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  1. https://igloomag.com/newswire/quench-greyhound-touched-music?fbclid=IwAR1ZISHMsat4xYl_hRd4zlfmnLqlVMkZc4cJcSsKm62tvhuFKw2D6bKnOq8
  2. Quench - Greyhound EP Released On Touched Music 28.8.19 Limited Vinyl & CD All Funds Taken From This Release Will Go To HUG Homes For Unwanted Greyhounds
  3. If like me you live in Europe you’ll no doubt realise that it’s a complete scorcher at the moment. And we at Touched Music have just the thing for the sunny vibes courtesy of Milieu. ‘Sunbather's Pharmacopeia Volume 1’ may not cool you down but it will certainly make you cool. It’s a strong opening from ’Tropic Casanova’ - like bringing out a long lost childhood Casio from the cupboard that can’t wait to let its rhythms loose. Throw in a rich hook that reminds me of the summers of my teenage years and you’ve got something Very AIR and very enjoyable. Even the most hardcore of down-tempo fans will be drooling in the heat, not least in part to pieces like ’Stained Brown Pages’ with its pulsing vibrato & fashionable transitions aplenty and ‘Coastline’ that will slow the pace of your day whether you want it to or not. There’s good variety here but Milieu always stays on point, he’s consistent with his rhythm and tempo and there’s no unpleasant surprises to be had, even if ‘Ultraviolet Impressions’ ups the speed a bit and pieces like ‘Sage Derby’ inject a bit of funk into the proceedings. As always I find some favourites - ‘Capricorn’ - a really cerebral track that displays simplicity at its best. I’ve been working out all sorts of problems to for the majority of the week. ‘Sunlite Sound’ pleases in a way that makes me want to leave the office as soon as I get there and just enjoy the outdoors. Once again I find myself exposed to an artist capable of channeling the best parts of works & techniques I have known and loved throughout the years. I’d like to put my finger on the pulse of this album but I just can’t, there’s so many good musical memories being dragged up and hard as it is to separate them, each one is as good as the last. Thanks Touched Music, you’ve sorted out my playlist once again. As always, proceeds go to Macmillan Cancer Support.
  4. Keiss - Lamps & Bedroom Released 28.6.19 @ 10PM_UKTime Via Touched Music 70 CD's Only + Digital Grab A Copy Here From Friday Night After The Mixlr Show - https://touched.bandcamp.com/album/lamps-and-bedroom There's some really unique tracks here too. "Tungsten Spiral" has a slow and measured pace that gives way to a bold half-bar low end phrase that sets up the second half perfectly, and 'Secret Under The Pillow' is just pure freaky. Its noise and sound design reminiscent of Stars Of The Lid are powerful and lead to interesting thoughts, truly a favourite of mine. My personal highlight has to be 'Nonexistent Sister'. It's so different from the rest of the album but also fits in perfectly, almost beatless with perfect layering and crescendo in all the right places.
  5. Touched Releases Triplicity / Heimaey Both Murya Album On A Double CD/DVD Case Grab The Release Here - https://touched.bandcamp.com/album/triplicity-heimaey
  6. Can Not Wait For This 🙂 x Love Plaid
  7. Still Some Velum Break CD's Left, Its going to be in the Top Albums of the year, I'm sure of it... Get your copy now or be on discogs in a few months paying way more :) https://touched.bandcamp.com/album/bench-manoeuvres
  8. yeah its a work of Art!! if it was Aphex it be sold out already
  9. yeah next level stuff, really happy to release music this good Mindbendingmusic
  10. OUT now - https://touched.bandcamp.com/album/bench-manoeuvres
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