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  1. NYC 9/19 Good Room Detroit 9/21 Marble Bar this looks like a great show with Soundmurderer and Prefuse 73 on the bill LA 9/26 Decibel Fest more to be announced.
  2. not sure Luke is gonna be there from what i heard.
  3. it was suggested that we have burger tags , so that when you were posting a lol or a meaty reply your post would appear between two buns. It was an awesome time for this site... out of it emerged the sub- meme- "i'm not even gonna fix that burger" when Adjective posted an a messed up burger tag.
  4. Love it, forgot I ordered the colored vinyl and wasn't expecting it when it arrived, a great release. There are a few copies available on discogs, for less than $15... also check out the video made by your truly.
  5. color. I had forgotten I ordered the color release, so it was a nice surprise. 121 of 303
  6. I received Valvable yesterday, i love it. Though, I'm ready for some sample based Luke/Wagon Christ. It's mind blowing to know that Luke has so much unreleased music, despite his prolific pace of releasing records. Hell, he's dropped 3 records already this year.
  7. https://www.discogs.com/Nathan-Jonson-Cross-Colours/release/10162714
  8. Colored Vinyl has shipped, Black Vinyl later this month.
  9. I must've listened to this track hundreds of times whilst cutting the video. Still love it.
  10. I have that record, came out 2 years back under the radar... pretty cool track.
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