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  1. unsure atm, have not heard anything about anything release-wise
  2. Yep, Luke will be back in june for a tour, looking forward. Hoping for a new release too.
  3. Listening to these tracks again, always wondered what the yo-yo looked like- did you ever happen to find yours?
  4. I bought it a couple years ago, and there was so much surface noise it was ridiculous. I tried every which way to clean the vinyl, to no avail, finally I gave up and purchased another.
  5. Maybe some Wagon Christ in '20? 😉
  6. it's grown on me a bit, love, love the beats though.
  7. originally the file was shared on the Wagon Christ Assembly within an interview Luke did with the website, 2003.
  8. A new edit i put together with audio Luke shared in a 2003 interview showing a collaboration he did with Richard.
  9. Thank you for watching, good sir.
  10. A new edit i did recently :
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