying Lotus tries a little too hard to be weird and "out there" these days. I'll listen to the new album when it's out but I'm not keeping my expectations high. He should step away from the DMT, chill out a bit on trying to be a jazz-fusion artist just because he's Coltrane's nephew, and just go back to making more stripped down hip-hop inspired beats, rather than this overly-busy thundercat filled jazzwank. His less jazzy stuff is his better stuff imo.
  7. A conversation on discord reminded me that I was once given this album by my super fundie aunt and uncle as a child, it's awfulness still haunts me, so now it can haunt you too... WATMM, I give you Fundie-level Christian Pseudo-Industrial Rap...
  8. Yeah, didn't care for You're Dead at all really... Maybe he'll give the overuse of thundercat a rest and go back to making more straight up LA/UTQC hip-hop beats
  9. LIstening to this atm, about midway through "5".. this is awesome stuff
  10. yeah some of the outside might remain, but it looks pretty toasted on the inside... shame hoped to see it one day myself
  11. artwork is dank af, cassette pre-ordered
  12. yeah the new album is really good, i dig the dirty shoegazey/drone vibes it has had it cranked in my car a lot a couple weeks ago
  13. That Waste of Space, is good shit... Big Business has an album out Friday, sounds pretty damn good, gonna try to catch them with Sleep in June:
  14. Got frustrated with Sekiro, hopped over to Devil May Cry 5 this week, good hack n slash fun!
  15. Taking Boo too see TRST live in May, the new songs are great, I'm hyped!
  16. Sup watmm? I decided to throw a new ambient/drone mix together as a succesor to the one I made a while back. This one was a lot of fun to put together as I really had to focus on textures and such to make the layered transitions seamless without sounding awkward. I think it turned out really well, so have a listen and enjoy. https://www.mixcloud.com/ghOsty428/ghosty-presents-daydream-disposition-an-ambient-mix/ Tracklist: Hegira Moya - Soft Folds // Biosphere - Invariable Cowhandler // Plant 43 - Cloud Iridescence // Vermont - Norderney // Alex Kassian - Olsen Waters // Oto Hiax - Creeks //
  17. I'll pick this one up only if NetherRealm fixed the cheap input reading AI they put into Injustice 2, the AI would occasionally enter "god mode" where you could not hit it. Made it pretty bs on higher difficulties.
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