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  1. the forms of the communicational structures of slang, in-jokes, social tendencies, interests and tastes, and political opinions, remain locked in the memories of the individuals and groups, changing over time and influenced by external forces, but nonetheless maintaining a mostly static structure and low velocity of change. however as new brains grow the flexibility and acceptance of novelty creates an in comparison rapid velocity of change, resulting in a severe drift between groups and stagnation increases with age. as a result the boomerification process is invisible to those who it is being applied to unless the velocity of change is increased through rapid degradation of the self and acceptance of the new external conditions. for some it seems a post-boomerification calcification or crystallization process occurs. but does a reverse process, a post-boomerification de-calcification or liquifaction process exist? such a cultural method seems invaluable to those suffering, knowingly or unknowingly, from boomerification
  2. i cant fuckinbg believe that are ANY rdj fans who do not rank rdj as their top artist, in fact if you ever listened to anybody except rdj in the past week, not only is your iq not high enough to appreciate idm, but you have basically failed the test of becoming a mature music listener, not a child like the redditors, if anyone reading this doesnt have rdj as their number one artist, i suggest you feel ashamed and delete your entire hard drive. rdj is by far the best music in the world, if you ever listen to anything except rdj you are less than a worm. to be fair it takes a very high iq to understand rdj. the drum rolls are extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of microtonality, most of the song will go over a typical listerner's head. there's also richard's whimsical outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterization-his personal philosophy draws heavily from porn audio samples, for instance. the fans understand this stuff, they have the musical capacity to truly appreciate the depth of richard's musical talent, to realize it's not just music, it's art on part with beethoven and mozart, in fact better. as a consequence those people who don't rank rdj their #1 artist truly ARE the babies of musical listeners, of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the phrase "i would like some milk from the milk man's wife's tits" which itself is a refernce to the milk man's wife musically dominating that of her husband's dull musical taste and looking elsewhere for ear sustenance. i'm smirking right now just imagining one of those simpleton kanye listeners scratching their asses in confusion as they try to figure out the time signature of richars'd most superior works as his genius unfolds itself on their airpods. what babies, I will rip their earbuds out and put in my own to force them to listen to cock/ver at boosted volume levels
  3. this is a social media site and it's designed you trap you in with flashy red icons and notifications of who replies to you or likes one of your posts just like facebook. ive asked for the ability to turn this off but it's not there yet. edit: oh its there now, account settings > other settings (right hand side) > notifications
  4. she always has the weirdest shit in the best way possible
  5. https://www.marxists.org/archive/lenin/works/1917/staterev/ch03.htm 'We, the workers, shall organize large-scale production on the basis of what capitalism has already created, relying on our own experience as workers, establishing strict, iron discipline backed up by the state power of the armed workers. We shall reduce the role of state officials to that of simply carrying out our instructions as responsible, revocable, modestly paid "foremen and accountants" (of course, with the aid of technicians of all sorts, types and degrees). This is our proletarian task, this is what we can and must start with in accomplishing the proletarian revolution. Such a beginning, on the basis of large-scale production, will of itself lead to the gradual "withering away" of all bureaucracy, to the gradual creation of an order--an order without inverted commas, an order bearing no similarity to wage slavery--an order under which the functions of control and accounting, becoming more and more simple, will be performed by each in turn, will then become a habit and will finally die out as the special functions of a special section of the population. ' (edited)
  6. I disagree entirely on marx, when I read him I find it completely relevant both to my personal life, my understanding of society and political economy, the lives and jobs of myself and my family, and nothing at all has changed that makes this not the case in all these years
  7. summary and discussion of Paulo Feire's book "Pedagogy of the Oppressed" which puts forward a revolutionary Marxist dialectical materialistic reconceptualization of education as a dialectical process between the teacher and the student, with the teacher learning from the students exactly what needs to be taught to them based on their own desires, needs, and culture, putting them on equal footing, rather than treating the teacher as the oppressor trying to store knowledge into the minds of the intellectually oppressed students, among other beautiful descriptions https://redmenace.libsyn.com/pedagogy-of-the-oppressed
  8. facebook is only exposing what is happening and enabling a particular type of platform to make it worse. capitalism is tearing our societies apart.
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