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  1. The scan is a little dark- I dig Ted Jouflas's art, here's some more: https://tedjouflas.com/comicsgallery
  2. There' s another piece by the same artist called "Chicago's Back Breaking Bat" in the issue, which Luke used as a track title on his first release Wagon Christ Sunset Blvd.
  3. I read an interview where he said it came from a comic book called "weirdo" searched it out.
  4. The Ted Jouflas drawing that inspired Luke to dub himself Wagon Christ:
  5. recorded from my phone sorry the audio is not the best but since Luke was opening with some new tracks I needed to document. Later I threw some visuals basically remixed "Turn" visual motifs check it out, Luke stone cold killed shit.
  6. You missed out bro, he dropped a bunch of new stuff, might've been the best set i've seen of his.
  7. I think I can promise you a fascinating study, it is as though one has heard the very voice of insanity. lol i like the Werner Herzog. Did you check Good Room the other night?
  8. That tune in that video is "One Note Samba" by Jean Jacques Perrey (JJP) with whom Luke made the album Moog Acid
  9. NYC 9/19 Good Room Detroit 9/21 Marble Bar this looks like a great show with Soundmurderer and Prefuse 73 on the bill LA 9/26 Decibel Fest more to be announced.
  10. not sure Luke is gonna be there from what i heard.
  11. it was suggested that we have burger tags , so that when you were posting a lol or a meaty reply your post would appear between two buns. It was an awesome time for this site... out of it emerged the sub- meme- "i'm not even gonna fix that burger" when Adjective posted an a messed up burger tag.
  12. Love it, forgot I ordered the colored vinyl and wasn't expecting it when it arrived, a great release. There are a few copies available on discogs, for less than $15... also check out the video made by your truly.
  13. color. I had forgotten I ordered the color release, so it was a nice surprise. 121 of 303
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