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  1. fuck instagram who uses that shit lmao. distribute CDs and flash drives IRL
  2. You also defended this type of terminology as not being rooted in slavery when dehumanizing language of this sort is very clearly rooted in slavery in all its various forms.
  3. I read what you said perfectly clearly, using dehumanizing language to refer to groups of workers does in fact have something to do with slavery regardless of whether the speaker used the term wrong.
  4. In your race to justify every right wing talking point you miss the obvious difference here which is that the speaker applied a verb to "human capital" meaning he was speaking about actual humans, not the abstract concept. He says the "human capital" is ready to get back to work, not "the people" are ready to get back to work. This dehumanizing language is a hallmark of slavers throughout history, from long ago up to even in the present capitalist wage slave conditions
  5. the cause doesn't matter except in the extent to which it relates to the present material conditions and how we can react to them. what has a bigger material affect upon our wellbeing than whether there are secret biological research facilities in wuhan which leaked this on purpose to kill people (or whatever other extreme ends conspiratorial thinking can reach) is how our local governments and the groups of governments with which they fraternize treat this crisis for members of our class, the working class. if your country does not have a well oiled free medical system, the ability to house everyone even when they aren't getting income, and the ability to hold accountable those who try to take economic advantage of this situation through pushing their agendas, your government is a farce which needs to be overthrown and replaced with a government which workers for the laborers of your country, the vast majority of people, rather than the elite. covid-19 is yet more proof that revolutionary activity comes not from the psychological call to action of the minds of any individual but rather the material conditions of reality itself which force into being the actions caused by whatever revolutionary interpretation of the material conditions that the masses of people have been conditioned to think throughout their lifetime. whether it's a correct or incorrect interpretation relates solely to how strongly based on the material conditions is their analysis which led to that interpretation. those at the top of the hierarchical power structure of our societies are exploiting this crisis for their material gain and are going to continue stripping more and more of our power from us to protect themselves because they're pussy ass bitches who haven't worked a job in their lives, and because the workers are scared to admit that they are workers, and that they actually, through their numbers, hold the power the legal systems of our countries enforce this mental submission through bullshit laws like the illegality of drugs, graffiti, and even the most benign forms of public civil disobedience, no matter how harmless these actions are in summary if you don't support a dismantling of private property you are a class traitor
  6. "It was not an accident, I mean it's instructive to look at what they did in Ecuador and you know the deliberate dumping at the height of the operation of 4 million gallons a day of toxic benzene laden waste water into the streams and rivers where indigenous people lived, and that went on day after day for years. And they never warned the people, they never you know put up fences around the waste pits, they never hired doctors, they never did environmental assessments, they literally just dumped toxic waste with impunity" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lago_Agrio_oil_field
  7. >Will interviews Steven Donziger, a human rights attorney who has been under house arrest since August as a result of his work to prosecute oil giant Chevron for their reckless polluting of the Ecuadorian Amazon. It's a wild case that offers a lot of grave visions of the future of the U.S. legal system
  8. Anyone here who has been homeless want to share insights into it? Here is a great channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh4pyZUB0mNzieaKv831flA
  9. this is the funniest thing ive ever read are there actually these people?
  10. the risk though is not from the ai waking up and taking over, but humans weaponizing it and wielding it to take over
  11. it never was mumbo jumbo it has always been the next great filter after nuclear weapons capabilities
  12. the next step is to decompose the video stream into semantic elements, sprites, texture patterns, dynamism, then auto-generate the code that represents the game with this game engine and behavior using NLP trained on a suite of generic algorithms in an easily string-manipulatable programming language where high level concepts are simplified the next step is applying it to real life sensor streams, we know in our hearts this isn't going to end up good
  13. ya. and if there isn't an exploit they will hire a worker to work on the codebase of software you use and sneak one in. there is no limit to their reach https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/22/technology/jeff-bezos-hack-iphone.html
  14. What are your thoughts on it? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nakba_Day
  15. so what was his job title and what are the typical earnings of the type of employee he was in 1976? why did the FBI tell Farmer to forget what she knows and move on? the idea this was just some thing he did is naive
  16. what about witness testimony to the contrary? maria farmer said the dude never worked at all
  17. sounds great until nazis take over and mine internet logs for anyone who seems associated with anti-fascism, socialism, communism, etc. then they kill them
  18. not only will they do it illegally, even if they acted in good faith they'd do it accidentally by getting hacked, accidentally leaving databases accessible to the web, not erasing free space on hard drive sectors which previously contained your data, etc. basically the solution is "no internet" and "only go in public with a baklava on wearing undersized high heels to avoid gait detection and wearing fake contact lenses to avoid HD camera based iris scanners" also you have to never drive on the same road twice
  19. data rights are a sham written on paper which engineering violence (malware) can overcome. what we really need is publicly funded Free Open Source Software infrastructure and publicly auditable computing hardware manufacturing facilities so that people can truly know they are free, without the need of any laws to protect them
  20. a library all for yourself, no sharing needing, complete with bourgeois wood trimmings
  21. Zeffolia


    it depends how you got it. US exchanges have to follow banking Know Your Customer (KYC) laws. let's say some day the government sees that you paid $50 for an item shipped to your house, from an address containing $10k in BTC, or from an address sourced from another address containing $10k BTC which also sent a transaction that can be tracked back to you, etc. Then they know you own it and they can get you for tax fraud in summary don't break the law and just declare your BTC, barely anyone is actually smart and careful enough to truly get away with it, especially in the age of mass automated surveillance. in fact, if you get away with it, it just means they didn't bother coming after you. yet that all applies to bitcoin, which is pseudonymous not anonymous. privacy coins on the other hand...
  22. Interview with Maria Farmer, the first Epstein accuser https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maria_Farmer
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