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  1. Yes. Sweet bass line too.
  2. I think Rave Hop is released next week. I agree with Squidward - Modern Rave is hit and miss, enjoyable but not top tier. When all the preview clips were released Mod Rave was the one I was looking forward to the least.
  3. still waiting on the vinyl. Enjoying this one but really looking toward Rave Hop.
  4. ordered. keep 'em coming Luke.
  5. It was taken down by the artist's request.
  6. Luke has a new track on this compilation, go get it. Also available on vinyl. https://aboveboardprojects.bandcamp.com/album/care4life
  7. Yeah this isn't happening. unfortunately. Last time I saw Luke was in Brooklyn last September and he dropped a bunch of unreleased tracks, it was an awesome night.
  8. It probably has tracks dating back to 2003 on it- but remixed CDR tracks- nah? just some the old Vibert vocal samples used again.
  9. Agreed. Loving the new AA.
  10. A Collab on the forthcoming Blueberry Records release: https://blueberryrecords.bandcamp.com/album/unbroken-dreams-of-light
  11. an email from Bleep or Bandcamp?
  12. This is released wednesday on bandcamp.
  13. Neither have I. It is the freshest. I'm pretty sure there's some stuff that hasn't seen the light of day. Maybe one day we will get to hear it.
  14. He has said that he's tried to work in the manner that yielded Plug but is unable to work that way. Best we can hope for is more from the archives, unfortunately.
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