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  1. it's grown on me a bit, love, love the beats though.
  2. originally the file was shared on the Wagon Christ Assembly within an interview Luke did with the website, 2003.
  3. A new edit i put together with audio Luke shared in a 2003 interview showing a collaboration he did with Richard.
  4. thank you Mr. Stroganoff.
  5. Thank you for watching, good sir.
  6. A new edit i did recently :
  7. Yeah, I can't remember where I got my mp3's for it- maybe a download code when i got the vinyl?
  8. Bought this at the now closed record store in the basement of Thornes Market in Northampton, MA - Dynamite Records. Purchased before figure painting class. Top memories of driving my old 325i, playing a dubbed to cassette version of this, instead of trying to teach myself Spanish via cassette, before heading to Madrid. Love the hell out of this release.
  9. The scan is a little dark- I dig Ted Jouflas's art, here's some more: https://tedjouflas.com/comicsgallery
  10. There' s another piece by the same artist called "Chicago's Back Breaking Bat" in the issue, which Luke used as a track title on his first release Wagon Christ Sunset Blvd.
  11. I read an interview where he said it came from a comic book called "weirdo" searched it out.
  12. The Ted Jouflas drawing that inspired Luke to dub himself Wagon Christ:
  13. recorded from my phone sorry the audio is not the best but since Luke was opening with some new tracks I needed to document. Later I threw some visuals basically remixed "Turn" visual motifs check it out, Luke stone cold killed shit.
  14. You missed out bro, he dropped a bunch of new stuff, might've been the best set i've seen of his.
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