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  1. And with perhaps the longest amount of time between use of a recycled sample for Luke, he returns to the sample at 3:33 for use in Lunderneath.
  2. Same Ol has William Burroughs and Ken Nordine both on the vocal samples. Burroughs "Is this Machine recording?" And Ken Nordine "are you tired of seeing the same old thing done, time after time?"
  3. yeah mine too. like just one smudge of black ... it sounds great though, Batter Bits and Hidden Blade by Posthuman stand out.
  4. They are on the way. Bleep orders arrived in UK customs yesterday. Bandcamp orders are en route/going out - I received mine today.
  5. Luke played it during a live set on Triple J here's the track:
  6. I can no longer find the link that contained the mp3, I have them if you're interested. Jim Roche is a performance artist who used the people who he grew up around as inspiration to perform poems. At the end of Luke's song/set he referenced the poetry of Roche as "foul, racist, nonsense" The poem in which Roche states' Ten million Flies cannot be wrong..." is titled "Hippy's are living proof that a N----r will fuck a dog" Roche is a highly controversial artist who later appeared in "Silence of the Lambs" he explains his work thusly: "You were not there during the early 70
  7. at what point? I know I've heard this track/sample before.
  8. there are delays with Bleep pressings and all others too, unfortunately. AFAIK none of the vinyl has been pressed.
  9. Luke has always said there's a certain vibe that WC tracks have- so to me it's interesting when you have a straight up drum n bass/jungle track like Wet Leg or All my Fingers Freak Mix that fall in the WC discography. Do I consider Recepticon a WC? certainly... I think the overall quality is a notch up from Rave Hop ( Which is very Wagon Christ-eque). The synth your referring to that features heavily on Sorry I make You Lush and Toomorrow is synth Luke created in Reason a patch in Malstrom i believe.
  10. I can get you a copy of both, yes Header is Plug. Really nice track. IR Pufnstuff is solid Wagon Christ 2006 types vibes. I'll try to get back to you in the next couple days.
  11. "never odd or even " is a palindrome for the wordsmiths out there.
  12. https://youtu.be/SOZbLtA2bko
  13. I take that back, People of Rhythm posted my video on YT. Haha.
  14. Thanks dudes. It was awesome to be part of a collective creation in celebration of Wagon Christ/Luke's music. I don't know what's going to happen with the mixes and other VJ stuff. I'd like to hear it again myself, the Library mix was awesome and if you stuck around long enough there were a couple treats in the mixes. I will be uploading my video in a short time there's a few tweeks I need to make. I worked like mad to put together as the whole event was assembled 8 days ahead. So I'm gonna relax for a day and then put together my final edit for the Recepticon video.
  15. "who the fuck said that?!" sample from Full Metal Jacket- drill sergeant First time I heard Hazelhertz was floored- great tune.
  16. Luke's daughter's birthday is today, why it was released on saturday.
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