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  1. I love the last half of the album, Juxtafication, Taming of the view especially.
  2. get the Japanese version for the extra track.
  3. I was present when this photo was taken. Luke was signing copies of Recipticon for the owner of Gramophone Records in chicago. Each copy he signed said "Ahoy!" lol
  4. 45 rpm is the correct speed. I asked Luke in October, he replied "fast, 45."
  5. https://touched.bandcamp.com/track/computer-sounding-shit
  6. What's Dscape remix? Any footage from the show?
  7. I was at the show too, don't think I'll make it this time though.
  8. I'll be in Chicago, and Brooklyn most likely, caught his two sets in NJ last weekend. Awesome to see Luke after three years.
  9. Great post and very informative/fascinating. I had seen her journal entries re- the Aphex show but had no idea how much other work she'd done. I wonder who the dj was at the February show- Luke Vibert did a stint around that time spinning before Aphex i wonder if she's making reference to him.
  10. I completely agree. The studio sessions are so f'n good, some of my fav stuff he's done. He plays some of the studio tracks in this set among some other unreleased goodies: https://archive.org/details/LukeVibert1998XXXXUKNewcastle
  11. Luke has so many tracks that have been played out and never seen a proper release. What are some of your favs that you'd like to see on a proper release? I'll start: There's Not Enough Space in This Track - played on Kiss FM Tally Ho! promo this was inexplicably left off the final cut. One of my fav tracks of Vibert, i'd give my left nut to get a proper mix of this. The only version that exists is from the real media audio recording. Mellotronic- also from 1998 played on Luke's first Peel session, a halfway decent mp3 of this stellar track exists
  12. What are those track titles? - i can't make out the writing- def need glasses lol . Interesting stuff though I know they Rephalex kept pushing the Weirs release date back. . I know there's some unreleased Vibert and Simmonds out there just a matter of how much. Luke played an unreleased Vibert/Simmonds during the Recepticon release mix-athon. I'm pretty sure Jeremy/Voafose is "retired" I don't think he's actively making music anymore.
  13. Happy 20th anniversary to my favorite mix, by my favorite producers. I remember stumbling across this waaaaaay back and thinking no way.... and loving it immediately and ever since.
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