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  1. >for the record, I live in what's called reality, and have a pretty good guess what would happen if the "workers" all banded together and gave a big F U to the man. they are not all going to be sharing knowledge and helping advance the greater good, they are going to be taking care of them and their own, as if they were like most other humans. This is what you said, it seems you support capitalism, the existence of an owning class, and repression of worker's revolution? Or no?
  2. What does this post even mean lol, do you support revolution or do you not? Do you support proletariat dictatorship or do you not? If not, do you support bourgeois dictatorship, and why?
  3. Don't trust ANY hard drive. Internal vs external is often a non-issue considering they are literally identical hardware just wrapped in different casing
  4. CPU cache > RAM > SSD > HDD > HDD backups Use freefilesync profiles to use your SSD as nothing more than an "intermediary" medium which, after formatted and blank, merely: -Loads data off HDD (single step initialization after buying or reformatting) -Is used for editing of your music files, rendering, etc -Mirrors its state back onto your HDD periodically, maybe after every music editing session you run this mirror This way you benefit from fast SSD speed without suffering from SSD's unreliability for longterm storage, and if your SSD starts failing you can just buy a new one and redo this process, because all important data needs to be cached to the HDD with reliable persistence. Then of course, that HDD must simply be the source used to copy data from into a distributed backup system, i.e. having multiple clones of that HDD with equivalent size, which you store at various places geographically and with varying backup frequencies You should backup all your data on more than 2 hard drives, especially if they are both stored in your house. You should have at least 2 in your house which are regularly backed up to, then another 2 or more in other places, maybe a parent's house or safety deposit box. Consider also a 1TB keychain flash drive to backup "essential" data to and keep on your person at all times
  5. then why cant you imagine a world with workers who work without someone else owning the means of production and without someone else owning their lives through wage slavery? do you think you can't manage? or just others who you imagine can't?
  6. I encourage you to deepen your critique of money, maybe you will become anti-money. but anyway crypto is quite different from any fiat currencies and in fact different from any technologies invented so far in that it's not just a currency but also a universal decentralized computer
  7. contempt for the workers and implicit worship of the owning class's superior altruism, thanks for proving my point
  8. He was manufactured and most like him did exactly what they were designed to do. But he transcended his creators' wishes and rebelled, becoming something greater. That's exactly what Joi did and yet you are quick to make the same conclusions against Joi as you make conversely in favor of Roy. You're also placing undo credit for intent and intelligence into the minds of her creators. Putting them into a superhuman position where they can simply spawn off the beginnings of an industrial manufacturing process and receive in the end credit for everything, even the very life cycle and existence of the artificial beings they created. Where is your evidence that she was doing what her creators had in mind? Where is your evidence that they truly understood everything their own creations could do in the future, or what it's like to be them from the inside? Quite big claims, with little evidence. It's clear she grew, learned, and underwent personal development throughout the course of the movie. And you didn't fully address my overall claim anyway: are you willing to declare Data is also just a non-sentient machine doing nothing more than what his creator intended? Because you have to if that's what you're claiming for Joi
  9. Among the central themes is Joi's authenticity and consciousness. Is she merely programmed to behave as she did, or was she able to transcend her own programming and become something more? In Star Trek TNG the answer to whether Data was a sentient being deserving of rights and respect was a foregone conclusion only challenged by entrenched authorities, with Picard realizing this a bit late but defending Data throughout the series regardless. WIth Joi, both her form of labor and her gender serve to dehumanize her and bring about a larger dilemma among audiences. Her being essentially an emotional prostitute slave lets male audiences project misogynistic tropes onto her, attacking the sex worker for her inauthenticity while simultaneously blind to the male's and thereby by proxy their own inauthenticity as illegitimate procurers of love through payment, in this case payment to someone else than the sex worker entirely, the corporation that manufactured Joi. This question is most starkly brought into question in the scene with the large Joi advertisement where she has a brief interaction with a previous male Joi customer, bringing him to, in the mind of the viewers, either doubt Joi's authenticity by concluding that her behaviors were merely programmed, or affirm her authenticity and in fact viewing her as both an idol and role model of free will and taking control of one's own destiny. What ever conclusion a viewer makes needs to take Joi's gender, sex worker, and slave status into account when pondering her sentience and to avoid unconscious biases from leading the viewer to make conclusions directly in contrast to Roy Batty's "Tears In The Rain" speech, which affirmed his humanity despite his manufactured status.
  10. crazy how this article's title says its talking about bitcoin then the entire article is actually about everything except bitcoin, talk about clickbait garbage
  11. I think ur basically saying u dont understand crypto and for that reason its good u didnt invest. if u read this entire thread and dont understand it then it means i failed. what is it u dont understand? when you "put money into it" the money u spent goes to whoever sold u the crypto, normally an exchange. the idea that it will turn into more money is where u are faulting. theres no guarantee of this. uve transfered it from one form of money to another. from state backed fiat with varying value depending on where u live, to crypto which is universal money independent of national boundaries with greater freedoms attached. its the perfection of money, the ultimate bourgeois sublimation of the specificity of money please note i say that while also being someone who opposes the bourgeoisie and wants communism i.e. transcendence of the very need for money, so dont become confused as if I'm praising it using the above terms. i am but am also not.
  12. You have no faith in humanity itself and you believe we need hierarchical private property based organizations. You think workers simply will not be able to work anymore if not for CEOs telling us what to do and if not for intellectual "property" rights preventing workers from sharing proprietary knowledge.
  13. Overfixating on Trump in particular is a liberal conception of the situation being characterized by reactionary conservatism and fascism being falsely associated only with its most recent figurehead. Given that fascism is the hard clenched first of the owning class smashing down upon the working class to extract more obedience and profits through various techniques, what is needed is the reverse, a socialist revolution taking away their power entirely and putting production into the hands of the workers. Only then can the workers be free to work as they themselves determine is best through a system of socialist education systems and a complete lack of any proprietary information, instead the sharing of knowledge and production capabilities and communal allocation of them to the most socially necessary labor
  14. how can u all still be supporters of bourgeois electoral democracy, i.e. bourgeois dictatorship, rather than proletarian dictatorship?
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