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  1. uhh did oyu make it thru harmony in ultraviolet tho or radio amor missing out
  2. the store is this so called owning class is putting our lives under the control of metal objects and id say its about time every single one gets removed. the computers too
  3. the fact that all republicans want to do is make life worse for poor people and minorities, and impose their own religious "morals" on others, perfectly exposes their reactionary nature. theyre not fighting for improvements to their own life, they're fighting to revert things to a previous time. so why are they so obsessive when it doesn't even affect them? it must be the manufactured nature of their beliefs ,generated from mainstream media
  4. chair sittin with the homies, 303s bouta blow max and msp brainfuck make your granny wanna toke hit me with that snare shit want those eardrums broke if your time sigs traditional you aint nothin but a joke
  5. also the "crypto industry" is often confused with crypto itself despite having nothing to do with it
  6. it does, hows the government gona regulate a text message btc transaction? oh yeah, through physical violence. since thats all they can do. thus the state under capitalism must be abolished, transcended, and replaced with a dictatorship of the proletariat aiming to make money unnecessary for life and achieve communism
  7. "oh no why are things getting worse" "no we need to maintain decentralized private ownership of the means of production beholden to absolutely no authorities and asserting their profit maximizing will through state-provided services of violence" at this point if you're not advocating radical eco-communism you are a reactionary who wants climate change to continue unabated. if you are a liberal you are by definition an eco-fascist
  8. ai is just a name for advanced computer algorithms which can be wielded for any arbitrary purpose. right now, the vast majority, 99%, of all ai algorithms being ran are purely to increase profits, which is decoupled entirely from any human guided decisions. this absolute worship of capital distorts humanity's trajectory in a way that must be corrected for with a renewed devotion to the earth and to nature, as well as a better perspective on our place in the universe.
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