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  1. i was on BINDING OF ISAAC yesterday and beat moms heart the 10th time this time it was like a giant baby fetus and it spawned BOSSESS like monstro and larry jrs and CHUB (hes my fav lol) and anyways i won but didnt play again then when i go play it today i see theres a NOTHER PERSON to play as a blue fetus baby with X's for its eyes and u dont get any red hearts only 3 metal hearts and its IMPOSSIBLE to get any of the red hearts cuz when u eat dog food it just gives u another metal heart and u start with the special power POOP which makes a pile of poop also yesterday when i was playing i got
  2. coolville is like 100% roundabouts
  3. hmmmm my avatar worked dunno whats ur problem then
  4. Aphex Twin - digitally enhanced volume 1: Aphex Twin plays legends of idm rarney bubble - mega glue stick Aphex Twin - universal indicator 6
  5. a round about is just a 1 way street in a circle
  6. Anne Laplantine - Frutyloop Evil Madness - Super Great Love Viaje Sónico - Música para MAXIMUM MISCHIEF
  7. wow what the heck is wrong with u who would poop in there shower
  8. only 50 more posts til ur 5555 posts :sup: AND IM 2000
  9. dont U hate it when u wake up in the morning and ur gonna take a shower and u think THIS DAY WILL BE THE DAY (like dexter lol) where i dont ZONE OUT comnmpletly in the shower and just stand there not doing nothing for 20 minutes before u actually clean ur body and u actually do the soap part but and ur like YES im doing the soap part but then when ur suppose to do the shampoo u zone out for 20 minutes
  10. what are ur new year resolutions in 2012??? did u set goals for yourself and what are they my new years resoltuions: 1. make a new Aphex Twin EP every month and it will be like a series also finally finish roger dancemores album 2. just be COOLER even lol 3. cant say #3 its secret
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