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  1. I don't know, some of the songs are super different 45rpm +~3 on the pitch slider.. fun and funky and engaging. very happy even. feels more like the chartreuse used for the branding.. for me it's like 2 different ideas.. 33rpm +~6, 45 +~3
  2. Does WATMM look down upon bumping dead threads? Bumping dead threads is kind of IDM.. Did this make it to bracket stage? Concerned to know what is the most IDM 2020. I guess carrying on unbothered is kind of most IDM this year.. thx
  3. Thanks for the response and information! I feel the same way about 2011 being grail.. Really incredible sets with a unique point of view. His new sets are incredible but I think he's got some different ideas in mind. I remember being blown away and hypnotized all at the same time :)) edit: funny story - since the set was in Ibiza and I had never been to a club or seen Aphex before I was just hoping that he'd play some Acid! I feared he would just play Ibiza House like the other DJs. Foolish kid!
  4. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has footage of the 2011 We Love Space set. Would like to relive it a bit.. Very limited footage on Youtube. Is there another good place to look for set footage? Thanks a bunch and sorry if this thread isn't enough substance
  5. I just want to know why the metz track is richard's best track but xmas is meh
  6. hi I have thought about this and return to the thread I think bad mastering ruined syro, which I think would have otherwise been a great album. I really like end E2 and it's legible unlike most the other songs so I assumed it was mastered separately. I think the Metz Track, Manchester Track, etc. were important and new but fell flat in Syro because they didn't get the room to breath that the need in the mix/master. listen to that and tell me that isn't 1) a departure from his older work and 2) one of his best pieces I think hearing him live also changed my perception of
  7. yia is nuts. would make good track for xxxtentacion or lil peep I think
  8. if I've learned one thing it's that Rich will be back with tunes I realize his devil's advocate nature would be to therefore never come back with tunes but I think he honestly just likes putting tunes
  9. I'm so glad this site will be up through 2015. it's taking me a really long time to grasp all these tunes!
  10. not even mad about that remix he remixes stuff all the time in live sets and tbh it fucking rocks my world
  11. >best beer I know this isn't a beer forum but come on man..
  12. am I stoked? yes. but am I really stoked? yes.
  13. I'm glad he wound it in actually, I'm overloaded with tracks. need some time to work through them naturally. I hope he does another dump in ~6 months edit: and releases some new stuff I can purchase in between!
  14. I bought a Sennheiser HD380 off of a headphone forum like new for 50 bucks shipped. infinitely better sound. the AKGs in the 200 dollar range amped properly gets one most of the way to the HD800, HE-6, etc. Beats are easily among the worst headphones I've ever heard. I realize none of this is breaking news and Joyrex even said the article isn't a shock, but how much proof do people need that these are low quality? My guess is that no amount of research, measurements, etc. will break them moving units. I've noticed most people with Beats just *want Beats* and didn't get any farther with it.
  15. WHOA that is a great track
  16. signed up in teens, now in twenties
  17. Tanja best track so far IMO http://i.imgur.com/YhoX5fM.webm http://i.imgur.com/YhoX5fM.webm
  18. DO YOU GUYS REMEMBER ME SUGGESTING STUFF LIKE THIS? JOYREX AT LEAST? CMON. so stoked i'm going to try and help out edit: possible I wasn't the first to suggest, my memory isn't great.
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