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  1. spptrl alt del

    elseq 1-5

    foldfree casual made 0 impression upon me, on the initial listen. utterly unremarkable
  2. spptrl alt del

    elseq 1-5

    you'd think they could put this stuff out on physical (CD/vinyl/cassette) format - people would eat it up. i suppose Ae aren't keen to create more waste, i'unno
  3. recently discovered Harvestman (Industrial Music Electronics) eurorack modules, and falling in love with the Hertz Donut mkIII ... as if I need to fixate on (or be distracted by) more things. anybody here using Harvestman technology? I listened to some demos of the HD mkIII, it sounds fantastic. those dry sounds of the first (1/6) example are excellent. just when I started feeling comfortable with my own setup, I became aware of this brand... now i'm cruising the 'net, fantasizing on new synthesizer modules. GAS is a sickness, I need blinders
  4. always fantasized on getting a Machinedrum, but they're priced somewhat out of my current range/ability. I've a Digitakt, and it's been sitting, neglected, as I've been learning how to use a 6U / 84 hp eurorack system. I'm thinking that the 'takt has a lot of potential, but I'm still drawn to the sound of the Machinedrum, its potential for making 'weird sounds' (FM synthesis, diff types of 'machines' (?) etc.), hard-hitting beats, weird, generative, asynchronous flurries of finely detailed percussion, et al... I'm sure the MD has been discussed to death, just wondering if anybody would mind sharing their thoughts / opinions, etc..?
  5. I recall reading (possibly on the Elektronauts forum) that the Digitone has twice the CPU power of the Digitakt, as the Digitone has a dual processor setup (vs. a single processor in the DT) ... it'd be nice to have the filtering capabilities of the Digitone on the Digitakt, as well as two LFOs (without the MIDI trick) per track, but not sure if it's possible? edit: https://www.elektronauts.com/t/two-coldfire-mcf5441-s-inside/52492/11
  6. Intellijel Metropolis, or Varigate 8 (or 4) ... are these modules available to use with VCV rack?
  7. I dig the "territory" they explored in Fleure, the sort of frenzied yet concise barrage of it ... would be interesting (exhilarating, even) to hear more tracks in the vein of it.
  8. Obv. it's not Autechre. Using Ae as a reference point isn't entirely uncalled for. It's probably more helpful than saying "if you like Geto Boys, you might dig xuiqen" ... jfc
  9. More people should be releasing music in 2019. There isn't enough music out there, especially music in the physical formats. When you feel as if you have something (useful) to say, something that the people need to hear... that's when you should release music on vinyl (specifically) - because the musical landscape is quite barren. The only solution is to put out more music--because it's what we need (more than ever), right now
  10. Those forlorn, wailing WASHES of sound, off in the distance. It sort of sounds like the same tonal center (emergency/immediacy) as Ravedeath... just, different arrangements. The acoustic stuff is fantastic.
  11. Tim Hecker is the worst part of this. There are some fantastic, fresh-sounding percussive sounds and brilliant timbres... but there's Tim, again, with the same old grainy washes of sound... 'emergency' / 'this is serious' tonality. It's still a nutra-sweet Tim Hecker washout, just like Ravedeath, with those constant blankets of sound wash. Keyed Out is fantastic. I wish he'd work with more acoustic sounds, less 'ambient' sound washes / tonal noise.
  12. https://soundcloud.com/d01/sets/dtones-more-elektron-digitone-soundpack-demos
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