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  1. That's all I'm gonna say (It's wicked).
  2. ahh nice- yeah the WC tune is called "Likewutchyadoo"
  3. also at 14:29 "There are six possible explanations... What did he say ? I don't know" Synkik- Spac Hand Luke
  4. Yes, the shipping cost from US to UK are crazy atm.
  5. You will not be disappointed with Recepticon.
  6. Tally Ho! is an amazing album and I think flows the best from track to track. But damn it, why Luke left "There is Not Enough Space in This Track" off the official release I'll never know. I rank them thusly: Tally Ho! Sorry I Make You Lush Throbbing Pouch Musipal Toomorrow Sunset Blvd Phat Lab Nightmare The last two are not typical "Wagon Christ" to be fair though, love both. Really cool moment at the Brooklyn show last September when DJ Warp took over the decks to finish the night and played " Chicago's Back Breaking Bat" from Sunset Blv
  7. Yeah dude Bizarster is a wicked album- Japanese version has 3 bonus tracks that are worth tracking down.
  8. Nonetheless I love this. DHS always delivers
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