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  1. 180db is delicious weirdocore dissonant atonal techno what is not to like? :P
  2. I think to really get Syro you got to love: 1-acid sounds,retro drum machines 2-perpetually evolving musical structures, getting a real feel out of music that has lots of changes and that is mutating constantly 3-introspective vibes and weird vibes,microtonal 4-very melodically layered textures 5-long tracks People that ive talked to that dislike Syro usually have problem with some of these. Like how it's being too referential to acid sounds and retro drums,not being innovative enough ( i disagree with this, lot of the innovation is in Syro is structural,and melodic,he pushes the acid sound further and further,innovation in the dynamic of acid Rephlex motto at work here ) Being too chill compared to his IDM and drillandbass from Drukqs era. Just being generally weird and awkward, Too busy and layered like some mentioned here, not being repetitive enough,tracks being too busy and changing too much compared to his early and more simple and loopy stuff (SAW 1 and SAW 2, I care because you do, even flim or analord ,etc) And those who love it usually love it because of the exact same reasons. I personally love it.
  3. New Lush out on the new label Antipattern.dpt Braindance,Drillandbass and doomfunk https://antipatterndpt.bandcamp.com/album/atpn001-bipolar-ep https://soundcloud.com/fxbip/atpn001-bipolar-ep-04-flashmicrobreakph-out-now
  4. Yeah like i said its Anothernonagon that made it. Superb track. So cool it will get re-released into vinyl!
  5. Down on Marne avenue.SUCH A FKIN TUUUUNE!!!!
  6. Just want to mention:i did not.This guy did. https://anothernonagon.bandcamp.com/track/ms20-funk I did a remix tho. Nice surprise to be featured indeed! My mate Eazykill and Beathaven as well. My bandcamp plays count went suddenly crazy hehe word and released another album today! https://midievil-records.bandcamp.com/album/colundine-ii
  7. Thanks mate! I have indeed starting with good result adding some reverb on drums me too finding stuff were a bit too dry and needed to be upgraded in that area a bit,i discovered i had some decent reverb plugins that were unused and i have started using them. I will take your advice in consideration ,i think its a great idea i and shall try more reverb on hits has i think it totally make sense to have a bit more reverb sometimes and especially with more precision and finesse. Im still learning!!!! :D
  8. Maybe you may like this.I think you prefer minor scales to chromatic and dark scales thats all hahaha https://soundcloud.com/fxbip/scarred-3
  9. https://soundcloud.com/fxbip/the-waves-of-ecstasy
  10. Cheers! :) Best comments of the decade also mate! hahaha
  11. Mmm - that's quite nice. Very cool idea - how do you find it works for things that aren't typical "kick, snare" etc.? Like, does it do a pretty good job of grouping non-traditional samples? Oh, right, nice tracks! Also a fan of hyperspeed beats, and I think you do a great job of keeping them well isolated (which can be a challenge). I think Sacrifice is probably my fave (right now) - all the tracks sort of teeter on the edge of being out of control (that's not a good or bad thing btw). This one feels the most stable so I'm drawn to it most up front. Cheers!!! :) ''on the edge of being out of control'' i like that! About the sampler: It's designed for traditional drum sounds mostly but have extensive categories.Shakers,cowbell,claves,toms etc. But it does have a other categories for FX and weird sounds. But yeah mostly traditional drum sounds,i dont know how good it would do with full blown weird shit samples or random field recordings. Have not tried it yet but could be worth a shot to see how it handles it!
  12. fxbip


    Hyperactive acid!!! Niice! Intense mad layered groove!
  13. Matrix Repair man is a crazy jam. Bubbling weirdness. Drunk atmo. The pads at the end are glorious.
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