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  1. On the whole i think Monologue is even more beastly in its pure sound. Monologue filter has definitively more bite and character imo.Its supremely juicy.When you go portemento you those fkin sweet pitch slide that reminds me of Drexciya. Also motion sequencing per step which minilogue cant do.(I think? if im right)
  2. Monologue or Bass Station 2. I have the Monologue. It's flexible, powerful, juicy, intuitive.Future classic. AFX mode on BS2 looks absolute bonkers and fun.
  3. one of the sexiest track thx for tunes you Daft Punks!!!
  4. Tasty IDMesque flavoured electro. My fav is Toxskut with the delayed laser flashes percs and rolling plucks, playful and lush.
  5. well they're in charge haha i know from good sources that they do not take it lightly to be robbed out of their money and can be quite ruthless if you scam them a decent amount of money like they will send merciless lawyers after you until you beg
  6. Yeah once people get so much music for free or very little its hard to get them to pay 20 bucks an album. I often say buying music in this day an age is a choice basically. It's a choice you make to support the artist and ecosystem. But we all know that if you offer people to choose between paying for something or having it for free or very little the vast majority will choose the easy way.Cause free stuff.
  7. I've done all thoses things and it's a rich journey of amazing musical experience, amazing human experience and growth. You do beautiful gigs, meet amazing people, feel the passion. But there is no money in it. Maybe i'm not good enough.I'm not Beethoven.I just make tracks. But i know the whole game is rigged too. I personally dont have any illusions of it.I don't think i'll ever make a living off music but that's ok.I don't really care that much. I do my thing.I love music. That's enough for me.
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