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  1. Lush stuff, reminds me more of Valvable than YosepH. Today is gonna be a great day, new Vibert starting it off right.
  2. Velazquez

    a fine line

    Came back 13 years later to quote this. Still not completely sure of the lyrics.
  3. Mid season "finale" tonight- I'm so gonna miss this show.
  4. yes, Lalo is so cold, calculating- having the guy do his teeth to be his body double if need be.
  5. The good old days when the dj had to prop his laptop on a chair, because no one knew who aphex twin was lol.
  6. I don't think they will record again- I remember reading that Voafose/Jeremy Simmonds is no longer doing music. Maybe some stuff will be released that's already been recorded ala Rodulate which was released in 2007(?) but had been recorded in the 90's. I think Weirs is great, Rodulate was p deece too.
  7. Doesn't seem legit, I think it's an effort to get people interested in ISNARD or some shit.
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