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  1. This is excellent, thanks for the link!
  2. yes, Lalo is so cold, calculating- having the guy do his teeth to be his body double if need be.
  3. The good old days when the dj had to prop his laptop on a chair, because no one knew who aphex twin was lol.
  4. I don't think they will record again- I remember reading that Voafose/Jeremy Simmonds is no longer doing music. Maybe some stuff will be released that's already been recorded ala Rodulate which was released in 2007(?) but had been recorded in the 90's. I think Weirs is great, Rodulate was p deece too.
  5. Doesn't seem legit, I think it's an effort to get people interested in ISNARD or some shit.
  6. I was going thru some old files and found this and stuck in Youtube for your viewing pleasure.
  7. It was driving me crazy because I remember when I first heard the track in 2004 I was like holy shit what track is this? Then when i first heard Recepticon I was so happy the track finally came out, but I needed to connect the dots so to speak.
  8. OK! I finally found the set- It was from a set played on Triple J from Big Day out Luke and Aphex 1/23/2004 Sydney... I knew it was from a live set with RDJ/LFV, which means the track has been in queue 16 years !
  9. Yeah stuff coming to the US from germany is taking an uber-long time these days.
  10. I uploaded some stuff I recorded from a set a couple years back on YT - I had no issues or problems. Whether you upload it to Youtube or not I'd love to hear the set. I caught Luke and Squarepusher on that tour as well, in NYC.
  11. Not sure how that Fucking excellent acid track slipped thru the cracks. The break was included in Luke's sample pack for those keeping score. Thanks hombre.
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