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  1. Not sure how that Fucking excellent acid track slipped thru the cracks. The break was included in Luke's sample pack for those keeping score. Thanks hombre.
  2. This is a terrible loss. He was a great kid. RIP Salv.
  3. Showing my age here... I heard MBM Satyricon in 1993 as a junior in college and it literally changed my life. don't sleep on Eccentric Objects or 99%
  4. This one has been driving me crazy since I first heard "Trouble" , finally remembered the source:
  5. And with perhaps the longest amount of time between use of a recycled sample for Luke, he returns to the sample at 3:33 for use in Lunderneath.
  6. Same Ol has William Burroughs and Ken Nordine both on the vocal samples. Burroughs "Is this Machine recording?" And Ken Nordine "are you tired of seeing the same old thing done, time after time?"
  7. yeah mine too. like just one smudge of black ... it sounds great though, Batter Bits and Hidden Blade by Posthuman stand out.
  8. They are on the way. Bleep orders arrived in UK customs yesterday. Bandcamp orders are en route/going out - I received mine today.
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