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  1. love the physicality and roomy textures of DekDre Scap B .. aside from the primary melody, it sounds like Perlence's (album version) souped up cousin. i get a certain Quari vibe (plyPhon + Perlence) from the opener... wish it were longer! sorry if this has already been observed and mentioned
  2. M4 Lema is primo 'chre. Metaz form8 sounds like an outtake from Black Sea... it's pleasant enough. It'll probably sound great on a decent setup (hi fi stereo, headphones, etc.)
  3. Oversteps sounded fresh and exciting (big, different) when it came out... it was springtime, it felt fresh. d sho qub. SIGN, not so much. it feels a lil stale, rote. i'll take formulaic AFX over this, thirty-five times out of thirty-six. maybe [SIGN]'ll sound better on the stereo?
  4. everything i've read on watmm indicates that the physical media "dispatches" are typically delayed upon the release of various Warp albums
  5. purchased SIGN on Bandcamp... no pre-release download available?
  6. nah, there's no space / breathing room
  7. ae_live_melbourne (2018) >>>>>>>> SIGN
  8. Guessing that this may have already been shared here... if not, enjoy (!) .. it's a phenomenal album https://detund.bandcamp.com/album/moire
  9. foldfree casual made 0 impression upon me, on the initial listen. utterly unremarkable
  10. you'd think they could put this stuff out on physical (CD/vinyl/cassette) format - people would eat it up. i suppose Ae aren't keen to create more waste, i'unno
  11. recently discovered Harvestman (Industrial Music Electronics) eurorack modules, and falling in love with the Hertz Donut mkIII ... as if I need to fixate on (or be distracted by) more things. anybody here using Harvestman technology? I listened to some demos of the HD mkIII, it sounds fantastic. those dry sounds of the first (1/6) example are excellent. just when I started feeling comfortable with my own setup, I became aware of this brand... now i'm cruising the 'net, fantasizing on new synthesizer modules. GAS is a sickness, I need blinders
  12. always fantasized on getting a Machinedrum, but they're priced somewhat out of my current range/ability. I've a Digitakt, and it's been sitting, neglected, as I've been learning how to use a 6U / 84 hp eurorack system. I'm thinking that the 'takt has a lot of potential, but I'm still drawn to the sound of the Machinedrum, its potential for making 'weird sounds' (FM synthesis, diff types of 'machines' (?) etc.), hard-hitting beats, weird, generative, asynchronous flurries of finely detailed percussion, et al... I'm sure the MD has been discussed to death, just wondering if anybody would mind sh
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