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  1. They never managed to raise enough money so it been cancelled for now.. I really like the whole Colundi story and most of the music he put's out, but I went to see him play live a few weeks ago, and from watching him it didn't seem very live at all so I had a little sneak around the back to see what he was actually doing.. It was just a laptop with his DAW playing a 90 min pre-arranged "set". It was by no means bad in any way, and in fact it was a lot of fun all the way though, but I kind of wish I hadn't sneaked a peak as it took away some of the joy of seeing him play "live".
  2. I only have the wav, is the mp3 a different recording, different "mastering" or why is it better?
  3. I love the new series, and it reminds me of when they did the Riverrun series as well. Possibly my favourite late Underworld era. They are no doubt best when they just let if flow and not overthink it.
  4. Wow, sequence 17 is hard to keep track of what is what.. but it is also an amazing big bag of greatness!
  5. Yes, the new mix is amazing! Hope it will be avalible for download somewhere eventually.
  6. I'm listening to this album again now, and even though it still sounds amazing I can't help but feel alittle sad that this anniversary edition never happened..
  7. I really loved the Ritual Spirit EP, and seeing them live this summer made me huge Massive attack fan again. Bring on a full album!
  8. Preacher was quite good imo, and I hope they can keep it getting better. It really sucks that hey can have sex and cursing, as that's half the fun, but as a huge fan of the comic, I'm just really happy they didn't butcher it completely.
  9. First listen now, and it sounds really good. Just the right amount of both subtle and raw.
  10. I'm still in the process of consuming the huge Dubno Deluxe-set, and for those of you who refer to it as only a collectors item; the remaster is truly a work of art and should be listened to. It's amazing how they have worked out details I never knew were there, but makes perfects sense when you hear them. One of the best remasters I've heard, and look a lot forward to listening to these as well, although it seems they have left this remaster to someone else sadly. Rick did such a great job on Dubno, I wish he had done at least this one as well, although I understand the need to work on new ma
  11. I used to read with Comicrack, but switched to Comic Zeal and like it a lot better. (iPad) I just read Saga and got hooked, so now I'm waiting for more. Anyone read it? An easy read just like Y: The Last Man, but really good.
  12. This is a great release, and although they both are good I have a soft spot for Evening Side for now as a favourite. It has a little bit of everything and is almost and album in itself, condensed of everything from ambient, experimental and house music, and it works perfectly! I think Morning Side could be a bit much on repeated listens, but we'll see.
  13. I can't stop playing it, and the best part is that it all flows so well and he changes up the style and feel so much throughout that it doesn't feel overplayed at all.
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