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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charity_fraud
  2. what percentage of ownership of your total revenue do the screen printer laborers receive?
  3. it's because the media narrative is that edgy 4chan incels will use it as an anti-authoritarian rallying cry to lash out at normals
  4. stumbled upon a really good article about this phenomena for the technically inclined. In summary, the nature of attempts to scale computing is that they inevitably centralize into mainframes consisting of many connected nodes owned by organizations who eventually become rent-seekers atop both their computing power, and your data, and that offline computing on individual nodes will always be a niche use-case that might even tend to face the brundt of both state and corporate backlash when practitioners and advocates make a fuss, because only nerdy fucks do it http://www.winestockwebdesign.com/Essays/Eternal_Mainframe.html
  5. https://www.latimes.com/politics/story/2019-10-02/bernie-sanders-treated-chest-pain-cancels-campaign-events
  6. He had a medical issue, he underwent surgery to fix it, and now he's in recovery. I've seen no suggestions that he has chronic health issues. For people as old as him, this isn't unexpected or evidence that he's out of commission any time soon. Don't let media headlines frame your view of his future viability. The only time that exists is right now
  7. I want it to be a Bernie-Warren ticket, but if it's not a Bernie ticket, I want it to be an Anyone-Bernie ticket, but at the same time it's possible that if Bernie ends up being a VP candidate he is sort of downgraded in the eyes of centrist dems and would also lose steam for a 2024 run since he's running against his own President who's now an incumbent. Basically if Bernie doesn't win we're fucked.
  8. to me the diablo 2 OST is really halloween, not IDM though
  9. Definitely TV + sugar + caffeine. Heroin meth benzos are niche, and even cannabis is too. I mean in terms of use-without-considering-it-drug-abuse-when-it-really-is
  10. @drillkicker post hello spiral is quoting every society is a substance society though it's just a choice of which ones. US is TV+sugar+caffeine
  11. yeah, completely correct, BCI is a nightmare really. never will I ever take part in such a thing, and I think it's everyone's duty to start moving towards more ethical forms of technologies, from social technology to medical technologies. Why are we letting Elon Musk build Neuralink when we know that this is a topic that requires the utmost care, regulation, and longterm ethical analysis? It's just capitalism putting core aspects of humanity's future into the hands of people who are merely rich enough to hire others. It's very strange.
  12. Psychology modelling to target ads and content at people = mind control, trying to control their finger to click the ad It's quite literally that way
  13. facebook mines all of the data about its users, uses natural language processing based artificial intelligence to come up with machine learning models to analyze their psychology and how likely they are to be receptive to a specific advertisement or facebook story item, and then they sell this targeting ability to advertisers, it was used to target political ads at politically unaware people in swing states by the russians that was just an initial trial, imagine once this gets in full swing WERE FUCKED
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