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  1. akai timbre wolf. or is it too cruel?
  2. they made one decent album, which is honestly not that great. ugly bland grunge guitars and boring riffage. buddy holly is probably the best weezer song. pinkerton stinks, as overrated as it gets plus it spearheaded whiny diluted emo music and the lyrics are creepy as fuck. blue album is an almost perfect power pop album. i'm not saying you have to like it, but it's not that hard to appreciate how smart and well written it is.
  3. had one for almost a year. amazingy versatile, but you kinda have to get used to the way it sounds as it's not exactly the warm roland analog sound. but possibilities are almost endless. two adsrs, crossmod, multishape lfo. polyphony is amazing, fiddle with adsr and you can get it to sound almost multitimbral. it's great. programming is fine, but there's an max for live plugin for it if yer realy lazy. highly recommended underrated synth.
  4. if it was analog it would sure as heck say so on the case. so yeah, looks like more of their virtual analog stuff. bummer. kinda.
  5. if it's ms20 mini-style analog recreation i'm all for it. if it's like tr8 or tr3 just in a different casing.. not so much. if it's a recreation but requiers baby hands like the boutique stuff i will be disappointed as well.
  6. why would this be a weird question? asexuality is normal. some peeps just don't dig all the sex jazz.
  7. maybe its this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2BbLIgnPTlA
  8. even if obama and the gang believed the coup was justified, you can't just go around telling people they can overtake the goverment by force if they feel like it. so i would take any 'statements' with a grain of salt.
  9. ghostbox is going strong this year. first belbury poly, now pye corner audio.
  10. i had to change flats because neighbours at the previous one had a habit of blasting radio pop hits at full volume at any time. it was so loud i couldn't hear the music i was listening to at home. i used to work nights, come back at 9am just to be woken up 2 hours later by kanye west listening sesh. i will never understand what's so great about listening to music so loud it turns into noisy mush. especially since you're not that into music, you just listen to the radio, and you just play it loud because.. you're brain damaged? is that it?
  11. i recently started doing some recordings on minicassette, which is to microcassettes what beta is to vhs. i found a recorder and 10 tapes (new) for 2 euros. proper ansering machine quality.
  12. im gonna see autechre 3rd year in a row. and this time - 15 minutes from my home. this is kinda insane and great.
  13. kinski

    elseq 1-5

    balloon fetish is a very weird thing
  14. kinski

    elseq 1-5

    this is probably my fav ae since quaristice, which is my fav ae ever. kinda wish they would trim it down to 100 minutes or something. i know its heresy but i'd much rather have a tight album i can go through in one sitting than nearly 5 hours i have to scatter across my everyday activities. it's just overwhelming to absorb if you're planning to listen to anything beside autechre for the rest of your life. i hope they won't go physical because i will 100% buy it and it will probably bankrupt me.
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