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  1. i'd say less than ramon i dunno i mean no one i know uses that term so i don't even know what artists qualify. i always think of general magic tho when someone says it really i guess it means yasunao, which i mean, well he's fucking brilliant isn't he Anyone know what 'ramon' he's referring to... it sounds facetious Ramon Bauer of general magic, i think.
  2. I'm going to see ryoji ikeda this saturday. Are you guys into his stuff?
  3. Have you guys checked out the opal tapes label? It's been the best new musical discovery for me this year. Rob and Sean, huge thanks for taking part in this. You guys have made my week. And of course cheers for all the insanely good music!
  4. What do you think of banksy? Could you please name my waldorf blofeld?
  5. What do you think of James Kirby's various musical output over the years?
  6. You guys played at an open-air music festival in nagano, japan during the oversteps tour. How does this environment suit your live stuff seeing as you're very interested in the acoustics of the venue.
  7. Cipater is my favourite Ae track. The beats transforming and the bassline that comes in halfway through still gives me goosebumps after a million listens. Do you have amy particular memories of making this track?
  8. sean, you said lynch is one of your fave directors, which of his films is your favourite? rob and sean, are you into minimal ambient stuff along the lines of taylor deupree/12k etc...? could you name my my waldorf blofeld and ms 20? huge thanks for being good sports and doing this!
  9. 1. Recyver Dogs - ERZ [Tresor] 2. Maurizio - M4 (Alex Cortex / PS-LL-11 / Bad Cop Bad Cop Remix) [Pomelo] 3. Plastikman - Plasticine [Plus 8 Records Ltd] 4. 3 Phase Feat. Dr. Motte - Der Klang Der Familie [Novamute] 5. Lucas Rodenbush - Kinetic Progressions [Affected] 6. Lucas Rodenbush - Sequential Reactions [Affected] 7. Abstract Thought - Bermuda Triangle [Kombination Research] 8. Cristian Vogel - CYK Moving High [Tresor] 9. DJ 3000 - Dark Essence [Motech] 10. Alden Tyrell - Digger [Clone] 11. Mat Carter - The Stand [Varial] 12. Dark Paradise - Auror
  10. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GPCQSJHT
  11. ishishiba


    i have a japanese itunes account and have this track. pm for a link.
  12. i think it's good. less funky than the other albums, harder and more complex. kinda like a more fucked up version of blir. looking forward to the offical release, the raster noton package designs have been really cool lately. just noticed the image attached to the files is a signed copy of the promo, mat's signature.
  13. i'd love to hear this too. can someone upload a copy?
  14. the dvd arrived this week. excellent piece of work.
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