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  1. i'm talking about the situation at hand, you're talking about vague shit that could have been posted in any number of contexts and still meant nothing. is your post related to this at all? your idealism is showing.
  2. also why the fuck does the word "bullying" keep being used? this isn't bullying, it's criminal behavior ranging from forces feces consumption to sexual assault. throw him in jail now
  3. he literally forced people to eat feces did you read the post why are you defending him lmao
  4. it took me less time to copy and paste the OP than it took you to write this post congrats you played yourself
  5. threads about reactionaries is good for making other reactionaries come out of the woodworks and let their inner fascist expose itself
  6. is a nazi Peterson on the Nazi-o-meter... Believes in a form of Social Darwinism in which Judeo-Christian culture is inherently superior to others and in which biology selects these culturally superior traits. Salivates over hierarchical laws of nature, and the Pareto Principle, Vilfredo Pareto being a big influence on WW2 era fascists. Quotes, retweets and interviews race realists ( Linda Gottfredson et al), and self-described white nationalists who advocate a white ethnostate. Promotes a "postmodern neo Marxist" conspiracy, a resurrection of the far-right, anti-Semitic, Cultural Bolshevism meme. Believes he has divinely ordained missions and apocalyptic meat/apple induced fever dreams. Has a house full of Stalinist art to remind him of the enemy. Named his daughter after the guy who toppled Soviet communism. Shares the far-right's fascistic longing for the past and traditional gender roles. Jumps to the defense of Caylan Ford, a woman who is saddened by the demographic replacement of white people from their homelands and who thinks western civilization collapses unless run by white dudes. Fetishizes masculinity, power and strength. Obsessed with what he perceives to be deviants (transgender people, gays, those with "low competency", "low IQs" etc). Fears society becoming weak and collectively feminized, and is generally disgusted with the Other (refers to transgender people as a "plague", promotes the conspiratorial/anti-scientific "rapid onset gender dysphoria" meme, thinks Arab are innately "less competent" and "resent Jewish success", that "gay parents are sub optimal" etc). Believes class is naturally ordained and that a woman's natural and biological identity is that of the caregiver/mother. Is paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by racist, Islamophobic organizations (Ezra Levant and company) and allies with Doug Ford, a politician with loose connections to alt right and white nationalist types. Has a paranoid obsession with preserving or protecting culture from infection. Believes we must take cues from the animal kingdom and re-embrace order and dominance hierarchies which favor the strong, high IQed and highly competent. Believes we're apocalyptically withdrawing from traditions, religion and nation-centredness, and that we're locked in a Nietzschean war between Apollonian order and Dionysian chaos. Defends Jews by citing Henry Harpending, a eugenicist and "racist realist" who thinks European Jews bred themselves to be smarter, and who speaks at conferences on “Preserving Western Civilization" alongside white nationalists and eugenicists like Peter Brimelow and Jean-Philippe Rushton. Believes that we're under siege by precisely what the Nazi's anti-Semitic Cultural Bolshevik meme puts forth. Tries to start organizations dedicating to outing, blacklisting or firing intellectuals he deems heretical. Attacks intellectuals and intellectual institutions whilst misusing science to justify bashing others. Believes that the citizen's life need be turned into a mythic hero's story, complete with a culturally potent mix of images, myths, tradition, nostalgia, and emotional and spiritual aesthetics, as well as a "narrative of return" which is opposed by sneaky, villainous cultural Marxists who have infected society and academia like a plague or parasite. Coincidentally ticks everything on Umberto Eco's fascist checklist ( https://www.reddit.com/r/enoughpetersonspam/comments/90ejyq/umberto_ecos_description_of_urfascism_sounds/) . Has his own creepy youth army. Looks good in Hugo Boss.. https://www.reddit.com/r/enoughpetersonspam/comments/lmmf69/jordan_peterson_actual_nazi_or_weirdly_sympathetic/gnwq62w/
  7. animated blade runner could be so good, the design detail unlimited, the aesthetics unhinged, the futurism and scenery transcendental and instead it looks like a early 2008 video game
  8. yeah, i uphold comrade handcuffed woman in texas doing gta style praxis against the pigs what of it
  9. oh no, one tj maxx location will receive 0.00143% less profits this year! this is worth a news story
  10. the israeli guy is a dipshit fascist it is the problem
  11. seems good on the surface but is really just a bandaid over the root cause of misinformation and conspiracy theory spreading
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