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  1. the type of research done and the topic it regards is a political and ideological decision as I described. how can it not be when funding for scientific research projects is determined by political bodies, very often with economic incentives being considered, typically within a capitalist framework? look at medical research. they don't bother with stuff that isn't going to make money.
  2. from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea
  3. agreed, and I also think it needs to be expanded to more professions
  4. science is as political and ideological as anything. look at eugenics experiments, atomic bomb experiments, and the lack of scientific research into various areas where it's clearly needed, like education and optimal governmental structures. it's a tool that can be pointed anywhere, and both who is doing that pointing and where they're pointing it are completely political and ideological
  5. dronemf is fucking amazing thank you. from there: some fake stuff on there tho https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ucb9qVXJtCQ
  6. bosnia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0VZe1NseZ8
  7. Rest in peace King Dodo. Tragic victim of human speciecide.
  8. https://twitter.com/devinnotbooker/status/1276973979014758400
  9. paint isn't ecologically sustainable anyway, I advocate yurts, teepees, mud homes, and other superior indigenous methods
  10. it's called "class struggle" for a reason, not "deciding to make everything good all at once by snapping your fingers" youll find it's easy to fail when the most powerful empires on earth oppose you by applying realpolitik
  11. resorting to personal attacks I see I assume you're referencing the idea that anyone would freely paint a house because it's annoying and not something you'd do for free for fun. in that case, why should the wage system exist to force people to do it for others? I'm sure you now agree
  12. what types of agreements are required if all formerly private property is communally owned? why are people painting each others' house instead of going to the homebuilding materials repository and painting their own house, or getting someone to paint it for free if they wish to? why are random people repairing cars in exchange for painting houses, instead of living without a car due to superior public transport, or taking it to the local mechanics guild who fixes it for free, with the knowledge that their labor has already been paid for by the community's collective maintenance of its common means of production?
  13. who has no choice over what?
  14. contracts have nothing to do with violence, nobody signs contracts to not commit violence, it's both a social norm and legally banned courts are unrelated to contracts apart from that courts enforce contracts, they also do other things "contracts and laws" is very different from "contracts"
  15. the abolition of private property makes the vast majority of all contracts irrelevant and nonsensical. there can be no contracts regarding exchange of goods or services, transfer of private property rights, the selling of wage labor. there can be dignified work for humanity, gifts to a person or community, or favors for a friend, no contracts are required
  16. how many contracts apply to the average low level workers which genuinely benefit them? any contract they sign is a tome written by bourgeois lawyers to be 1000 pages long
  17. contracts are for the rich, abolish them absolutely haram
  18. you post statistics that you think prove your point, but in them you merely miss another point in your lack of understanding of the nature of white supremacy as an institutionalized psychological disorder which enables not only white supremacists, but also other people equally fucked up with other internal reasoning systems. Why does this bolded statistic matter? the idea that the culture needs to change is also broken, as if culture is something that can be imposed on someone in a form of cultural assimilation through which white supremacists are turned into non-white supremacists what needs to change is the material basis of society, i.e. the relations to production, in a way that de-necessitates the need for people in positions of abusable power
  19. weird how only certain types of people get to count as "the American people". don't think black people asked for this. super spoopy how a fascist empire does fascism on its own colonized peoples, and "the people" (the white people) even supposedly asked for it? weird how people just happen to vote for the options theyre given, which are all far right fascist bullshit, and how theres literally no non-fascist option, even the furthest left US politicians are imperialist scumbags including Bernard fuck the american public but mostly fuck the bourgeoisie for being the ones who actually do this shit, with the faux support of the "american people" whose consent for this is manufactured by TV cop dramas and "black people are scary drug pushers" rhetoric
  20. weird, after decades of murdering and couping socialist leaders and popular uprisings every time people try it, the world is under a relatively stable dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, and open genocides aren't as required anymore. except of course for instance the obvious genocide of the palestinian people we're actively funding, and I'm going to guess more which I'm too ignorant to know offhand. but who cares you know they're just dirty poor browns right fuck amerikkka
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