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  1. Zeffolia

    Warp Tapes WAV

    I can't believe how they've been sitting on this music for 30 years, it blows my mind that they didn't think to themselves "this is so good we HAVE to release it" right when they made it. Thanks m8s
  2. Zeffolia

    Warp Tapes WAV

    holy fucking shit this is good
  3. If humans went extinct would any current species that would survive an apocalyptic scenario be capable of picking back up and carrying the torch of intelligent organization that humans are taking part in? Or are they trapped in evolutionary dead ends without the opposable thumbs necessary to manipulate the world in a way that is detailed enough from which to learn further manipulation skills? Would some species eventually come down this path again? Seems unlikely for cockroaches but rats seem like a definite option if they increased their size, their hands are very dexterous
  4. You could say it's greedy expecting artists to release stuff from the vaults, but at the same time they could charge good money for it and many of us would pay it. It's not like anyone wants free 300 hour BOC soundcloud dumps. I'd honestly pay $100, to be frank even more than that, for even a digital-only a box set of high quality "official" recordings of Boc Maxima, Old tunes, and any other random stuff they have lying around. It might remove some mystique and it's clear they try to foster that mystique, but it's been years now and that aspect has kind of passed, everyone knows those are legitimate and they're considered "official" now Not like they have to but they so easily could, it would take minor effort on their part, I'm sure WARP would send people over to their house to even physically pick the tapes up out of their storage location if they agreed to it, and they'd get tons of money which, if they are opposed to money, they can donate to a charity of their cause, and everyone would be happy. To me it defies explanation, but it's obviously their choice entirely, I just don't understand it though, I may be entirely wrong about all of this
  5. I don't understand why they don't release more stuff, surely they know everybody would love it? Do they want to curate their artistic image and avoid releasing old stuff or do they not care about sharing their fruits with the world?
  6. I think the appeal of these bullshit pushers is that they are often very eloquent and talk in a way that evokes very vivid imagery of the abstract things they are talking about, despite it being fabricated. It makes theoretical sense that a UFO would look as if it's constructed from one mold rather than separate parts which are then assembled, because if some advanced civilization far away was sending out probes to scan the universe, they would not be hand-made and valuable but rather mass-produced throwaway technology. It gives a sense of the scale of the scenario he's describing the government being involved in and humbles the listener. Most likely he should have been a Sci-Fi writer but instead he wanted to become a cultural figure posing as someone telling the truth
  7. That's a really interesting observation. But what if they are fully lucid and able to describe it convincingly through writing? They still experienced it even if it was some sort of altered state. Many people experience altered states in daily life, like flow states when doing difficult work, or automatic driving where you realize you arrived at your destination without thinking much about the individual steps you took to get their while driving, you just sort of zoned out. Are we therefore all mentally ill just because some mental states in daily life are abnormal if you pry into them?
  8. He's roleplaying for attention If anything he says is true there would be more substantive details here. Why would they let some random dude walk around the craft unless there was a set plan of exact experiments to be ran? Why isn't he describing scientific tests upon the materials for strength, thermal properties, scanning electron microscope analysis of cross sections of chunks of the UFO, etc.? He's just using buzzwords and talking about gravity a lot in vague ways that suggest he doesn't understand what he's even talking about, but knows most of his listeners won't be able to figure out that fact.
  9. Then again here is his own account of it, he seems distraught by it, it could be legitimate
  10. Prevent him from escaping? What the fuck? That's like some one flew over the cuckoo's nest dystopian horror story. Were they trying to prevent him from escaping without his consent, like involuntarily commit him and then try to stop him from escaping? Or did he agree to give them permission to try to prevent him from escaping? If so, why? Was he manipulated into thinking it was a good idea through psychologist-babble? What about daredevils like snowboarders who jump off cliffs? Should they be involuntarily committed? I get the feeling this dude is getting fucked hard by the system and I'm concerned for him
  11. I think it applies 100%. I know that there are these specific moments within some Autechre tracks that I think are the most musically orgasmic and amazing musical tension-relieving points or buildup crescendos but if I showed it to someone else, likely even some AE fans, they would not know what the fuck I'm talking about, because it's just something obscure like how the texture of this one noise changes for one bar in a way that is different from the previous changes in all the other bars. For this reason I guess I have to accept that it is subjective
  12. When anyone else reads this article do they get the feeling that this guy's diagnosis of schizophrenia is incorrect? https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/not-the-whole-person/201801/can-marijuana-trigger-schizophrenia What's wrong with walking on the beach barefoot and feeling connected to nature? Sounds pretty reasonable to me. The dude overestimated his swimming skills when he went into the ocean, but that happens to lots of people, like hikers and mountain climbers.
  13. I'm trying to find an excerpt from Plato which I can't find, on the feelings he encountered when he would ask poets about their own work and find himself let down by the mundane nature of their explanations. The poetry isn't made better if it comes with a 5 page essay alongside it explaining its creation process and full meaning. It is what it is by its own accord and talking about it may degrade it
  14. While some people may think AE are too academic, and while there are other artists who may be considered to be further on the spectrum, I think AE reaches somewhere closer to the happy medium where their music is truly musical. The other academic music linked above seems that the academic theory behind it came first with the music being a byproduct. But that's probably just my biases and to the creator it does feel musical. Whereas AE is clearly musical. But some people don't think AE are musical. I guess it's just entering waters that are too subjective to be worth talking about. Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must remain silent. The music speaks for itself better than anyone's words ever will
  15. If Aphex Twin actually uses this evolutionary algorithm for composing, I highly suggest he also hire someone to implement him a sequence2sequence model doing the exact same thing except as a continuous stream. Instead of generating 6 samples and you pick from one of them, it could send out a continuous stream of music and you merely rate it with an envelope, in fact you could rate it with multiple different envelopes meaning different things at the same time, such as your satisfaction with various individual qualities like tempo, melody, texture, etc. Surely there are truly abstract envelopes that can be applied to existing technology that would sound extremely strange. In fact due to the Plancherel theorem (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plancherel_theorem) which says any continuous function can be approximated by the summation of an arbitrarily long list of harmonics, proves you can. That means this is definitely do-able. It all assumes you have a sufficiently configurable synthesizer hooked up to the output of a stream of a finite number of symbols
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