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  1. https://www.atpfestival.com/artist/aphextwin >Richard D James is the alpha male of electronica
  2. since they have talked in interviews about pushing a piece of equipment to its very limits, rather than getting new more advanced equipment and not pushing it deeply, it would make sense that trying to make one gigantic system capable of handling everything is in a way not good. because pushing to limits implies the existence of limits. if there are no limits there's nothing interesting to push to the outlier conditions of behaviors i bet a lot of their production methods actually are about what they are finding fun to do and want to do at that point rather than some big end goal in mind that they will use any means to achieve
  3. anyone know the best resources on becoming good at this thing
  4. what kind of anti-communist trash is that that kids fucking based this absolute propaganda bullshit is so annoying. schools teaching socialism? socialism means we will all be poor? fucking moron lmao. wheres the socialists in schools? in the paraphrased words of richard wolff: "i looked for the other marxist professors in the schools, i needed friends, I couldn't find any" theres nothing i hate more than using facial expressions and vocal inflection to try to bolster their bullshit talking points source: autist
  5. i have no idea what any genres mean but me gusta
  6. i'm talking about the situation at hand, you're talking about vague shit that could have been posted in any number of contexts and still meant nothing. is your post related to this at all? your idealism is showing.
  7. also why the fuck does the word "bullying" keep being used? this isn't bullying, it's criminal behavior ranging from forces feces consumption to sexual assault. throw him in jail now
  8. he literally forced people to eat feces did you read the post why are you defending him lmao
  9. it took me less time to copy and paste the OP than it took you to write this post congrats you played yourself
  10. threads about reactionaries is good for making other reactionaries come out of the woodworks and let their inner fascist expose itself
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