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  1. Dancers is good! This album seems to have a high power level...
  2. https://exclaim.ca/music/article/plaids_new_album_polymer_reflects_our_dark_times_but_dont_call_it_a_concept_album
  3. Yeah, no. It's been great - but think of how much music Aphex put up, for free. the quality of the drift stuff is really high though, this isn't just old stuff recovered from a dusty HD, there's clearly a lot of love here
  4. yeah, i always wanted to hear plaid remix orbital, i guess this is the next best thing
  5. posting this without a link should be illegal
  6. ho ho ho.... my signature is huge now??? it blew up check out my soundcloud
  7. h e x a s t i x https://soundcloud.com/strangeflavor/hexastix
  8. i kinda feel like i'm going to hear curls playing at starbucks in a few weeks
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