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  1. I agree. I think part of it is a lack of awareness on my part when adding new lines, but with a DAW I could sometimes work around it with filtering and panning. Maybe I could resample each deluge track individually and then dump them into a DAW.
  2. hello watmm, stopped making music while i was finishing up school. Now i am a bored graduate. https://youtu.be/WtiZrzYBPJ8
  3. happy birthday richard d james
  4. that marchmadness groove, nice
  5. i like it, sounded quirky and fun. Its already stuck in my head and the hat that comes in at 1:01 is great. I don't think it needed any more of a chord progression than you had, there was enough movement in the melody that it wasn't stale. Same goes for having varying sections, you had enough of them that it felt like a complete song. The only thing that stood out to me was that the melody that comes in at 0:50 runs for almost the full length of the song, that might be the only thing that detracts from the progression of the song. Hope you're able to get back into it and make more
  6. i really really like the synth youve got there, the sound and the chord progressions. I also like the rolling sample loop thing that comes in early on too. To me there is a bit of lo-fi ish sound going on with the synth and the drums sound too clean and small. The hats need a little bit of variation in volume to make them feel less robotic. Something that might work is attaching the velocity to the volume, and to the envelope with very small scaling so it adjusts the attack and decay a bit. The kick and snare could be squashed with a compressor, and have the high end rolled off a bit. Another option would be finding some kick/snare samples in breaks. I think its a good song overall, its good a nice synth sound and the drum patterns are interesting, but the drum samples are just a little too clean i think.
  7. what suggests that it was recorded to tape? I also think that one of the key press sounds is a loop, basically made like a hit hat line using a sample of the key press or something. Even the pedals could be a bunch of one-shot samples that are layered to make them sound like part of the performance
  8. the end of the vocaroo track sounds simiar to function 2
  9. i like it, i listened to it several times. Nothing jumped out at me as too clean and sterile. Maybe the bass guitar and the monosynth a bit, but that might be because I was looking out for something to match that description. Is the melody being played on a synth or is that a sample? Reminds me of a kalimba being run through some distortion.
  10. ye, its me. I do like to learn by listening to music I like and attempting to understand/recreate/play certain elements of it, so everything I make is just a collection of these things. An example of me emulating boc would be the song below. I tried to make it obvious that I was copying turquoise hexagon sun, but no one called me out on it ha https://soundcloud.com/gritbox/color-number-shape
  11. hello, I made this recently. Feedback always welcome
  12. Went to listen to the song on the youtube after seeing this thread. For some reason a clip of Mad Men was running in the background. Thought I was hearing parts of the song I never heard before. http://www.youtubedoubler.com/?video1=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DhOHw4_VhlUw&start1=&video2=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DkPxLruTzHug&start2=&authorName=snoopsagan
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