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  1. they are the current political party in power in the most powerful country on earth and they are climate change deniers it's pretty obviously true. get your head out of your ass
  2. That's horrible, I apologize for that. Why are you bringing it up in this thread though?
  3. Not only are you naive, but you're a bootlicker a worker party will rise and every pathetic liberal will be left behind as the neolib subconscious pseudo-fascist they are. nothing can stop the workers of the world from uniting against class, the state, and money.
  4. Oh, sounds all good then! It's not like they're going to willingly rig it to get to the second round on purpose or anything. Why do you listen to the DNC?
  5. You think this refutes anything I said, how? I don't give a fuck about the Democratic Party's rules. There is no other party, you are aware the US has an effective two-party system?
  6. illuminate me then on the wisdom of the losing candidates' explanations for why the frontrunner should not be awarded the nomination
  7. Yeah they did they went around the podiums and everyone except one said it.
  8. Every candidate except one said they want to override the will of the people and have superdelegates decide the nominee. It should be clear to you who they all are opposing, why they're opposing him, what they have to lose, and what the country and humanity have to lose. If you aren't on board, you need to stop being a fucking lib. That's it
  9. buttigieg is a fucking cia shill, a corporate neolib who hates black people and bulldozes their houses, if he wins the democratic party is doomed, electoralism is doomed, and democracy is proven bullshit, on top of that he's also a fucking loser who's been planning to be president since he was 8 https://www.currentaffairs.org/2019/03/all-about-pete https://www.currentaffairs.org/2020/02/more-about-pete
  10. no cnn is liberal. thats why they hate bernard. liberals are petite bourgeois reactionaries
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