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  1. I say with me, I think he just meant publicly, but was informing me directly, so I'm pretending it's just with me.
  2. The guy who has made visuals for this new thing is gonna share the code with me.
  3. Surely it's just a live stream of the Field Day show....?
  4. I love Go Plastic. It's been in my car since it came out. I've been remaking it on my computer ever since. I sometimes think about releasing a sequel, like James Cameron's Aliens.
  5. If you can sequence your samples start position, you don't really need buffer effects. It's how they did on those old jungle records.
  6. Eventide does all kinds of stuff. Don't rule out the sampling playback power on the s6000.
  7. I've just seen that I already posted this months ago. No one listens to me.
  8. No computer on Go Plastic. Boss DR660 sequencing Akai S6000 with Eventide DSP. Yahama rackmount synth for bass. You should all know this.
  9. Here's a little glimpse into the exciting world of Paddy Steer.
  10. It's a nice idea, but looks clunky and not interesting. Might as well strap a crap launchpad YouTube light show on.
  11. I'm working on a video piece where I'm gonna green screen visuals onto my face and hands.
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