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  1. Karsten Pflum - Camera Obscura Released Via Touched Music 28.1.22 Limited Gatefold Double Vinyl CD & Digital
  2. Released 10.12.21 On Touched Music Touched Music Presents a Fundraiser for Disabled Swimmer and all-round Kick Ass Seven-Year-Old Oona! “PROJECT OO” 808 STATE, THE FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON, SCANNER, PLAID, KAITLYN AURELIA SMITH, GABRIEL LE MAR, MICK CHILLAGE, BURD ELLEN, MILIEU, KEISS, JOHN CALLAGHAN, KARSTEN PFLUM, MIN-Y LLAN, ANDERS ILAR AND MANY MANY MORE! FIFTY-SEVEN [!] EXCLUSIVE TRACKS SEE FULL TRACKLIST BELOW FIVE CDs AND DOWNLOAD LUXURY WALLET RELEASED: 9PM, FRI 10TH DECEMBER Mixlr With DJ Food Mix From 19.30 - https://mixlr.com/touched_music/ limited 5 X CD Box SET Project OO - Sand Dunes - The Future Sound of London - More Info To Come 🙂
  3. exm interview podcast with KTMusic open.spotify.com/show/4KoAXznDkBkzFp1xxS4ohS Or podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/ktmusic-podcast/id1584563123?i=1000540227518 Still copies of this New Amazing Album Available At Touched Music Mind Bending Electronic Music
  4. OUT NOW https://touched.bandcamp.com/album/descent
  5. Listening Event Here! Friday 29.10.21 7.30 UK Time I Night Of Mind Bending Music https://fb.me/e/1h823lpiR
  6. First Look At exm - Descent Mind Bending New Music Out On 29.10.21 On Touched Music
  7. OUT NOW!!! BrainDance Of The Highest Order https://touchedrevolutions.bandcamp.com/album/please-take-care-of-me
  8. Aphex Twin....... Its Not But If it Were People Would Be Loosing There Minds Check Out BigChip From The Album Here soundcloud.com/touched-music/velum-break-bigchip?si=9f42594d62964b2cae23f4e4710a6407 Mix And Preview Tonight From 7.30 Mixlr LINK - mixlr.com/touched_music/ Some Words On The Mix Tonight From Velum Break "So one of the highlights of making PTCOM was when my hard drive that i keep all the jubbly bits on corrupted and left me staring at a wall for 2 hours straight. Fortunately, the ableton elves had done backups of backups of backups without me knowing and I just about squeezed this ep out intact (with one dramatic change to dawnrate). during my newly found love of backing things up, i found my old music collection that i backed up in 2016 which was before another corruption in 2018. Suffice to say the content of this mix is those songs i thought i'd lost, did lose and then remained lost because i lost the backup but found the backup after backing up that other backup. its all the songs that i loved from years ago and informed my musical direction. some new ones thrown in for show too and if you listen carefully you can hear the exact points i've ripped off. hope you all enjoy" See You Tonight So Please Support The Labels You Love Thanks mBX
  9. New exm album coming very soon CD & Double Gatefold Vinyl ❤️
  10. Velum Break - Please Take Care Of Me (Touched Revolutions) Released 1.10.21 After Mixlr Artists Mix And Preview Limited Picture Disc & CD Designed By Grid Pattern Via - https://touchedrevolutions.bandcamp.com/merch
  11. Buspin Jieber - Betamax Released 16.9.21 On Pulse State https://pulse-state.bandcamp.com
  12. And Its Out Now https://touched.bandcamp.com/album/odd-radio-circle
  13. Released 27.8.2021 After A Mixlr Album Preview Show Starting 17.30 UK Time Link To Mixlr - https://mixlr.com/touched_music/ Review From Long Time Music Fan Heogen "Odd Radio Circle" (Touched - Music For Macmillan Cancer Support) Let me start by saying I do not normally write reviews, so please be patient/kind. I was moved to write this review when listening to the new Heogen album on Touched! Do you know that feeling you get when you hear something you know is special!? Well I got that when I first heard a preview play through of "Shall We Go There", when attending a Mixlr release party for one of Martin Boultons label releases... (Label boss for Touched, L50, Dyadik, Glawiio Music etc.) "Shall We Go There" grabs you and brings back those teenage feelings of love & freedom, with just enough melancholy to make it appealing to an old EX goth like myself. The pulsing bassline, washing synths, and piano stabs all meld into more than the sum of their parts! Think Plaid going on a date with Ulrich Schnauss or Herrmann & Klein, with hints of older Warp, Rephlex, Neo Ouija and related ancestral lineage. But it does not end there, this is no one hit wonder! So the album. It opens with "Doorisajar (See Within)", which is just the moody intro any epic album requires! Then after "Shall We Go There" we continue on this fantastic voyage of getting to know a new artist. Heogen sounds so familiar that it is comforting, with hints & essences from the past. That is not to suggest that it sounds plagiarized at all, and as we explore the album more we get exposed to new styles which Heogen pulls off with aplomb! IDM, broken beats, swirling electronics, and even electro-pop influences! If like me you fall in love with this album, you will find with repeated listens as you get to know the tracks more, you will also get to know Heogen more, from the fully immersive arrangements, melodies that feel like kisses, and rhythms that will have you moving your mind & body. "Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt", another stand out track, partly for its more upbeat rhythm, lite broken beats. It still has all of the wonderful arrangement & melody you come to expect from Heogen. "Odd Radio Circle" takes me to new Heogen places, with different flavours & influences coming to mind, like of Solvent (Suction), B. Fleischmann (Morr) & Mikael Fyrek (Kahvi, Dyadik) all seem fair. "Nothing Ends" feels like the spirit of B. Fleischmann was visiting Heogen, but as the track develops, it just becomes more Heogen that anything else. Swelling deep bass, takes you back to that feeling of teenage summertime freedom, first loves, and new experiences. If you buy one album this month, be sure this is it! I recommend enjoying it whilst we still have nice summer weather to drive around or walk in... Your ears and your soul with both thank you. Let's not forget that as well as getting great new music you will be contributing to a great charitable cause too. (Jason Martin, Aug 2021) Hope To See You x
  14. yeah love this album and defo an artist to look out for in the future ❤️ Thanks for sharing this
  15. Set A Reminder For This One 🙂 FSOLdigital Presents MIND MAPS A One Hour Journey Through Shifting Soundscape Recontoured By Future Sound of London - FSOL, Humanoid, Yage And Sybthi A Released 25.6.21 Preview And Mix From 7.30 PM On Touched Music Mixlr https://mixlr.com/touched_music SET A REMINDER 2 Hours Of Music From Future Sound of London - FSOL, Humanoid, Yage And Sybthi A Video_Promo - https://youtu.be/gMYXbLL7zIg
  16. sold out in a just a few hours, I think a re press is on its way :)
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