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  1. based and breadpilled https://www.huffpost.com/entry/bernie-sanders-democratic-party-independent_n_5e21e4f8c5b632117612f412 >In a 1985 letter newly obtained by HuffPost in which Sanders debated running for governor, he wrote: “Whether I run for governor or not is really not important. What would be a tragedy, however, is for people with a radical vision to fall into the pathetic camp of the intellectually bankrupt Democratic Party.”
  2. Fully agreed, it's absurd that anyone would consider either Trump or any Republican in favor of even the worst Democratic candidate.
  3. "all the dems are the same just vote blue no matter who" https://www.businessinsider.com/biden-said-desegregation-would-create-a-racial-jungle-2019-7
  4. the tweet is pointing out the difference between the candidates, it's pretty clearly based in reality and is not some made up drama bullshit, maybe division should be stirred here because, guess what, there's a big divide between the nature of the two candidates, and we're trying to figure out which one we want. no surprise that the media supports the capitalist ex-republican will I vote for her if she's the candidate? yeah I may as well. do I want her supporters to support her if she's the candidate, yeah, definitely. I just don't want her to be the candidate. i'm sure the same can be said for many in this thread who are being called bernie bros by liberals
  5. completely agreed, and the fact that anyone wants anything to change is appalling to me, how can you be unbiased if you are going to claim things from only one side? things are going good for me in my life, so it's important that they keep staying that way. we can't take money from rich people and we can't dismantle all corporations and put control of them into the hands of the workers, this would make it so that wealth is more evenly distributed and it would be bad for the economy because less opportunities to construct profit streams would exist for people whose primary life activity is the manipulation of social scenarios to increase their chances of climbing the social ladders which determine who is able to extract the most profit from the corporation in which they work, all under the watchful eye of the board of directors who have the most at stake economically and who put their emotional and physical labor into the work required to make the company contribute positively to humanity every single time they show up to a board meeting it's absurd that anyone would want boarders abolished, money and advertising eliminated, wage labor eliminated in favor of voluntary labor, the concentration of labor into the production of goods, services, and technologies meant to better the lives of everyone if you dont vote for warren not only are you sexist but you're proving that you're too far right to appreciate pro-capitalism ex-republican liberals whose campaign invents smears on her political opponents and who spends all of her time doing group selfie events at her rallies, can't imagine why anyone would be against corporate media propping her up over the lifelong socialist who wants to tax the wealthy who own the media companies that produce all of this news
  6. "berniebro" is clearly sexist and potentially offensive to women who support bernie. pathetic libs need to step aside if we ever want the overton window to move left "the berniebros" by talking about vague ill-defined groups like this you are avoiding responsibility for the language you use. I've never seen that twitter account in my life and I don't know those people or care about them, why are you falling for a tribal mentality?
  7. bernie has been a democratic socialist since back when warren was a republican. she's not the best candidate since obama she's a liberal who bootlicks the bolivian coup
  8. it's pretty clear that it's manufactured or taken out of context, bernie has been pro-woman-president for decades and at most he made a statement regarding the status of the voter base and nothing regarding his personal feelings
  9. when youre stuck in feudalism then skip capitalism and aim straight for communism but accidentally land in fascism
  10. warren is a neoliberal corporate shill and everyone except bernie needs to just walk off the stage and stop clowning around, the fact that they are trying to run against bernie by itself disqualifies them from being a good president because they lack the self awareness to know that he's the one who is both the best qualified, and the most likely to actually win against trump fuck warren, fuck the dnc, fuck biden, fuck everyone, communist revolution right now, abolish private property, abolish jobs, abolish money
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