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  1. Cool trx in there.I wish for Digi one day for us who lacks thy vinyl collection. One can hope.
  2. Everyone is already unknown in this scene. So it doesnt change much from the usual does it? ?
  3. Just released! Some fresh grooves from mause!!! Get yourself some confinement braindance! https://mausebrighton.bandcamp.com/album/session-trax2
  4. Now name your price. Cause confinement. May as well share it.
  5. yeah Mauser im down with everyone doing another one its such a good melody
  6. 303 Better question tho is: what is your EQ?
  7. Thanks a lot. :) Definitively went for Ethereal vibe on this one haha
  8. Some new fxbip trx https://fxbip.bandcamp.com/album/longing
  9. Just came here to reclaim my free Hello Spiral sex.
  10. this made me wish rephlex was still alive
  11. This is some unheard of, extreme level of hipsterism trollin' Be the definition of hipsterism. Name a song ''Acid'' Have no Acid in it. Release it on Warp records. lol good job (Pretty clear to me that 2020 Warp would not sign Aphex Twin or Autechre or Squarepusher today)
  12. Speedcrank is some crazy shit! Madlad hyperactive nerd drill future jazz I really liked the interludes. Big fan of Ondula 80.Superb atmosphere.Im kinda always waiting for a fkin massive break to come up at anytime while listening to it tho hahaha Cool album with many banging trx. Not my favorite album by Tom (Ultravisitor still holding strong) but i think this enters my top 5 Squarepusher albums. The sound of Ufabulum and Damogen Furies finally reaching maturity.Feels like the final installation of a trilogy. Mixing and mastering wise it also feels to me more polished and warm than the two previous albums.
  13. tim hecker love streams and almost everything by aphex
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